Lol Scott Alexander

Can not promise this is the last time I write about Scott Alexander, because:

a) his audience is large enough that making fun of him is worth it
b) he is a juicy target

It is not hard to see why Scott is a successful blogger. He writes a lot, he writes well, and his sentences seem intelligent. So what’s the deal with Scott Alexander?

The deal with Scott Alexander is that he is the kind of man who makes signals you’d normally associate with intelligence, much like smoke gives off the signals of fire. Yet when you take a closer look, there is no fire, just a bunch of nerdy men in the comment section who all really really do their best to pretend there is a fire.

Scott has a pretty straightforward business model.

On day 1 he paints a blue pill purple. He will say something along the lines of ‘I am not saying we live in an age of repressive censorship, but if we were living in an age of repressive censorship it would not be wise of me to say we live in an age of repressive censorship. Wink wink, nudge nudge.’ This makes all the non-leftists go: ‘woooo this guy is so edgy!’

Then, on day 2, he paints a red pill purple. He will say something along the lines of ‘although it seems like official truth is just a bunch of lies, it seems that in this instance official truth is in fact the truth.’ This makes all the leftists go: ‘wooo one of us, one of us.’

Rinse and repeat and you have his business model. Basically Scott Alexander’s entire blog is a never-ending exercise of playing good cop bad cop with himself and his commenters.

Scott Alexander constantly holds up 2 pills, like Morpheus, and whenever you go for one he will close that hand and offer you the other. It is a shtick and it will eventually get old. Unfortunately for Scott, I am sure that leftists dislike his shtick as much as I dislike his shtick, hence the not insignificant risk of Scott eventually getting himself killed, much like that other smart guy.

2 thoughts on “Lol Scott Alexander

  1. “Scott” is quite typical of his heritage. Anyone with a long enough Academic career can tell you their strength is entirely the ability to shamelessly lie and obfuscate without a hint of remorse.

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