Fuck the babyboomers

This post has been a long time in the making, about time I actually write it.

Fuck the babyboomers. I am not the first to make this observation, nor will I be the last, but the observation has to be made: fuck ’em.

Babyboomers are top contenders for the most self-absorbed smug spoiled generation in the history of the West. It is not just that boomers are spoiled brats, which is semi-understandable if you are born in a society where your presence is needed and welcomed, it is also that they are completely conceited about their accomplishments.

In a babyboomer’s mind, history ended after World War 2. Everything after is just the good guys enjoying the good life. No need to plan ahead, no need to think about the future. Just do whatever you feel like, whether it is having lots of sex in the 70s, lots of coke in the 80s or lots of immigrants in, well, every decade since the 50s.

I know one babyboomer who spent 20 years in half-assed military service and through some loophole retired early with a comfortable pension for life. He is in his sixties now, thus having lived off other people’s money a lot longer than he has actually worked for his own money. Naturally he believes he deserves every cent, or rather he does not care where his money comes from, as long as it comes.

And now all the boomers are retiring, handing over the world to their children. Of course as every boomer media outlet confirms, boomers are to their great shock discovering that their children are a bunch of good-for-nothing ungrateful smartphone-addicts! To which my answer is: fuck you. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. Let us list your sins. You glued us to screens in an effort to stop us from pestering you for attention. You told us to invest all our time and money in educational systems that get us nowhere but deep into debt. You told us to trust authorities that we can see fuck us over. You made us and our children minorities in our own land. You sold the dignity of your sons and the chastity of your daughters for a few shekels. And now you expect us to accept your kingdom of dirt and be grateful for it? Fuck off.

Of course the sad thing is that we are the children of our parents, part of a dying culture whether we like it or not. We will repeat the same mistakes as our parents, are in fact already repeating the same mistakes, just that we will actually punished for those mistakes within our lifetime while the boomer may die in a fat house with a fat pension with but a mere flicker of wonder as to why his children seem so distant.

As you might surmise, my relation with my father is not exactly the bees’ knees. Ah well, at least I am in decent company.

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