Is Robert Mueller Jewish?

No, Robert Mueller is white.

If I am to believe the alt-right coalition, Mueller is controlled by evil Jewish mindrays which makes him does these evil things. Getting rid of the Jews => getting rid of evil mindrays => returning Robert Mueller to sanity.

Except it is rather silly to believe Robert Mueller is controlled by mindrays. Mueller is doing what he is doing on his own terms. Without Jews, Mueller would simply seek out other Muellers and continue his nefarious schemes.

The problem is leftists, not Jews, even if Jews are predisposed to leftist shenanigans. Unfortunately it is harder to fight leftists than fighting Jews, but that is the way it is.

39 thoughts on “Is Robert Mueller Jewish?

  1. That makes no sense mate. Zionists control ALL U.S. Government. We clearly see this with the foreign agent: AIPAC. “Israel” the Occupied Jerusalem, gets $10 Million Dollars per day and over $10 Billion dollars per year, in which they are forgiven on that debt owed to U.S. Tax Payers and U.S. Gov, at the end of each year since 1967. This “Israel” is an illegal, illegitimate claim of territory, where the vast Majority of people living in this land before 1948, were the Palestinian people. ZERO Aid has gone to what is left of the Palestinian people, yet “Israel” gets Billions of dollars. The ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people makes “Israel” War Criminals and guilty of Crimes against Humanity. Yet the U.S. Government ‘protects’ them? I’m sorry, but theUnited States Citizens are people all ethnicities and many different Religions, including Palestinian-Americans. It is absolutely DISGUSTING that our Government would support this “Israel” and even more DISGUSTING that our government, who are SUPPOSE to REPRESENT the PEOPLE, are actively FINANANCING WAR CRIMINALS and PEOPLE who are committing Genocide. For this reason, I had to educate myself on History. I had to find out when Modern Zionism was invented, which was 1897 by Theodor Hurzl. I had discovered that Winston Churchill was a Zionist Sympathizer and cold blooded RACIST. ” I HATE INDIANS. THEY ARE A BEASTLY PEOPLE, WITH A BEASTLY RELIGION”. ~ Winston Churchill. I had also discovered that Russia was overthrown by Jews by 1917, where Jews murdered the Russian Czar and the Russian Government and Jews, not native Russian’s created: Communism. It is how the Soviet Union became the Soviet Union. I had discovered the the Bolshevik’s were Jews who mass murdered native Russians. I had discovered that the Holomodor(the forgotten Holocaust 1920-1951) or the Great Famine was a trifecta Genocide of the Ukrainian people by Zionist Jew Communist Russia. The total amout murdered by the Jewish Red Army of Ukrainian’s and Native Russians: soars over 100 Million murdered by Jews. This is absolutely DISGUSTING, yet the average American doesn’t even know what the Holomodor is, nor do the dead get international recognition for it. But the Jews get their’s! It’s always about the Zionists, because the believe themselves better than the rest of Humanity. They are believe that they are a God’s chosen people(delusion alert). There is no God, this is my belief and the Zionist are nothing more than an International Crime Syndicate of Wealthy Bankers, Corporations, U.S. Private Reserve, Wall Street, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Rothschilds, Morgans, and every millionaire and billionaire, Soros sits directly under the Vatican and this entire Crime Family are the Romans. Remember, the Romans stole the Judaic religion and perverted it. The Romans are the Zionists are the Neo-Knights Templers are the Free Masons and every European and U.S. Judge bares this ring or insignia to show their Allegiance to The Roman Catholic Zionists of Death, Destruction. The same Zionists who murdered JFK, because JKF was trying to investigate the Uranium Nuclear site in “Israel”. Well, his persistents got him assassinated. That and JFK was trying to enact bill 11110. Why hasn’t any enemy been found in the assassination of JFK? Because they pretended to blame it on one their Zionist agents. The Jewish Soviet Union and the Cold War was merely a theatrical diversion to overthrow the United States of American and replace it with Zionist Jew Russian spies. The Federal Reserve matter of Fact, isn’t even Federal. It is a private institution created in 1913 and snuck through vote of 2-0. Because the Zionist wauted until every member of Congress went home for yhe evening and only two stayed behind. The enitire PLAN to take Control of United States Currency, was planned in Secret on Jekyll Island. A prestigious Island off the coast of Georgia and owned by the: Rockefellers. The 3 plan was so secret, that the President didn’t even KNOW about it! So secret, that the men who showed up to the Island, came with fake Passports. But we have their names now and these Familys should have to forfeit all of their money and thrown into a Prison for the rest of their lives! It is crime that occured within our government ! It’s treason punishable by immediate execution without trial. So no mate, you’ve got it all wrong. Why hasn’t MUELLER further investigated the JFK assassination? Why hasn’t MUELLER further investigated the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.? Why hasn’t MUELLER investigate the Zionist controlled private reserve ever? I will tell you why…. He’s a Zionist Sympathizer and a Zionist puppet! You want change for the USA? Begin by PROSECUTING CORRUPT POLITICIAN, JUDGE, LAWYER, PROFESSOR, BANK, FIRM, CORPORATION, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE, THE PHONY PRIVATE RESERVE AND STOP! FXCKING LYING TO AMERICANS. EXPOSE THE ENEMY FOR WHO ARE, LIKE AIPAC AND OTHER ZIONIST ORGANIZATIONS, BECAUSE THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT HAS A MAJOR FXCKING CORRUPTION RING RIGHT TO THE CENTER OF IT’S CORE AND MUST STOP THIS ZIONIST INVASION, OR ELSE WE WON’T HAVE A COUNTRY NOR A CONSTITUTION NOR ANCESTOR WHO DIED CREATING THIS NATION! WE MUST STOP THEM AND WE MUST STOP THEM SOON. I SAY TO MUELLER, IF YOU’RE NOT AN AGENT OF ZIONISM, THEN I PLEAD WITH YOU, TO EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE HISTORY THAT YOU’VE NEVER KNOWN. PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER AND FOLLOW THE PATTERNS. ONLY THEN, WILL YOU SEE THE ENTIRE BALLPARK. PEACE BE WITH THE MORAL PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD AND MAY THE WICKED SUFFER.

