Lying works.

The aspiration of every man is to have at least a moderate amount of fuck-you money. As a young and spoiled brahmin I have long denied this, but as I get older I have to admit it is undeniably true. Money marks territory and allows safe exchange between territory. Money keeps peace between men.

But that’s not what I came here to write about. I came to write more about leftism.

Isn’t leftism interesting? Barely 30 years ago we saw it as a viable political ideology, nowadays we see it almost as a pathology. I’d say it isn’t, because pathologies are maladaptive, like homosexuality and transgenderism, while leftism, though destructive, is pretty adaptive.

The best explanation of leftism remains cuttlefish. Male cuttlefish fight each other in ritualized battles for the right to mate with female cuttlefish. Ah, the ritual fight! How honorable! How righteous! What an honest system to select for the strongest specimen of cuttlefish! Only, some cuttlefish figure that fighting is for suckers, disguise themselves as females, swim right past the fights and pork the ladies. To add insult to injury I gladly add that females are as enthusiastically porked by these cheater, leftist fish as they are by the honorable, righteous fish.

Gnon likes a cheater. That, in a nutshell, is the explanation for the existence of leftism. The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that lying — for the lack of a better word, is good. Lying works. Lying clarifies, cuts through, and captures essence of the evolutionary spirit.

But, lying does not scale so well online. Too many anonymous people watching and judging. Every lie is unique, but every truth is similar. This is why leftists are losing the internet wars — they can’t get their lies straight, whereas rightists by pure individual logic arrive at similar conclusions.

6 thoughts on “Lying works.

    1. MSM is losing its prestige on the internet. Also we ridicule cucks online and we helpfully criticize Jordan Peterson in live time. PJW is correct: WE are the counterculture, we are dictating fashion. No wonder China censors the internet.

      1. On a section of the internet where neo-reaction rules, sure. But the general internet? Any data points? Can we compare MSM internet viewership with that of the aggregate of neo-reaction blogs? Jordan Peterson’s you tube viewership vs MSM viewership, perhaps? Can we find some hard data?

    2. Leftism makes use emotional appeals, which are best conveyed through AV media. AV media favors the Left, while text-based media favors the Right. It’s hard to convey a state of urgent emotional distress through text. The rise of the internet has for this reason coincided with a decline in Leftism. To assist them in their predicament, I would offer to make a computer that has a grimacing animatronic face mounted above the monitor. The endgame of Leftism may be to destroy base human nature and create something new in its place, but more than anybody they rely upon their meatbag faces and vocal chords to bolster their arguments.

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