Breaking away from demons

The problem with blogging is that you start with 10 subjects in your head and end up writing none of them. But let us try anyway.

Jim is always right, even when he is wrong. This is because truth is only necessary up to a certain point; it merely has to be good enough. Good enough for what? Good enough to achieve its function. Which in this case is to live a pleasant and fulfilling life.

The main enemy preventing us from living like this is leftism. Leftism is as old as humanity itself and used to be referred to as evil. Of course nowadays it is illegal to refer to leftism as evil, which goes to show the success of said evil. The best trick the devil pulled was to convince humanity he didn’t exist. Well, technically not his best trick, just his most important one, for without the first feat of deceit none of the others may follow.

Because leftism is legitimised in our society, evil is legitimised in society. Say you want to drive a car. But you have to share the car with a demon. You start bargaining: ‘demon, I want this car to bring us both to our destination.’ ‘Yes of course’, replies the demon, ‘you can even drive if you want to. I just don’t want the car to have any brakes.’
‘Say what?’
-‘No brakes.’
‘No brakes?’
– ‘No. Brakes are bad for one’s Sense of Traffic. Scientists have done research and found that driving with brakes disrupts flow and increases accidents.’
‘You’re kidding.’
– ‘I am not, I am dead serious.’
‘I’m not going to drive a car without brakes!’
– ‘Well, then you better find another car. Asshole.’

Of course he and you both know all official cars have a mandatory demon, and every demon cares greatly about Sense of Traffic. In effect: no cars for you! Not that you’re allowed to say that out loud. If you say out loud that demons are sabotaging you, they will respond that this is your own fault for being so uncooperative, or what they dismissively call an ‘Unsense of Traffic’.

The challenge of free men in the 21st century is to realign modern technology with ancient knowledge. We are screwed over by demons because we have no sense of comparison, no way of knowing what is good car-usage. What is good regarding mass immigration? Regarding man-made climate change? Regarding emancipation?

Jim provides us with the clearest answers. Emancipation is evil, like unleashing Chucky is evil. Mass immigration is evil, like opening the gates for your enemies is evil. Warmism is evil, like a demon insisting on Sense of Traffic is evil.

Turn around emancipation; women yearn to be coveted property, men yearn to own women (raise testosteron!). Father owns daughter until she is married, then her husband owns her. A woman is free to do what she wants if it pleases her husband. Whenever a woman cries out for anything, the first response is that she is shit-testing.

Turn around mass immigration; a stranger from a faraway land is not a friend waiting to happen, he is an invader waiting to rape your women and pillage your land. When we watch nature documentaries we are not surprised when nature’s recurring motto is EAT OR BE EATEN. We should not be surprised that we turn out to be part of nature.

Turn around warmism; when a city is so filled up with smog that its inhabitants wear masks, the ruling class has good reason to address that issue. However, when temperature supposedly has risen, then has dropped, then has merely changed, then has not changed at all, there is no reason whatsoever to address that issue, for you can be sure that the only issue is demons insisting you take the brakes out of the car.

All of this, quite depressingly, will not change in the foreseeable future. Leftism is too legitimised. Too many demons, too many cucks. As the Dutch say: the well is only filled after the calve drowned. This calve will drown.

So, we build our own institutions, our own religions, our own sense of aesthetics and culture. We enjoy building because we know that it is pleasant and fulfilling and it is our own.

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