Heartiste’s 1 pretty lie

Some are not going to enjoy hearing this, but needs to be said.

It is not that Heartiste outright lies. I have previously heralded Heartiste as the greatest shitlord of our age. Which I still stand behind. But he is not fully honest.

Heartiste lies by omission. What is the omission, you ask? The omission is that 80% of Heartiste’s male readers are born a beta, will die a beta. Heartiste does not tell them this, in fact, Heartiste tells them the opposite: most men are too stupid and low-T to get this, but you too can be an asshole with a shit-eating grin drowning in pussy! Here’s how to get nudes and bang that hot chick in the bar! Stay tuned with Heartiste, the Trumpocalypse is on its way!

Heartiste sells the fantasy of blog-canned alpha. He makes his readers feel like badboys by association, but never acknowledges that the majority of his readers are not badboys, will never be badboys.

He is making a sales pitch. And judging from the many comments he gets, a pretty effective sales pitch. But not the right one. What is the right pitch?

We may cut a knife between NRx and the Alt-Right, and say Heartiste is on the Alt-Right, I am on NRx. Which I think is fairly accurate. But we can do slightly better.

The best use of the knife is to cut between Jim & Heartiste. Heartiste says you too can be shitlord, Jim says society must be realigned so you too can pretend to be a shitlord. The difference is crucial.

In Jim’s view, ordinary men will never be arrogant, violent and murderous enough to wet women’s panties. Women’s view of male status is simply too harsh, like the view of a child living among cannibals. Women want a man who commands other men, who shoots death-rays out his eyes and who will knife someone for giving him a wrong glance. In short: women want to fuck men who routinely kick puppies out of boredom.

This is the crucial difference between Jim and Heartiste: Heartiste says men can learn to enjoy kicking puppies to get laid. Jim says men are dancing monkeys pretending to enjoy kicking puppies because they want to get laid. Jim is right, Heartiste is wrong.

Thus, Jim’s solution is better than Heartiste. Heartiste’s solution is to enjoy a poolside view of the decline with beautiful women while fanboys cheer him on. Jim’s solution is to make those fanboys high status: reintroduce patriarchy, make women soft property (first to their father, then their husbands) and ban careers for women until after marriage & children.

If that pitch sounds too abstract, imagine it like this: you are in charge of your house, your wife and your children. Your friends, your colleagues, your family and your in-laws all agree with you that you, not your girl, are in charge.

In this world, women suddenly feel attracted to all men, not just the Heartiste-types, because we have realigned societal incentives as to make all males high status.

Heartiste gives you tools to get laid in the age of thots.
Jim gives you tools to end of the age of thots.

I’d like to live in a society that is not dying, so I prefer Jim.


12 thoughts on “Heartiste’s 1 pretty lie

  1. I am with you bro but what if heartiste is right meaning that when socioeconomically conditions get Brazilian the evolutionary right thing individually is to play cad not dad.

    Sure it results in lower civilisational models but individually you replicate your genes.

    What if trad guys a larping themselves out of the gene pool. Where are these women that will play housewife with them and how many are they.

    Just some thoughts…I like for the Jim side of the argument to be true

    1. Yes, we have no choice but to be a cad or at least pretend to be a cad. But we will be outcadded by natural cads.

      I know an African guy who has 5 kids by 3 different women. His latest girl just threw him out of the house for the 2nd time.

      I don’t believe most white males enjoy living like that. Lots of stupid drama involved. Right solution is somewhere in between cad and trad; the cad-trad life.

      1. I dunno. I am outside hajnal, therefore I think it was always the natural to be dad-chad, preach patriarchy in public, fuck whatever is moving, confess your sins, repeat.

        this virtue-signaling-familial-values thing is just semitic brain conditioning. we europeans can pretend to follow it but continue our thing, like with christianity.

        these family values thing comes back to us from all the protestant weirdo sects that escaped to america…playing hollier than you….and is therefore dysfuntional, although they have the amish there…so I dont know really.

        but yeah 5 kids with 3 women is a whole different level….they do outcompete us.


        1. >this virtue-signaling-familial-values thing is just semitic brain conditioning

          Read about early medieval Germanic pagan tribes. Both pagan and Christian Romans were at awe at their chastity.

  2. I suggest that both are right. Most of the commenters here see what the problem is but really have no idea how to change it. I know how to change this with two steps.

    1. Who is it that is the primary motivator that has brought about this Apocalypse? Who is it that pushes the rules on our society that causes so much destruction. Who spends massive amounts of money to push this evil system on us? Think. Who rules? I think you know and the only method to change this is to get rid of them. Push them out. Allow them no say and no part in our society. Deport them. If we can do this peacefully it would be great but they must go no matter what.
    2, Marriage 3.0. Marriage 2.0 is where we are today. Marriage 3.0 will go back to Marriage 0.0. Not even 1.0. The rules are, no no fault divorce, if divorced and there is no fault then the kids go with the primary person bringing in the dough. Mainly the Man. No or very little payments after divorce. Divorce is handled in normal courts not estrogen packed family courts. Marriage 3.0 should cost. At least a couple thousand bucks. Call it the Platinum Marriage or whatever jingle you can make up to make Women think it’s better. Anyone who wants a normal no-fault cheap Marriage can have one so we’re not imposing on anyone. Men should refuse a cheap marriage and just not get married unless they are protected by Marriage 3.0.

    This can be passed by the normal legislature and will be hard to fight against because, marriage for ever, is hard to demonize and imposes on no one. You want a crappy marriage you can have it cheap.

    1. 1. If it’s jews you’re talking about, I’m with general NRx consensus, which is that Jews make the problem worse but did not create it. The creators were white leftists.
      2. I don’t understand how you have a no fault divorce if you ban no fault divorces. Otherwise seems sensible to me, if a coup-complete solution.

      1. Two sets of marriage license. Old school(new in this case 3.0) and regular no-fault divorce like we have now. Pick you’re own poison. No one can legitimately complain about others marriages if someone picks old school(3.0). Although they will but it will make them look like control freaks which they are. Choice. If Women want Men to bear the burden then we go back to where the Man gets the kids unless he’s, proven in court with normal court procedures, an evil prick that deserves to lose his kids. I think this would massively incentivize Men to get married. I’m not bashing marriage just the present contract that prevails, so change it for those that want it. The rest can take their chances.

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