The most liked tweet on twitter…

Is Obama quoting Nelson Mandela.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 14.43.55

That same Nelson Mandela singing about killing whites?

Yes, the very same.

I don’t know what the take-away lesson here is. Leftists want to see the world burn? Lies sell? History revision works?

Ah well. If evil wasn’t powerful, being good wouldn’t have been as interesting.

5 thoughts on “The most liked tweet on twitter…

  1. Framing all dissent as “hate” and going along with the globalist agenda as “love” is the first step in making other opinions illegal.

    Interesting blog. I wonder, is it to reach a wider audience or because of Dutch anti free speech laws you publish in English?

  2. I’d say human rights is the modern god. At least among white men. No one else believes in human rights. Especially blacks.

    1. To discover the official god you’d need to be privvy of the inner workings of the strongest leftist conspiracy, and their god may well be Moloch or some other demon. In practice progressivism is paganistic; gods include Equality, Human Rights, Diversity and Sustainability.

  3. Murderous thug turned political opportunist Mandela and race-baiting traitor kleptocrat Obama speaking hyperbolic drivel doesn’t make it true, and the truth is that human infants prefer and recognize kin relations using olfactory and auditory cues even before they begin evidencing visual-based preference…as is illustrated by a very basic internet search of the peer reviewed scholarly literature on this subject.

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