Manosphere sour grapes

I have read many of Roosh’s books and enjoyed all of them. I still read his blog, with pleasure.

But I am fed up with the sour grapes I see time and time again in Roosh and the associated manosphere.

It seems that whenever a manosphere guy describes the world, all he sees is blue-haired shrieking feminists and bitches with tattoos who, at best, are good for a singular nut. I don’t buy it. Which is to say, I totally buy that there are many, many unattractive self-mutilating women out there, but I know it is even more true that men make their own destiny and that women submit to men making their own destiny.

Personally I have gone through a lot of girls before I found one I love. In my search I encountered many women of the kind manosphere guys complain about, but in the end I needed to find only 1 good girl, and I found her, have been together with her for a couple of years now.

Am I so singularly amazing that I have found the last good girl left in the world, or is the manosphere selling me sour grapes?

It seems to me that for men, unlike for women, complaining does not fix anything. Don’t get me wrong, I empathize with the complaints, but I empathize with action more. Seems to me the right course of action is to find a good girl, start a family and teach your children to laugh at old fat lonely spinsters driving by in mobility scooters.

(Although the laughing part is probably overdoing it, because everyone knows, including childless feminists, that the last laugh inevitably goes to he who lives his life well, which is why unhappy people tend to resent happy people.)

Now, perhaps settling and having kids ain’t your thing, and although it seems to me to be programmed in our genes to settle and have kids, who am I to judge? But then, please sleep in the bed you’ve made for yourself. Stop bitching about women, stop bitching about Western society suiciding. We’re working on it.

10 thoughts on “Manosphere sour grapes

  1. The Manosphere, or rather in this context PUAsphere is basically male make-up. That is, based on a correct theory, the action plan is intended for the men who are not naturally alpha how to partially achieve it, but mostly to simulate it. In this sense it would be better to conceptually separate the correct theory vs. its application as alpha-simulation. This is I used the term PUAsphere.

    Just because the theory is correct and natural alphas really bag tons of pussy, it is nowhere near guaranteed the simulation is going to work well.

    Parallel: fat chicks on makeupartistry reddits. Yes, the basic idea of facial attractiveness behind make-up culture is true, girls who naturally look like that rock, but it is not really promised you can put that lipstick on a pig and she will be that succesful. It will help but not sure how much.

    So the pig with the correctly theorized and applied beauty-simulating make-up is still not promised to consistently pull and lock down quality men. And the nerd with the correctly theorized and applied alpha-simulating Game is not promised to consistently pull and lock down quality women.

    Which means the PUAsphere is can easily be far less succesful and far more bitter than natural alphas.

    Luck may play a role. Or making a compromise in looks for other qualities like trustworthiness and kindness. Or anything really.

    1. Yes, the manosphere attracts bitter men. But Roosh should be high status enough to not be sucked down into that, yet that seems to be exactly the case.

      1. Off the top of my head:
        Roosh is physically and emotionally an alpha (thanks to exercise and game), and that can land him all the mid-to-low quality chicks on the world, but he is not alpha in some other ways that are also necessary to land a high quality girl nowadays, such as having a big social circle in meatspace, wherever he lives (and having a high position within it) and having a robust source of income (to raise a family).
        And because high quality women are not around his social circle, he doesn’t see them and thinks they don’t exist.

        1. I am a complete introvert with a small social circle and I have landed a quality girl (by going to the club, of all places!).

          Roosh is internet famous for being a badboy. There is no way that among the women fanmail he receives there is not at least 1 woman who is potential marriage material.

          Roosh chooses not to see quality women, even when they knock on his front door.

          1. >I am a complete introvert with a small social circle and I have landed a quality girl (by going to the club, of all places!).

            That comment gives the impression that you were just very, very lucky.

            But I don’t believe in luck, so: what did you have that made her see you as a high quality man?

          2. I am a good-looking guy, on par with Roosh’s looks, though caucasian so probably +.5 points on him. Also, 1.84 (6 feet).

            I also believe in creating your own luck. Game is a numbers game — I’ve done hundreds of approaches. Most go no where, but over the years the experience stacks. Game is about spotting red lights and ejecting to minimise time, trying to turn the yellow light into green lights, but mostly spotting green lights and not fucking them up.

            Venues and cities are important. I went out only to places where I knew many girls would be (college cities), even if ‘many’ is a relative term.

            Finally, having a good wing helped me a great deal. On the night of meeting my girl I actually wanted to go home, but my wing pushed me to open just one more, and that one more turned out to be the girl I’m with now.

  2. “Call no man happy until he is dead” Good luck, but women can change a lot, or rather their feelings can.

    1. Women never change. What changes is that the man no longer passes her shit-tests, no longer makes her cum in bed, no longer assume ownership over her through beatings. 9 times out of 10, preceding divorce, woman kicks man out of bed, eg shit-testing the man into not owning his own territory.

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