2017: A great year indeed

2017 has been the Year of the Trump, a.k.a. an awesome year.

Trump has singlehandedly changed Western collective consciousness. Prevailing wisdom in the Netherlands used to be that every well-thinking person voted democrats except for a very small minority of rednecks. We all agreed that liberalism was the answer, that all philosophical debates were settled. This comforted people, reassured them the end of history had arrived and that we could all relax.

With the election of Trump, suddenly history has no longer ended and people no longer find comfort in the lies of old. Naturally I love this. Fuck the priests of the old order.

But enough with the cursing! Let me pull Cernovich and draw back the curtain on some statistics.

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 21.14.35

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 05.48.11

As you can see, the internet has been kind to AlfaNL. My visitor statistics more than doubled since 2016! This, without a doubt, has been the Trump effect: I can trace the biggest increase to exactly November 2016, when Der Trumpenführer rose to power. Thank you Donald!

Of course I can not give Donald ALL the credit. By far the biggest driver of traffic to this website has once again been Social Matter’s Nick B. Steves, whose This Week in Reaction has been an imitable Schelling point for the coolest side of the blogosphere. Thank you Nick (& others).

But as the relative amount of traffic TWiR directs towards this site decreases, I think the biggest credit goes to the fact that this blog speaks truth. I know that priding myself with writing truth is dangerous business, but allow me some status-signalling. Truth, after all, is a surprisingly rare commodity.

The internet is filled with people claiming to speak truth, but very few really get truth. Like, very little. 1%, tops. People understand chunks of truth, but always the ego rears its ugly head. Push hard enough and you’ll discover everyone has blind spots. Usually its women.

But even then I am being facetious. The above paragraph assumes bloggers write to near truth, but in reality they rarely do. Rule of thumb, the point of most non-fiction is to say: ‘I have power, therefore you should read me.’ Which is why guys like Scott Alexander and Ross Douthat have no problem lying their lungs out until they see blue in the face.

Lucky for me, the internet routs around them. Well does not rout around them entirely, because might will always make right, but the mere fact that some kid ridicules them online for all to see undermines their power, gives me power. I am right, they are wrong, and while lies need to be constantly maintained, truth seen cannot be unseen. Which makes this blog fun, makes me feel like an internet jester. So I’m sure I’ll stick around for a while.

Thoughts on the amount of writing: I’ve been writing less lately, because I feel I have said the most important stuff. But I think that writing is a bit like painting or music making, in that the process of doing is as important as the end result. How can people enjoy a blog if there is nothing new to read? So, maybe write more.

Finally, this might also be fun: can you guess what the most read article on this site is?

It is, by quite a wide margin, this article Not because anyone prominent linked it, but because a significant amount of people google ‘is Robert Mueller Jewish?’ and my blog is the 2nd hit. Good stuff.

Anyway. Hope your year was as good as mine. Here’s to hoping 2018 will be even better. Cheers.


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