The Rise and Fall of Owen Cook

For judging any man, I hold two principles:

  1. Does he practice what he preaches?
  2. Is he content with what he practices?


I recently watched an Owen Cook video with some friends. It’s been a year since I last discussed RSD. My opinion has not changed.

Gurus like Owen Cook are fascinating figures. Men seek avatars to learn from and Owen is such an avatar, especially since he actually talks in front of crowds, as opposed to anonymous writers on the internet who might as well be keyboard-hitting monkeys.

But no one is perfect and sometimes the most ostensibly successful persons are the most fucked up. The greater the rise, the harder the fall. Such it was with Ken Wilber, as documented by Mark Manson (who himself completely sold-out since the days he garnered praise from Nick Krauser. My local bookshop sells Manson’s book ‘the subtle art of not giving a fuck’, yours probably does too).

Anyway. As with Ken Wilber, so it is with Owen. Below his most recent video.

We watched Owen talk for about 20 minutes, when my friend, who used to be pretty big on RSD, paused the video and exclaimed: ‘this is nonsense. He is just bragging and talking nonsense!’ My friend was right. Owen has no coherent message here. What Owen says here is a random collection of stuff he knows his audience expects him to say, and his audience plays along because Owen says the sort of stuff they expect him to say, but there is no sense of meaning. It is noise, with little to no information.

It wasn’t always like this. Old Owen was better. For instance take the clip below.

Beardless Owen talked sense, had some good concepts. ‘Pinging’ always stuck with me, which refers to how people look at other people as anchors for reality. Women ping all the time. Arrogant men ping little and if they are forced to ping they often do so irritatingly slowly. The person who pings less has most power.

But despite some quality content, the first signs of Owen’s failure were already visible early on. Lemme explain.

Tyler’s big thing has always been deconditioning your social conditioning. What is social conditioning? Everything you’ve been taught by society, your parents, your teachers, also known as the false life script. You are taught to feel depressed, confined and self-hating. You are taught to shut up and keep your head low. As a man, you are taught to be ashamed of your masculinity, your aggression, your sexual impulse.

So Owen wanting to end this makes perfect sense. So far, so good.

The problem arises with his proposed replacement. What is his proposed replacement? Well, in a nutshell: not giving a fuck, being your best self. Do what you like, when you like. Be who you like to be.

Which is great advice. For a fortune cookie. See, men need freedom, sure. But men also need direction, purpose. The reason traditions are important is that they provide a place of belonging for men. Just because our current societal rituals are rotten does not mean we can do away with rituals all-together. Need rituals.

What are such rituals? Rituals derived from the acceptance that we are imbued with genetic programming. As a white male this means you want territory, you want power, you want your own female, you want your female to give birth to your children, you want to protect and care for your family and be loved in return. More or less.

Deviation from this path is possible, but you do so at your own risk. The life-long bachelor does not age too well I think. Paraphrasing Spandrell, life-long bachelors have too much idle time on their hands, do silly things. Jim puts it stronger: if a man does not own a woman he becomes horribly broken. I for one think you end up feeling lonely.

How does this relate to Owen Cook? Well, his wife divorced him and took his 2 kids.

This piece of personal information is crucial. It is sad. But it is also strange. Here’s a guy travelling the world telling men how to achieve success with women, yet he could not convince the mother of his children to stay with him.

Owen Cook’s best teachings are as deeply purple-pill you can describe life without going red. He made all the right observations about women. He described social dynamics accurately. He went into the evolutionary background of it all. But he failed to draw the obvious conclusions that everyone who has taken the red pill has. Owen Cook’s genes want him to own a woman, want him to be patriarch of his family, and if the opposite happens, if his woman leaves him and takes away his children, he becomes horribly broken. Which is exactly what happened.

Men need freedom, but men also need chains of family. But men like hearing about freedom more so Owen did exactly that.

It is ironic that the same thing that brought Owen success, namely telling men what they wanted to hear without setting off too many CRIMETHINK alarms, led to his own downfall.

Not that he has literally hit rock bottom, of course. Dude is still richer than I’ll ever be. But a guru always cares more about his reputation than his bank account, and the end of Owen’s reputation has arrived.


Sick of purple-pill liars selling you useless advice on getting laid? Buy my book if you want real success.

22 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of Owen Cook

  1. “…Here’s a guy travelling the world telling men how to achieve success with women, yet he could not convince the mother of his children to stay with him…”

    I think you’re to hard on him. The structure of the system took away his kids. Just how much, Female maintenance, are we supposed to do to not have them run off with the kids? Making money used to be enough now a Man has to be a psychodrama counselor whose always “on”. Realizing this, not giving a fuck seems a reasonable response to the system. Rejecting it. Over time it will have to change but just like signing any contract they put in front of you just because someone told you to …that’s not a workable strategy for life.

    1. He told men not to slutshame, told women it was a-OK to slut out. Quite likely he continued traveling the world banging sluts while his wife and kids were at home, while he had plenty resources to pull out. Keeping your wife in check should come natural to men, especially a man like Owen, but it did not.

      He wasn’t fucked by the system, he was fucked by his own purple pill worldview.

  2. “…He told men not to slutshame, told women it was a-OK to slut out…”

    I agree with you this is bad but this is the society we live in. It’s unfortunate.

