Jordan Peterson, YouTube prophet

Props to Spandrell for noticing Jordan Peterson well before he was fashionable. RT on an interview between Moldbug and Peterson.

I found this interview with Russell Brand quite enjoyable.

First things first: Russell Brand is communist. Not saying that in a hateful way, just a statement of facts. Observe his creative nonsense ramblings, his dirty looks (skinny, pale, tattoos), his Rasputin-like gaze. He’s not hiding it at all. Personally I like an honest charismatic commie. They lie so brazenly obviously in the face of so many people that the fact that people believe them at all is a testament to the evolutionary effectiveness of leftism.

So how will Jordan Peterson fair against a commie? As it turns out, pretty good.

First half an hour is them warming up to each other. Peterson obviously has the frame, likely because he has all the momentum while I’m guessing Brand has lost a lot of his. As Brand later on says: Peterson has loyal fanbase, Brand does not.

30:00 ‘That’s what artists do.’ I tip my hat to your flattery skills, mr Peterson.

41:30 ‘It seems you care about truth, that you search for truth.’

42:00 Great little bit on how Brand confesses many people for whatever strange reason don’t like his commie interference and Peterson pats him on the back.

52:00 Jordan says what I said 2 posts ago.

1:01:00 ‘the right doesn’t care, the left fails to do what it tries to do.’ Yeah, no. Peterson is a centrist. Peterson later describes himself as high on openness to new experience which helps explain his centrism. But, similar to how agreeableness is cooked in favor of pretending agreeable people go along with good behavior while they in fact go along with bad behavior just as easy, openness to new experience is cooked in favor of pretending open people going along with good exotic behavior, while open people go along with bad exotic behavior just as easy. Which Peterson demonstrates by repeatedly flattering Brand.

1:10:30 Brand vocalizing both his hatred and admiration of the right in typical leftist fashion.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: while Jordan Peterson is an exceedingly intelligent man, his primary interest is not truth. Truth is sort of high on his list, yes, but spreading the gospel of Peterson is higher on his list. Quite understandably so, I might add. Truth is shouting against a storm, effectively spreading your gospel is like riding a storm.

Peterson’s story is quite good, quite solid. But he has quite some flaws in thinking, e.g. on Islam (on which he, like Pilate, washes his hands), on women (needs more Jim) and on individualism (indiloldualism). If I had more motivation I’d take more time explaining why Peterson has these flaws and why it is unlikely he will correct them, but whatevs. Moldbug has Peterson’s number.

OK I’ll leave you with one more observation. If I were to talk with Russell Brand, I’d tell him with a grin: ‘Russell, I rarely come across men who speak complete nonsense as eloquently as you.’ Naturally, he’d be irritated. But it would be completely true. If Peterson always speaks the truth, if Peterson always strives to find the truth, how come he has not said anything of the sort in the entire 90 minutes of conversation?

11 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson, YouTube prophet

  1. Peterson’s fame, much like Brand’s, is owed to popularizing ideas of elite diaspora opinion makers. In the case of Peterson, Szemberg. In the case of brand, Goldsmith. Though it would be untoward to suggest they are empty vessels, their messages are intended to be poles of acceptable opinion.

    1. Yes yes if he were among the highest of thinkers he would’ve discovered Moldbug in 2009 at the latest. Then again he claims to have an IQ in the 150s, a claim which I believe, so I don’t feel too bad labelling him exceedingly intelligent.

  2. Anyway to monetize Peterson Vs Moldbug?
    How about Taleb Vs Moldbug?
    Or Taleb Vs Peterson?
    Taleb has already invited Peterson to a chat on twitter to “straighten him out” something or the other. Haven’t heard back from Pete

    Here is the tweet thread

      1. McGregor is an idiot for fighting Mayweather on Mayweather’s terms. Instead he should have invited to Mayweather to come fight him in MMA. Or at least bargained for one MMA and one boxing bout.

        Roosh was similarly an idiot for going on that talk show where Dr Oz slaughtered him like a pig to be feasted on by those fat girls with their “feelz”. He should have invited Dr Oz instead to be interviewed by him and then put it up the interview on his website and youtube feed. Or atleast traded with Dr. Oz as in one where I interview you and one where you interview me.

        Roissy/heartiste was an idiot for talking to the media and revealing his real names as James Wiedmann and also his job with the SEC allowing Lady Raine to Shut him down. Instead he should have …….I think you get the point.

        Not a snowball’s chance in hell of either of Taleb, Peterson or Moldbug being that stupid. Which is probably why it will never happen

          1. The man was already Rich. Money should not be of more than marginal interest to him. He should be going for a legacy. And he just ruined his image by getting whacked in the ring. It’s like Bruce lee killing chuck Norris in a film. The entire Bruce Lee legend is built without the evidence of a single fight. Chuck was a real fighter who fought real bouts. But why is the Legend of Bruce > Legend of Chuck? Because of that damned fight in that damned film. What would Bruce Lee’s legend be if he had instead gotten Bruce Lee to play the villian in his own production?

            Image is important, my man! You can make money with Image. The reverse is much harder

          2. Proud that I could get a concession, any concession from someone who thinks as deeply as you do.

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