Love 3

Concluding thoughts…

Thanks to happenstance my girl actually read the last two posts. She loved them and found them very touching.

Her first reaction to the ‘hitting women’ part was indignation: why didn’t I say that she hits me as well? I lol’d because it’s true. Women have no moral problem whatsoever hitting guys; 9 times out of 10 it’s playful, 1 times out of 10 it’s serious. Of course, I hit a lot harder. We tried to remember the reason I hit her that one time. We couldn’t remember.

She laughed at the image of a man slapping a woman on her knees. She also laughed at the abduction part. Overall she was very flattered and thought it was the cutest thing ever.

We used to have some arguments concerning my… ahem… Counter-societal opinions. I remember one fight in particular, I don’t know what we argued about, but I know Jim was involved. She really didn’t like him, even more than she disliked Heartiste’s Dating Market Value Test for Women. That was a while ago though.

Nowadays, we never argue over this stuff. As a woman learns that she has nothing to gain from a particular shit-test, she stops that particular shit-test. Or, in her own words: she just doesn’t care as much about this stuff as she used to think. Instead, she is supportive, and we share the occasional laugh about her ex-friends who intern at clichè NGOs and alternately post on Facebook how incredibly morally superior they are for saving the world and how depressed they are with their shitty work, shitty debt and shitty pay.

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