    1. You hate the Jews (yes, they are God’s Chosen People) and you don’t believe in God. I hope you wear fireproof underwear because you’ll be going to hell unless you do a dramatic 180!

      1. It’s a religion. Religion is not defined by looking at the people who practice it. You have to actually read what Judaism is all about, not the just look at the parking lot at a synagogue. Are you really going to tell me that Judaism is a genetic trait?

        1. Jews are famously clannish, were famously exiled as groups, are famously studied for genetic traits (e.g. Ashkenazi and IQ).

          It is not in the slightest strange to assert that Judaism is a genetic trait. It is strange to deny it.

          1. If that were true, you’d have to say that Chinese is a genetic trait as well as Hawaiian, Japanese, New Zealander, and pretty much any tribe or country in Africa that rarely ends up meeting someone from another tribe or country. Moreover, Christianity and Islam would be genetic, as well, so long as most Christians reproduce with other Christians. Hey, if baseball players only reproduce with other baseball players, then I guess an MLB team can draft the child while it’s still in the womb because he or she is destined for baseball greatness, right? C’mon.

            FYI – I’m Jewish. My sister is Jewish. My mom’s mom is Jewish. None of us married Jewish people.

            When people moved around less, as was the case throughout most of history, those who were often persecuted stuck together. They couldn’t stick with anyone else. Jews didn’t have a home and weren’t even granted civil rights for many decades in most places. We were ostracized everywhere, and you call us clannish? As if we us a choice?!

            Now that we have a choice to mix with other cultures, we do.

            I’m interested to hear what other knowledge you have. Since you’re obviously a geneticist, could you tell me? Do you believe a certain race in America drew the “genetic short straw?” Gee, I wonder what would you say? Could it be that you’re an anti-Semite, or do you believe everyone is inferior to you?

          2. > If that were true, you’d have to say that Chinese is a genetic trait as well as Hawaiian, Japanese, New Zealander, and pretty much any tribe or country in Africa that rarely ends up meeting someone from another tribe or country.

            Of course they are. Compare an Australian aboriginal with a Japanese. The genetic variety stares you right in the eyes.

            > We were ostracized everywhere, and you call us clannish? As if we us a choice?!

            I don’t condemn clannishness.

            > Now that we have a choice to mix with other cultures, we do.

            Maybe you do, but I don’t think you speak for all Jews.

            > I’m interested to hear what other knowledge you have. Since you’re obviously a geneticist, could you tell me?

