The best content on the internet…

… Is right here, ladies and gentlemen, congratulations for finding it!

Wish I had more to offer than just the random thoughts popping into my head. Well, beats no thoughts at all eh?

Haven’t been writing as much as I’d like. Busy. With Stuff. Don’t worry dear reader, there is neither lack of inspiration or motivation. Writing on this here blog is my brahmin bread and butter. I even catch myself thinking in blogform English. Writer’s tick.

Blogging is among purest forms of idea-testing. Writing allows you to think over every word; blogging forces you to sell your ideas instead of your personality. And the internet being the internet, you get immediate and straightforward feedback from readers, forcing you to double-check all your assumptions.

Of course the problem with a blog is that growth necessitates the ability to scale, and blogging scales bad. Need something to sell and blogging is a crappy platform to sell products. Not that I won’t try to sell something in the future. We’ll see.

But enough complaining about how I deserve more attention and money. Let’s talk about hypnosis.

I wanted to write a post on hypnosis for a while. I guess now is as good a time as any.

A long time ago I attended a hypnosis show. I was blown away by the things people did under hypnosis, in front of a crowd. I saw a hypnotized father forget his own daughter’s name. Another guy was told he was on the highway, driving a Ferrari. When asked how he’d greet other cars driving by, he grinned widely and stuck up his middle finger.

The thing to realize is that hypnosis is not a once-in-a-lifetime state of mind confined to a show. We constantly enter different kind of trances; reading, doing sports, any activity you are particularly good at… This is natural flow.

Now, while hypnosis is always flow, flow is not always hypnosis. Specifically: hypnosis is flow dictated by someone else. There is a very clear follower / leader split. Which is why hypnosis works so well: no man is an island, and in order to survive we need to latch onto superorganisms which are led by men in higher positions. It makes perfect sense for us to evolve thus that we enjoy surrendering ourselves to the flow of others. This is why hypnosis is so powerful. Recall how Germans described attending Hitler’s speeches: ‘magnetic, hypnotic, as if he looked me straight in the eyes.’

Cold truth is that every interaction is a microcosmic war. A frame battle, so to say. Alpha males will stare you down, beta males will look away, and women will defiantly return your gaze hoping that you do not back down. Gnon is addicted to ever-shifting hierarchies. Every interaction ends in a draw, win or loss, and the trick is to engage in these battles as if they were dances, for we are dancing monkeys after all.

Personally I never had the courage to consistently look people in the eyes. Used to blame my introversion for that. But there is no escaping the daily frame game. Establish dominance, look people in the eyes while maintaining distance and thinking Panzram thoughts. Works wonders for me.

3 thoughts on “The best content on the internet…

  1. Where you wrote:

    Which is why hypnosis work so well

    I believe you meant to write:

    Which is why hypnosis WORKS so well

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