    “… Quite likely he continued traveling the world banging sluts while his wife and kids were at home…”

    You may very well be right and if so he deserves all he got in pay back but I don;t know this and I doubt if you do either.

    I fully agree with most all your propositions but I think that this continuous Man bashing has got to stop. We’re not all perfect and there’s really not enough time and energy to do all the shit we’re supposed to do to keep the country together. Like the ancient Romans when the Vandals came they said F.U. I’m not fighting for your rotten Oligarchy. I fell this is perfectly valid. The rot is deep and short of fighting in the streets, which I’m fully aware gets way out of hand real fast, then the best thing to do is say fuck it and do the best you can with a bad hand.

    1. We have a choice how to deal with the society we live in. Owen chose the purple pill, which is to say he lies to himself and his audience. Therefore Owen is not on my side. Roosh V chose the red pill, therefore Roosh is on my side.

  3. wow you are totally right the old owen cook is almost humble and sympathic to me. You are totally right the owen cook of today become a disconnected la celebrity which is sometimes pretty disgusting and very aggressive there is nothing which is humanizing him. And who indulges the whole time self celebration and is exploiting his fans and may also his collegues in RSD. I never actually saw a video from him which had a really content in it. So i am suprised that he was different in the past. For me he isn’t anymore relateable on human level he seems like bloated ballon ready to explode. SAD

  4. “I never actually saw a video from him which had a really content in it. So i am surprised that he was different in the past.”

    The reason his more recent videos don’t have any (pickup) “content” like they used to is because he has pretty much explained his more concrete ideas about how to act in relation to success with women. He jokes about this from time to time saying that they have made video of almost every possible scenario, of course others could create more videos from a different point of view. If you want to see those pick-up videos you can always just go find them.

    Over time content creators evolve, he now talks about more general self development and tries with his videos to loop you back into positive thinking, so the content is there it’s just different. The videos are longer and less instructional but this is quite common, for example think of a fitness channel back in the day that was doing instructional vids for individual exercise and now does general vlogs about fitness, this format may also better suit the message he is now trying deliver.

    1. He is a horribly broken man acting like he is not a horribly broken man.

      He has not made videos on many, many scenarios, including the most important one: ‘how to keep a woman around for a lifetime’. Of course he can’t make such a video: he failed at it.

  5. Stopped reading at “OMG, Owen says to drop all rituals and social conditioning, we need rituals!!”

    If you actually listened to him, he NEVER says we don’t need rituals, dumbass.

    1. If he understood the need for rituals for a man, he would not promote screwing as many whores as possible, would instead advocate how nice it is to own your own woman, take care of her, and let her take care of you.

  6. >Does he practice what he preaches?

    For the men who actually preach something, this is good. My view is there are too many fucking preachers. Since the advent of the Internet we are up to the neck in dudes who are cocksure that their half-baked ideas are The Shit and everybody needs to know about them. I can hardly go on Twitter without someone trying to tell me the 1000th time how to reach my goals, and I don’t even follow those types, but others whom I do follow keep retweeting them. Cheap advice is mostly signalling, or at best something useful only for a very basic general case. Good consulting usually costs money, although not all consulting that costs money is good. As for me, I am too young and inexperienced at 40 to preach anything, but I think I beginning to ask better questions than in the past.

    >Is he content with what he practices?

    Obviously, if her preaches a practice that he promises to make men content and happy, it is a good test. Otherwise not. I have no idea if Michelangelo painted his masterworks in a happy go lucky mood or in wild swings of manic depression. I don’t think it matters much.

    1. > Cheap advice is mostly signalling, or at best something useful only for a very basic general case.

      Yes, I’ve come to the same conclusion.

  7. So basically you were into RSD a few years ago – I am assuming you watched many hours of content and taken action – then you watched 20 minutes of Owen’s recent video, and now you reached the conclusion that he has fallen? lol

    What exactly do you mean by fallen by the way? He seems happier than ever, he’s got more money, more subscribers, and even a massive beard. The only thing I can think of is that he is out of shape. In which case the whole point of your article is something entirely different.

    Keep up the mediocrity 🙂

    1. Supposedly you read my post, but you ask me to repeat my post.

      Owen has no clue about how either men and women work. If he knew he was a scammer, there would be no problem, for he would know not to follow his own advice. But he is only vaguely aware that he is a scammer; therefore he follows his own advice, which has led to his wife leaving him, his kids growing up in a broken family, and him fucking whores pretending that is cool.

  8. As a supporter of RSD and Owen, I think that you might have mixed it up. His wife divorced him and never took the two children, the children are still with Owen. And he is a pickup artist, a dating coach, not a how-to-have-a-happy-marriage coach. He often says that he wants an amazing girlfriend, but for him it’s easy to let go because he knows that there are plenty of women and he can get any stunner. And owning a woman is a metaphor, not to be taken literally.

  9. Hmmm have you noticed how in the 2nd video he keeps clicking his fingers?
    “When you THINK “
    I’ve watched a fair bit of RSD vids n programs over the years …not sure exactly tactics he is using when he speaks but i suspect it’s all covert NLP anchors /embedded commands /etcto get you hooked in and coming back for more …sneaky. Just like old RJ’s tricks ..
    Meanwhile they waffle on and on ,encrypt everything and talk in circles ..oh and his analogies are sh*t

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