            Horrible when people on the internet have different opinions huh.

          3. > You are stating that Judaism has a genetic component. It’s a religion, not a genome. So, all I can say is that you’re not correct. Your link between Ashkenazis and IQ, though unexplained, furthermore assumes that intelligence could, given the right amount of science, be determined in the womb via certain testing. Again, that’s the “genetic short straw” theory, which has been thoroughly debunked and only exists now where bigots live.

            >Of course you don’t condemn “clannishness,” though I think you’d spell clan a little differently, ya?

            >Nobody can speak for all of any group or really anyone but themselves, but you’re suffering from availability bias, which has as its biggest bulletpoint the reality that well-known information is usually that which is highly reported and of great interest and from sources that are much larger such as governments. In other words, you know about the extreme cases, the dramatic cases, and likely the orthodox Jews but not conservative or reform Jews, which make up a VERY large group of us. You’re using inductive reasoning, rather than deductive reasoning, and inductive reasoning has also been proven to be logically false. It looks at individual cases rather than a representative sample.

            > Your opinion that there is a genetic short straw or that Jews have higher or lower IQ’s because of their genes or that humans can be charted based on their race or religion or country of origin, with the y-axis being positives and negatives of that gene pool, is not subjective but exists in the realm of information, which is to say it is either right or wrong. It is not a feeling or even an interpretation or conclusion. Your statement is based on information, which therefore puts it squarely in the realm of study rather than belief. Therefore, it is not an opinion. The FACTS have been debated and, again, so incredibly proven that there is no genetic difference among these groups that the only people who talk about it are groups who feel it’s unfair that they have the share the earth with these “lesser” people. Whether you’re one of those people or not, you’re expressing a falsehood, not an opinion. While opinions themselves cannot be right or wrong, there is a factually correct definition of the word “opinion,” and implicit in your statement is a definition of the word which is not factual. In other words, it’s a falsehood, not an opinion, There is a difference.

          4. Yes you can generalize about large groups. Easy peasy. Course you want your generalizations to be accurate enough, but my generalizations are accurate enough.

            Yes, IQ, like length,can theoretically be tested in the womb, although the final result is of course dependent upon good nutrition and stimulating environment in order to accommodate neurological development.

            The relation between Ashkenazi and IQ has been well studied and is in fact a favorite topic to throw in the faces of nature denialists because it is a) true and b) flattering towards jews (well, the Ashkenazi ones). Naturally there are other genetic components that are less flattering towards Jews: most famously their high neuroticism.

            It is not a matter of making people feel inferior or superior. It is a matter of accurately describing what is in front of your eyes.

          5. Honestly…you’re a bigot. We’re done here. “Nature denialists?” Wow. Go ahead. Just say it. Tell me the all the “naturally” inferior things about Jews. And please, don’t be shy. Please talk about African-Americans, as well. The people need to know that you’re an equal-opportunity bigot. So done here.

          1. Pretty sure that at a bar mitzvah, you identify as Jewish. And if you don’t attend any bar mitzvahs, pretty sure your grandchildren will not identify as Jewish.

          2. I don’t “identify” unless someone rudely asks me, but yes, I’m Jewish. Eventually, it comes up, and I tell them. I have another bar mitzvah in a few weeks, I have had 2 myself.

            I would teach you about Jewish life is you’d like.

          3. You are concern trolling. Ostensibly, you are saying: I will show you Jewish life. But really, you are saying: since I am Jewish and you are not, you cannot hold an opinion on the Jews that runs counter to mine.

          4. I would suggest you don’t hold any opinion on “the Jews” but rather treat everyone like humans. I know you think Jewish people are, by definition, horrible, but we’ll be here, doing our thing, doing what we do, whether you like it or not, and unless we’re hurting you, we’ll continue to do what we do.

            You’ve divided yourself away from Jews. So now humanity isn’t one group. Additionally, you’ve divided combatively. Therefore, it seems, given your desire to see Jews fail and even die, you’ve created a situation in which we have two options: defend ourselves or die. I wish you hadn’t done that. Humans have been fighting for far too long. But as long as there are people trying to hurt me, I must continue to prevent that.

            I’m sorry to hear that you want to fight. I hope you someday have an interest in unity and that, until then, we can peacefully coexist without clash. It’s a global world, but fortunately, my assets, my potential, my personal space, and my mind are protected from you. If that should ever change and you were to be able to cause damage in my life, then defense, of course, is only natural. I would hope, in person, you wouldn’t act this way toward me or anyone else.

