Byzantine privacy laws 3

Final thoughts on the subject.

It probably will not get so bad that you can’t access your own medical file…

… Says the fool. It will very likely get so bad that you can’t access your own medical file, in that it will be such a bureaucratic hassle that you’d rather pull out all your hair than keep trying.

A friend commented that the whole EU privacy law is similar to the cookie laws adapted a few years ago. No one cared, no one still cares, yet everyone in the West loses approximately a day of their life spent clicking the ‘yes I accept cookies’ buttons.

Women tend to take these things very seriously. Very seriously. I suspect part of it is natural female risk aversion, but larger part is shit-testing, by which I mean that women think they find it very important, but in fact they do not, in actuality they care about using societal norms to shit-test every male, which you can only retroactively discover by passing the shit-test and find out that women totally not care about that thing they just said they care so much about. P.J., it is just like women’s supposed hate of rape, which is revealed to be false by women not giving a flying fig about rapeugees. The privacy law version would be something like an alpha male shouting privacy data from rooftops and women giggling about it. Who is man enough?

4 thoughts on “Byzantine privacy laws 3

  1. The EU has just tightened privacy laws. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is still new. I agree that women take it seriously, and so do lawyers. A fine of up to 20 million EUR for any non-compliance to the GDPR will also make many business owners take note and ask a lawyer whether they are in compliance.

    If you own a business, even if it is very small -e.g. you are a dentist with just one or two employees- ignoring the GDPR is risky. There are many female judges.

    Non-compliance of the GDPR is very hard too keep secret, any of your employees will know it. Ex-employees won’t forget.

      1. Yes, precisely. And complying is hard, very hard, even if you want to. So now your government can not only fine you for something diffuse like “hate speech”, but also for something more solid, namely, non-compliance of the GDPR.

        In Germany, they apply the GDPR even to a blog like yours. I don’t think you are in compliance. Here is an example of the amount of legalese on a right-wing German blog:

        Nobody writes such legalese for fun. The blog paid for it. They and many others in Germany take the GDPR serioulsly – not because they believe in data protection, just plain fear of being fined.

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