How to have POWERFUL game like Joe Biden

“Alf, I’ve stuck with many strange things you’ve said, but this one takes the cake. Joe Biden is a creepy son of a bitch groping young girls and I refuse to have anything to do with him.”

Well it hurts my heart to hear that. Perhaps you can watch this cute cat video instead of reading this post and we won’t discuss it further.

Personally, of course I’m going to look at Joe Biden’s STRONG game and try to learn from it. This is the Dark Enlightenment™ after all. We believe only in POWER and those strong enough to grab it. Yes, just like Voldemort.

If you don’t know about Joe Biden’s dark side, here’s something to give you an idea:

Biden Kisses -very young- women he just met on the face, he flips their hair, smells their hair, grabs them by the arm, pulls them close to him, rests his arm dangerously low on their backs. And perhaps even more impressively; he does this all publicly, in front of the camera, for all to see. Does not matter if the women is an 8 year old girl or Hillary Clinton, Biden simply establishes DOMINANCE. Here is a more complete analysis. I recommend watching it all, but just the first 10 minutes will give you a good idea of Biden’s game.


Please note I am not being sarcastic when I call Biden alpha. You might label him a creepy predator, but he is an alpha creepy predator nonetheless. As Rollo Tomassi said, alpha is not what you’d like it to be; it simply is what it is. Joe gets away with his DOMINANT behavior, ergo Joe is alpha.

Biden follows the rule that it is better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. He is very focused on physically establishing dominance with women. The power grab is his most interesting signature move: he firmly grips women around their arm. It’s really quite an effective move and I recommend copying it. Instead of gently asking women for their attention like every boring beta male, you grip them by their arms (I prefer underarm, although upper arm works too) and pull them towards you. The trick is to balance the force of your grip: tough enough to make sure she knows you mean it, not so tough as to crush her arm or put her off balance. Firmness is key. The magic of this move is that, rightly executed, it communicates to women that you do this more often, and it should not surprise you that women love love love a man who grabs and steers women around whenever he feels like it.

The second thing to notice is that, as the woman in the analysis points out, Biden only pushes when he senses weakness. This is where he and I differ. I like to throw off people no matter how weak or strong they are, but Biden clearly follows the rule that you keep your hands off the strong and grip the submissive. Thus the touchy touchy with the girl in red, but hands off when Sessions slaps his hand away. We should see the prolonged hug with Hillary Clinton in the same light. Biden deliberately used that hug to exercise dominance over Clinton. No man in a better position to smell and abuse Clinton’s weaknesses than Biden.

So, if I am so much less creepier than Biden, how come he is one of the most powerful men on earth and I am not? Here we touch upon a painful truth of nature: Biden’s techniques work. They work very well. If you piss on the strong, the strong will piss on you harder. If you piss on the weak, the weak will be glad that someone strong notices them.

It is only from a safe distance that you can observe what is going and that you can say: ‘wait a minute, that’s an ex vice-president of the most powerful country in the world groping young girls!‘ You can’t say that up close, because the same techniques Biden uses to grope young girls are what made him ex-vice president of the most powerful country in the world! Now isn’t that a black pill to chew on…

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