Baudet’s trials

In case you were wondering who the top right figure in the above banner was, wonder no more: it is the intelligent and charming Thierry Baudet. Who? Thierry Baudet. An upcoming Dutch politician who is making waves by promoting Nexit, denouncing traditional Dutch parties as a cartel, tweeting that global warming is a scam and stating that border protection is a hallmark of a healthy nation. He is, in short, the intellectual Geert Wilders.

Lately the attacks towards Baudet have taken on a nastier tone. The media- & party cartel are intensifying efforts to ruin Baudet’s reputation: supposedly he is horrible horrible person. That they are unable to show any evidence showing Baudet is a horrible horrible person, that no such evidence exists and that the accusation is entirely fabricated, does not deter them. It is a battle of frame.

Baudet displays admirable composure under the pressure and will find that if he maintains frame, like Jordan Peterson, the Dutch will sway to his side. The Hague is a cesspool of radical leftism — a lot of Dutch are silently on the side of Baudet. Observe how the overwhelming majority of the Dutch are in favor of Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet, observe how everyone laughed when Rene van der Gijp put on a wig and jokingly became Renate van der Gijp. The momentum of the radical left is over. The cartel knows this, feels this, and therefore launches an offense that is reminiscent of the demonization of Pim Fortuyn. The cartel’s plan, in no particular order, is to isolate Baudet, intimidate Baudet, infiltrate Baudet’s party, get Baudet to lose his cool, get a radical leftist to kill Baudet, make it seem like no one likes Baudet.

Truth is, no one likes Sylvana Simons, everyone likes Rene van der Gijp.

It is becoming perfectly obvious to many rightist and centrist Dutch voters that the EU is very bad news for the Netherlands, that there is both a media- and party cartel, that warmism is a tax scam, and that border protection is the hallmark of a healthy nation. This is why the following election will not be about economy or healthcare or whatever, it will be about whether you are in favor or against the party cartel. The campaign slogans almost write themselves.

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