So. Who challenges Jim?

Already not liking this post. Sounding too much like a Jim fanboy. But the content mill needs to keep churning, so I’ll say stuff that I need to say. Also Jim needs just a little bit more attention.

There is no intellectual elite. No one in power knows what’s going on, a fact we can now confirm thanks to the Free ‘n Wild internet. Western intellectual output is just a bunch of windbags and yes-nodders enjoying the smell of their own farts.

But, we need an idea of knowing what’s going on, especially if we are not to partake in this collective suicide. So we try, and we come up with stuff like morals, ethics, virtue and God, which in nature’s terms is just a means of gene- and tribe optimization, or inter-tribe optimization if you’re into globalism.

Which is hard. All philosophers agree that no philosophers agree. But who needs Marxist professors smacking your heads with books on Mill and Rawls when you have teh internetz! For the first time in history all men worldwide get to push their ideas to all other men worldwide. Naturally, 99% of said ideas are men being obnoxious assholes, because what else are men gonna do, but the 1% remainder is pretty insightful.

Eh I’m underselling it. It’s amazingly insightful.

How insightful though? How smart are we really? How can we be sure it is not just another Scott Alexander calling Scott Aaronson a shining beacon of intellectual integrity circle jerk?

Personally, I’m at 129 IQ. Annoying because 1 point shy of being 2 standard deviations above the mean, so strictly speaking 2,5% of the population is smarter than me. Chances are, you are smarter than me. But the fact that people are supposedly smarter than me has never stopped me from judging, so I’ll give my opinion anyway.

Seems to me we’re pretty smart. Seems to me we have a pretty decent understanding of human nature and civilization. Nothing Godlike, mind you, more like we have reconnected with the Classics and the Old Religions, and we have combined it with science and evolution. It’s a pretty potent combination.

Jim says it best. Apologies if I sound like a broken record fanboy, but you gotta respect the king. Which does not mean no one else can take aim at the king and take his place, but so far, no one. His model is the best around, and might be summarized as ‘throne, altar, household, swing your dick around with pride, be good to your friends, be fire upon your enemies.’

It is not so complicated after all. You just got to get through the 99% obnoxious assholery.

7 thoughts on “So. Who challenges Jim?

  1. Jim’s logic is unassailable, his blind-spots…undetectable, his reach: minuscule. He needs an army of +2 SDers to translate his words into something the common man can digest. Keep up the good work!

    1. Jim blind spot was his hope for a trump auto coup in mid 2017 which has not happened until now and now not likely to happen ever. He is only human not a God. Had he got the auto coup right, I would have consecrated an idol of him (with brown skin and black eyes obviously), offered it holy water, chanted sacred mantras while lighting incense before the idol, declared him an incarnation of Kek and threatened to behead anyone who dared to criticised him.

  2. Nothing wrong in being a fan of Jim. No need to apologize. I come from a tribe that considers Jim’s tribe to be a civilizational enemy, common Islamic enemy notwithstanding. Yet, I can say that I respect him immensely, am a fan, and that his predictions are spot on except for the Trump AutoCoup which I always felt was more wishful thinking than Jim’s usual analytical fare. Jim is human after all. Once in a while he lets his emotions and desires get in the way of cold-steel analysis. It happens. No big deal. It is because of Jim’s predictions that I think that his theories are worth studying. As Taleb says or would like to say, “Anyone can explain the past baby, don’t call me till you can predict the future, dude!”. That’s the test of any social theorist.

    It’s a pagan/polytheist thing to respect one’s enemy and to respect the fact that he is fighting for his own tribe as it should be, it’s only natural. We can’t do total war like the Abrahamic monotheists. And maybe that is our weakness. Monotheism does have an advantage in any conflict with Polytheism all other things being equal. The only exception till date is Japan, hence the admiration.

    Keep up the good work. To us, you are among the 4 western reaction blogs we read regularly. Jim, Spandrell, Giovanni Dannato and Alf. The four horsemen of the Reaction. All having their own styles. All having interesting and logical things to say. All being easy to read. Neither mincing any words. All telling it like it is. May we vanquish Islam first, then meet in Battle next (and may we defeat you) and finally in Valhalla.

    1. Seems to me Jim is trying to catch Trump’s ear, up till now with limited success. But who knows. In the worst case, too much hope is an easily forgivable flaw.

      1. MoldBug has already got Bannon’s ear. But Jim getting Trump’s ear is a step too far. If it does happen, then one can start believing in destiny all over again. Trump is instinctive where Jim is analytical. Where trump is going wrong is that he is allowing some of his own advisors to over rule his instincts. Another great leader made the same mistake a 100 years back and it was the head shot to the temple of western civilization in the words of William Lind. Western civilzation has been on a death spiral since. The man was Kaiser Wilhelm.

        But yes, agree with you, too much hope is not a bad thing. Coupled with a coherent strategy and calculated risk taking it can perform what look like miracles. Trump needs to start backing his instincts all over again or get himself an advisor like Jim. Else he ends up like Tsar Nicholas of Russia. This is not going to end peacefully.

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