Goodbye to the place I was always able to go to

Ryan Landry has taken a step back as content creator, citing time constraints and frustrations with being a keyboard warrior. The internet has lost a talented man. Landry was a professional blogger with an impressive amount of knowledge on many topics, including but not limited to economics, history, politics and of course, World War 1. He had a knack for condensing that knowledge in well-paced articles; Ryan was a natural story teller. I especially enjoyed his ‘phone calls with Nixon’ series. I always imagined Nixon’s lines spoken with an Al-Capone-kind-of voice.

And Landry wasn’t just a blogger – he was on Twitter, on Social Matter, he hosted the well-spoken smooth Jazz-intro’d Weimerica podcast, he heads a family and probably does a ton of other things I’m not aware of. An impressive track record indeed!

The only blot on Landry’s internet career was his public accusation that Spandrell was toxic. This was silly. You can’t demand that a gloomy realist becomes a positivist. It’s like demanding that Trump talks like a Harvard man. It’s just not what they do. The day Spandrell’s blog becomes a motivational positivity blog will be the day World War 3 breaks loose.

But hey, Judean People Front, People’s Front of Judea… It’s all good. Landry is undoubtedly one of the good guys. A beautiful thing of the NRx-blogosphere is its breath-taking honesty in comparison with all other modern day writing – Landry was one of those honest bloggers, and a talented one at that.

Thanks for the blog and all the best in your future endeavors. (Which hopefully includes writing, ‘cause I’d probably read your book.)

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