A dying society

Ours is a dying culture.

This seems to be the most important insight.

We thought we rid ourselves of ‘religion’ (said with contempt, like how Marx would say ‘bourgeoisie’) but instead we’ve replaced a functional religion with a dysfunctional religion.

Society is made up of warriors and priests, because men need to specialize. The warriors provide the what, the priests provide the why. If the why is blind hatred of white males, both the why and the what become festering swamps of hypocrisy.

The Western modern empire has peaked. Our values are now covetousness, self-pity and hedonism. Our women are leaving us while downing anti-depressants and birth control pills like chocolates. Our men are escaping into video games, porn and drugs. This democracy and its culture will collapse.

Democracy is an irreversible failure, exactly the kind of disaster you’d expect if you’d force 200 people to live together and make all decisions by vote.

Culture is horrific. Architecture, books, movies, tv… Everything good is old, everything new is… tainted. It is not just that it is pretentious and vapid. It is the sound of a dying animal. Even YouTube, I have concluded, can not help sounding like a dying animal, despite some of its content creator’s best intentions.

Culture from the elite is pretending collective suicide is high status, culture from the fringes is escapism or silent protest, although mostly escapism — sells better.

Economic feedback loops are breaking down. I no longer expect companies to deliver me good products and service, I just hope they don’t screw me over too hard.

Technological advances can not mask currency abuses much longer. Inflation is creeping up like The Nothing in the Neverending Story. When I told my grandma what I paid for rent, she did not believe me at first.

Who will save our dying society?

Christianity in its current form can not be revived. Christians are too cucked. Christ does not offer them enough tools to uncuck.

Trump (praise be upon him) can not save us, because even if Trump understands and prepares for war, he is only one man, and I do not believe he prepares for war.

Alt-rightists dream of avoiding the collapse, but their frustration with the flaying brandname Alt-Right betrays their inability to stop the collapse. + alt-right thots lol.

Rational, normal men will not save us, because their testosterone is too low and their thirst for entertainment is too high.

Jordan Peterson will not save us, because he tells men to grow up without telling men society is rigged to stop you from growing up.

Scott Alexander will not save us, even if he is a luminous beacon of intellectual honesty and curiosity and clear thought and OK lmao couldn’t get through that with a straight face.

Pewdiepie will not save us, because Pewdiepie won’t say it is OK to hit your women, only sarcastically insinuate that you must Respect Wahmen.

Roosh will not save us, because need fathers.

Nope, it is neoreactionaries, in the broadest sense of the word, with all Spandrellian linguistic notes attached, who are on the money. Neoreactionaries head for the exit, rightly so.

We are at the forefront because we have the right diagnosis. Other doctors are quacks, not us. So, we morally elevate ourselves as the priests of the New Religion. It is not a matter of arrogance, it is a matter of necessity.

12 thoughts on “A dying society

  1. “Christianity in its current form can not be revived. Christians are too cucked. Christ does not offer them enough tools to uncuck.”

    When you are resurrected from the dead to found your new religion, give me a call. Otherwise forget it.

    1. Jim says that Christianity needs to be fixed, and that fixing includes reconciliation with Darwin. I agree that Christianity needs conciliation with Darwin, but I do not think it is REconciliation. Judaism was Darwin friendly, Christianity is Positive Vibrations. Not the same thing.

      I see no great Christian thinkers, with perhaps the exception of Nick Steves. All the great thinkers I see have a similar attitude to Christianity: ‘it used to work great, if only I could believe Christian God is real.’

      So, Christianity needs to evolve, not resurrect, in order to work again.

      1. Any hope for a new religion? Europeans are a forest people. Would a Desert religion really work for them? Any hope of resurrecting Thor, Toutatis or Zeus? I can totally see Thor or Zeus go on a righteous beheading/castrating spree in Cologne circa 2016.

        Jesus ….. not so much!

