In-fighting, out-LARPing

So some people on the dissident right are fighting. Am I supposed to have a strong opinion on this? I really don’t have a strong opinion on this.

I don’t know these guys. This is a recurring problem on the internet. You want to look at what people do, not what they say, but most of the internet is people saying stuff. So you default to reading the signs in the online LARPing, which is like using the WWE plot to figure out who Terry Gene Bollea really is.

Seems to me Vox is right to criticise Anglin from the left, also known as attacking Anglin for being a socialist.

Also seems to me that Vox mis-LARP’ed when he attacked Torba. Vox, a couple of months ago you were praising Torba into the heavens, now he’s suddenly a scumbag. Maybe Torba did genuinely wrong you, sure, but the attack seems kind of petty for a Dark Lord who plans 5 steps ahead. Surely a stern post condemning Torba’s action would’ve more befitted an emperor as opposed to a surprise all-out 2-front war?

Also, Weev says Spencer is careless for partaking in a new rally that encourages rightists to bring guns. Can’t argue with that.

Anyway what else is going on. O come on, I had something for this…

Oh, right, there was Dutch famous vlogster Monica Geuze (ex of li’l Kleine!) french kissing with Dutch famous vlogster Anna Nooshin (painted by li’l Kleine!) on the cover of Linda Girls magazine. Some think this is slutty attention-whoring, I think they look great. 10/10, Would Fap.

anna monica

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