            If it’s not appropriate offline, it’s not appropriate online.

          5. You are projecting. I do not hate Jews, I have very little against Jews. You however, hate your own people, as exemplified by your outrage that Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem, as exemplified by Obama’s policy to have Israel conquered by the Palestines.

            I support Netanyahu, thus I support Israel. You would like to see Netanyahu indicted as you would like to see Trump indicted, because you hate Israel and shrink away from it as Merkel shrank away from the German flag.

          6. You look at things from the standpoint of division and conquest. My foundation is unity. So, whatever I can do to unite the world, that’s all I permit myself to do. I don’t hate anyone. I don’t appreciate moves that harm people, and moving the embassy to Jerusalem is a step toward conquest, not coexistence.

          7. Well of course, it is conquer or be conquered. Which is what you implicitly admit to believe when you say that you will defend yourself if I’d attack you. And right you are.

            What do you imagine will happen if Trump is indicted? I presume some socialist utopia. Truth is, the left is already eating each other. The old and young democrats hate each other. And of course, Epstein’s murder. Their creed of ‘unity’ plays out suspiciously much like ‘parasitism’, and now they have started eating each other as well.

            I am also in favor of unity. We shall conquer the stars together. But for unity to work, need to
            move the embassy to Jerusalem.

          8. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to spend the time correcting you. I don’t think it’ll help. Most of what you said is completely false. But I don’t think you’ll learn. So I’m gonna go have some dinner, and I hope you have a great night, or day, or morning, wherever you are.

          9. How’re things playing out for you. Trump is nearly gone. Do you still think I’m not a patriot?

            You think it’s conquer or be conquered because someone hurt you and you no longer believe peace can happen. Truth is, you’re a broken little kid.

          10. It’s just idiotic. You get so enraged by political correctness, but your own politicians tell you to not take things so seriously. Why are you so devoutly against PC when you’re not supposed to be that serious?

          11. You take being anti-PC incredibly seriously. If you don’t like the way we do something, I guess take your own advice and stop giving such a shit about it.

            Besides, aren’t y’all too busy sentencing the Kurds to death? That’s very serious. You can take killing allies seriously. We’ll take peace seriously.

            The truth is you don’t want anyone to give a shit about anything so that they won’t have the passion to sacrifice in the name of stopping you.

            Anyway, I don’t respond to your comments with any investment. I’m simply having fun at your expense, which is something y’all taught me, you specifically, too. The only option we have for communication is to be on opposite sides because you think you can win that way. Fact is you can’t. We don’t wish for conflict, but that’s not because we know we’ll lose.

  2. this website spouts the ideas of a mentally addled teenager at best.
    Kill yourself or shut the fuck up little bitch child.
    Ban me like the bitch u are but beg for me to fuck u when u meet me, u humans are so predictable

    [I’ll leave this as an example of the type of comment that will get people banned. -A.]

  3. The “it’s Leftists, not Jews” canard should tell you it is exactly the Jews who are the problem. Where do you think Leftism, Marxism, Communism came from?? I’ll tell you it came from these vermin known as Jews. If you under stand the Jews supremist theology, which permeates the activities of non religious Jews as well, then you know that Communism is the system Jews want to use to rule the goyim (all non Jews) which translates to cattle or beasts. The Jews horrible behavior is due to this supremist mind set the terrible deity Yahweh that THEY CREATED IN THEIR OWN IMAGE gave them in that drivel called the Torah and their filthy Talmud. Jews further infect the Western world through their other bastard child Free Masonry which is a tool to get goyim to work on the Jews goal of one world government under (((their))) rule. Hitler was right about these rat faced oven dodgers and it is to bad he didn’t do what (((they))) accuse him of doing

    1. Leftism is as old as humanity, not tied exclusively to the Jews. While Marxism and communism are distinctly Jewish inventions, Western leftism, progressivism, is a white leftist invention. Not the Jews, even if the Jews make it worse.

      By attibuting more power to the Jews than they actually have, you make them stronger than they are. Put them in their rightful place.

  4. Jews are God’s chosen people. Be very careful what you say about these amazing people and there country Israel. God blesses though who bless Israel and curses those who curse Israel.

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