What really grinds my gears

Is the appropriation of genuine connection by mindless corporations.

Friendly chatter heartwarming stories

Which is not to say corporations are evil. Unchecked leftists are evil. Unchecked mindless corporations merely latch onto that evil for profit. They don’t care, they just want to make a buck. And what makes a buck? Warm fuzzy feelings. What causes warm fuzzy feelings? Why, laughing with your grandma, having a blast with your friends, you know, everything that’s illegal nowadays.

So when I flick through an expensive-looking magazine and I see some ad of a father giving his father’s watch to his son, it annoys me, because patriarchal love is illegal outside those make-belief ads. Similarly, tv commercials of happy families having dinner. Having mom cook family dinner for children past the age of 12 is illegal in 1st world countries, hadn’t you heard?

We are bombarded on a daily base with horrible fakeness.

The problem with the modern world is that in absence of a genuine sense of belonging it turns out we prefer a fake sense of belonging to no sense of belonging. Our brains adapt surprisingly well to the latter, or at least try their utmost best. People rather belong to a tribe that is make-belief than face the realisation that they don’t belong to any tribe at all.

Thus, when most people watch a commercial they want to feel like they are the actress, as opposed to the actress being a complete stranger having nothing whatsoever in common with you. The same goes for really any semi-famous person you watch on tv.

We roleplay above all else, of course while telling ourselves the exact opposite. We are invested in our roleplaying, which gives us a sense of identity, which gives us a sense of belonging. We are dancing monkeys in denial of our nature because truth is cold, rotten and lonely. We are by necessity egotistical as fuck.

So we learn that man but a collection of buttons wired to brain and muscle. Press the right buttons and the right brain centres flare up. Input, output, stimulation, reward. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were both right, but Huxley was more right than Orwell. Sedation works better than force.

Perhaps also because we live in the era of sedation. We live in the technological zenith of addictive FeelsGood. Gaming, porn, drugs, tv. It’s everywhere. Every man has his drug¹.

Of course the entire point is that some FeelsGood you are allowed to have, some not. You are allowed FeelsGood that pacifies you long-term. You are not allowed FeelsGood that activates you long-term, at least not without keeping it a secret.

For instance, it is possible to have a FeelsGood longterm relationship, but you better keep it a secret that you consider your girl your property. Similarly, it is possible to have a functioning männerbund, but you better not tell anyone you’re more loyal to your boys than to the state. Everything real, everything genuine has to happen in secret or risk open conflict with the powers that be.

Hence, everything public that makes us feel good is fake, controlled opposition. Take the following ad from Apple:

Two things stand out to me. One, the ad follows the fantasy of the übermensch. The Rock lifts weights, flies a plane, presents his own fashion line, cooks with the best chefs, plays mandolin, flies in space and, I’d almost forget, acts in movies. That a man should be able to do every- and anything, or he is no real man, seems to pretty boilerplate these days. Typical false life script, an abuse of the fact that we admire men with energy in abundance.

The second thing is subtler. Do you notice how Dwayne carries himself, how he treats other males? When he gets in an Uber, the owner changes seats so Dwayne gets to drive the car. When he drops into a cockpit, he not only gets to fly the airplane, he gets to decide where it goes. To say that he is alpha in this ad would be an understatement — he is an emperor.

And this, my friends, is how you know it’s controlled opposition: because men are not allowed to behave as such in real life. Dwayne gets to do it, because Dwayne is part of the system that forbids it. He is granted an unprincipled exception to act like an emperor in an advertisement.

Normal white males have pathologically little chance to boss others around. Your wife bosses you around, otherwise you are sexist. In the workplace you simultaneously have a boss and don’t have a boss, because hierarchy does not shake hands with equality. Division of power is done not by competence, but by victim status. You are outranked by your female colleagues, who in turn are outranked by Sylvana Simons, whom no one likes but no one dares to turn away.

All of which is swept under the rug as Corporation INC promises you Love & Purpose if you just buy this latest car (or lease it, because private property is so 20th century!²).

So, burn it all down. Build a parallel universe y’all.


¹ As do most females, but for females it’s men and spending money.

² ‘Leasing’ is a horrible word. Call it what it is: renting. Soon enough we’ll be forced to rent everything, including girlfriend and kids.

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