Imagine 2 monkeys in the jungle. A special jungle fruit makes both of them experience a sudden neurogenetic insight: God exists! Skirting the edges of their territory, they run into each other and explain their insight to one another.


Their conversation goes something likes this:

Rafiki the monkey: dude, I just heard the voice of this being I never thought existed! His name is God!

Louie the monkey: Wow dude, totally! I just had the same experience! You know what God told me?

Rafiki: what?

Louie: that I am the king of the jungle.

Rafiki: what?

Louie: that I am the king of the jungle. God said he chose me, I was special, dunno why.

Rafiki: God said I am the king of the jungle! Obviously you are deluded, stupid and wrong.

Louie: No you are stupid, deluded and wrong! Eek Eek AAAAH !


In the end it turned out Rafiki was right, by merit of Louie bleeding profusely out of his neck.

My point is, intellectuals, like all men, are monkeys. The other day I was driving to the gym with my girl, and I was complaining that all intellectuals think the world is coming to an end and all intellectuals are convinced they are the only one to understand it. To which my girlfriend responded: wow, they’re just like you!

She may have had a point. Although contrary to these other intellectuals I am actually correct.

When you think of Rafiki and Louie, do you think they’d ever truly understand one another? I just see 2 screaming monkeys in front of me, raising their arms in an attempt to make the other understand, complete understanding meaning submission. This is what religion comes down to after all.

In response to my previous post, commenter Isaac opted that the downfall of the West is not so much spiritual as much as it is biological. He is correct; God is much more in the genes than he is in the Sunday church. Religion presupposes this: all the old testament prophets have lots of descendants, shitloads of descendants even, and they are all geared towards the genetic proliferation of their followers. Spiritual memes don’t mean a thing unless they translate to biological genes. The only way to get to God is through Gnon.

Jesus did not personally have descendants, but the genetic proliferation of his followers is immense. Both Jews and whites used Jesus to their immense advantage.

So essentially religion is a way of enforcing peace among hominids: cooperation/cooperation equilibrium. But, because religion is such a powerful weapon, and because hominids are such close descendants of monkeys, you never get to a successful religion through consensus. Rafiki and Louie did not pull it off, we won’t pull it off.

So, how do you successfully spread a religion? This is the billion dollar question. Need a prophet suited to handle modernity. Jordan Peterson is not that prophet. His muh induhvidualism shtick is too defined by modernity to stand the test of time. Not to mention his purple pill regarding women.

Jim however is that prophet. The shtick of Jimism is solid. It promises me descendants, status and wealth. It promises peace and hope and prosperity. I like those things.

How would siding with Jim affect your behavior? Let’s go back to our 2 favorite monkeys. Louie, following his recovery, met another monkey, call him Jimbo. Jimbo said: ‘God spoke clearly: I am the lord of the jungle. God told me you must join me. Together we will be stronger.’ Louie, liking the cut of Jimbo’s jib, did exactly that.

A week later Rafiki was found dead in his tree.

5 thoughts on “Cooperation

      1. Sure, to a few dozen low-status internet weirdos. Let him get anywhere near a mass audience, and see what happens.

        1. Just because the weirdos are the loudest in the comment section does not mean they are the only ones to read his site.

          In fact, I receive only a small fraction of Jim’s traffic and my readers seem to be fine people.

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