          1. There is no need to jettison the old Gods outright. That’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater. What you need is to Jesus-proof or Mohammed-proof the old Gods. They were too tolerant of Yahweh considering him to be just another God, consequently got overthrown. Same with Allah. Thor, Zeus, Toutatis and Odin just need a dose of Good old intolerance to Desert Gods and Europe is good to go for a few centuries more. Keep the myths, add a dash of intolerance. Seems silly to throw it all out. Now you’ll have to build the whole thing all over again. What a waste. Recycle, recycle!

    2. Yes, you cannot engineer a religion the way you design a web application. This is part of the problem and indicates unresolved Leftism. The idea of designing a society on paper and think it is possible to implement it in practice the way you imagine is one of the basis of Leftism (see Imagine by John Lennon).

      It’s also LARPing. Call me when you sacrifice important things of your life for Thor or Gnon, the way I sacrifice for Christ or the way Muslim people sacrifice for Allah. Then you will have a real religion. All the rest is faking it.

      It’s true that a culture dies without religion. But it’s not the purpose of a religion to help a culture, this is only a knock-on effect, an indirect consequence. The purpose of a religion is to communicate with the Absolute, with the Eternal, which is greater that all cultures. You are secular people and don’t understand this. You may understand it with your brain, but not with your guts. This is why your ramblings about religion are so naive. Anyway, good luck with your Church of Thor, who only exists in your imagination.

      1. > You may understand it with your brain, but not with your guts.

        I keep hearing this from Christians online, but offline Christians tell me I am many things, but obviously no secularist.

        Shoving me aside as a heretic works when you have a functioning inquisition, but Christianity does not. Your misplaced arrogance seems to indicate weakness.

        The sole purpose of religion is to help the culture of its people. Communicating with the Absolute is a side-effect; a positive and perhaps essential side-effect I’m sure, but a side-effect nonetheless. Gnon demands it. Hence the need for reconciliation with Darwin.

      2. ” the way I sacrifice for Christ”

        Here are your co-religionists sacrificing for christ

        Now what was that you were saying about LARPing?

        When the Swedes Worshipped Thor or Odin, they were Vikings. Feared across the seas. They were practising a religion that was fit for men before they allowed the emissaries of a smooth talking Palestinian fool them into this …… “sacrifice”……. as you call it. And what are they now? The Butt of Jokes and the blows of Albanian and Somalian Jehadis

        Boy! The only sacrifice the Pre-Christian Swedes could get around is sacrificing these Muslim migrants to Thor. Or Odin.

        Sacrifice it seems!

  2. Well, as an NRx Catholic, I believe that we’re doomed to live in a sinful and fallen world and our worldly fate will ever be misery and sadness and ultimate destruction and abject failure. And at the end of time Christ will come again and destroy this fallen world and destroy our fallen selves and He will remake the world and ourselves and then we will see true goodness with the Beatific Vision for the first time.
    There is no saving this world because intrinsic to it is that it cannot be saved, and only a fool would want to. But we do know how to be good disciples of our Christos Rex and honestly it’s really not even that difficult, even if it seems so to us at times. He gives us everything we need to be His disciples if we simply let Him.
    So yes the West is screwed. As was Rome. As was Byzantium. But if our sons and grandsons are spat on or martyred for the faith we instill in them, praise God who in His glory may raise up sons as saints and martyrs to pray for their earthly fathers.
    So no, I don’t think Christianity has been tried and found wanting. I think many find Christianity difficult and so do not attempt it.

    Christianity IS the cross. Stop asking what the nails are for.

    1. I must say you have a particularly gloomy view of mankind. Pretty sure many of your fellow Christians disagree, in fact all Christian women I know talk about Jesus as if he were the most lovable, kind and friendly man since… well, since Jesus.

      1. Sure, they’ll give Jesus a peck on the Cheek, tell him all their sob stories about being Dumped by Thor, use him as an emotional Tampon, tell him what a nice and unappreciated guy he is, maybe “allow” him to do their laundry and fix their dinner and then go fuck Odin. Which is how it should be. To a dyed in the wool pagan like me, it is infinitely more preferable than them going around and fucking Mohammed.

        Christians are basically non-sequitors who managed to befuddle the Pagans into abandoning their faith but come up clueless and defenseless when faced with Mohammed. Maybe there is a lesson in there somewhere

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