Lukewarm war

In the wake of Charlottesville, the premeditated murder of Dailystormer and the takedown of historic statues have been the starting shot for the next phase of war: a lukewarm war. While your average normie still hopes for the best, the politically aware, either leftist or rightist, prepares for the worst. Both sides agree: democracy as a belief system is over. Perhaps we will have a couple of election cycles, but they will increasingly obviously be a farce.

Might makes right and might demands that the masses be shepherded; both sides intuitively understand this. Centrists are the mindless masses of meat, spoils to the victor of war. Naturally, a leftist despises the masses like he despises a child with Down syndrome, while a rightist likes the masses the way he likes other people’s children. Not that the masses care much either way. More entertainment and good times please!

Yes, you shall have more entertainment – after all, you work for your money and we live in prosperous times. You can have games, porn, tv, Netflix, drugs, soap operas, YouTube, the internet and so much more. Entertainment rains down upon us! But do not for a second imagine there is such a thing as free entertainment. The masses are by necessity shepherded and we know the left is the shepherd.

Freud said that man has as much a desire to create as to destroy. This is incorrect. Man has, on average, a greater desire to create than to destroy. Hence, civilisation. But a non-insignificant minority has an immense desire to destroy and right now, these people have a disproportionately immense impact.

In biology you have the concept of safety barriers. A safety barrier is ‘hidden power’ meant to cope with deviation from the mean. For example, your average heart pumps around 6 liters of blood every minute. This is sufficient for our average needs. But if the need arises, your heart has the ability to increase pumpage up to 25 liters of blood per minute. The difference between the average and the maximum load is a safety barrier. Because of the safety barrier you will not notice heart failure at first; if your heart is only able to pump 10 liters of blood a minute at maximum, you are perfectly fine as long as you do not exert yourself. It is only when the heart muscle is so weak that it can not even pump 6 liters of blood around that people start to panic.

Rightists like to increase safety barriers as much as possible. Power is strength. Hence, rightists’ love for fitness.

Leftists are the exact opposite — maintaining a safety barrier requires work and often it is needless work. It is the old complaint about buying a ticket for short rides on public transport: ‘why should I buy a ticket if a conductor does not check it anyway? It’s not like the public transport will go broke if I dodge fare. In fact I will use the money to buy healthy food which will make me a more productive member of society, so in fact they should thank me for not paying.’ (The leftist then goes on to buy a pack of cigarettes).

This principle of abusing safety barriers for personal gain is the same principle by which the left is leading the West. Immigrants? Welfare? Regulations? Taxes? More of everything! We have plenty! Abuse those safety nets like an alcoholic stepdad abuses his daughter! Burn motherfucker, burn.


So there is no such thing as a free meal, there is no such thing as free entertainment. While Brave New World accurately depicted man’s sedation by entertainment, it inaccurately depicted political stability behind the scenes. You sedate while you rob, otherwise you’d have no need for sedation in the first place.

The Netherlands is pretty sedated. But then, West Europe is sedated. Take Pewdiepie, whom rightists such as Sam Hyde and Murdoch Murdoch have reached out to.  Pewdiepie refuses the call. He is a natural rightist, sure, but why would he risk skin and hair when you have The Good Life? Pewds is happy to be a self-professed Swedecuck drawing the occasional edgy meme.

Americans are only slightly less sedated —, the rightist version of Twitter is very happy receiving 1 million dollars in investments, but this is still chump-change compared to, say, the 120 million dollars the Juicero received. Similarly it has become clear that Trump did not seek office to stop the coming dark age; all he wanted was to live out the American dream to the fullest. Truly a man of the 50’s.

Political upheaval  is violent, chaotic and unpredictable. Those in power want to avoid it, which is why even an extreme-left site like Indymedia might receive a slap on the wrist after they shout for the killing of one too many cop, burn one too many car, terrorise one too many train track. But Indymedia’s response to the government is pretty clear; ‘you have no moral right to rule here’, which is akin to Darth Vader telling emperor Palpatin to watch his step.

So this is where we’re at; leftists shouting IMPACT, rightists shouting FREEDOM, centrists genuinely asking why we all can’t be friends and a lukewarm war warming up.

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