Put the left back in its natural place

An old NRx meme says that Gnon, God of nature, is always to the right. This translates pretty well to a Dutch saying: truth last longest. Yet we live in an age of lies. Something does not add up.

A superorganism¹ has its strong and its weak. The left is the natural politics of the weak: it is the politics of envy, hatred, covetousness, lying. It is not something for which you can blame the weak, for while the strong take what they will and the weak endure what they must, that does not mean the weak are obliged to enjoy enduring what they must. If you are poor you want to be rich. All life seeks power and the weak seeking power keeps the strong on their feet. It is one of life’s natural equilibria.

Per Jim, a superorganism also has a warrior class and a priest class. By warriors I mean soldiers, the police. By priests I mean priests, professors, judges, and newsmen. In the West politicians used to be warriors, are overwhelmingly priests now. Our priests have gone mad with power.

Warriors fight for the territory, guard the borders. Priests traditionally provide the asabiyyah for people to understand their place within those borders. Used to be so that priests provided solace to the weak: ‘yes, you may be weak, but that does not mean God does not have a special plan for you, does not mean your life is without meaning.’ But greed and arrogance made it so that priests started telling the weak: ‘you are not weak, you are just as strong as anyone else. Fuck the strong!’ Thus priests manufactured the age of lies, harnessing the politics of the weak to overthrow the strong. Thus came democracy, emancipation and immigration, and the strong indeed were fucked. And thus today we all endure the tyranny of the weak.

While the weak love being told how strong they are, they have in fact always pulled on the shortest string. The strong stay the strong — it was merely strong priests using the weak to overthrow the old order and place themselves on the throne.

Thus at the top we do not have people who actually care about the weak, we have psychopathic priests who milk the weak to further their own greedy ends. If anyone strong dares challenge their rule, these psychopaths do not skip a beat in denouncing the challenger. Indeed they despise any mortal who challenges them, for in the age in which God is dead they have crowned themselves Gods. And they will continue to do so until the day they are driven back to their natural place.

Giovanni wrote about striking a deal with alt-leftists in order to overthrow the psychopathic establishment. I am not against considering such deals. But if we are to make marriage legal again, if we are to hold of the coming dark age, to restore the scientific and industrial revolution, if our descendants are to conquer the world, the solar system, the galaxy…. Well, then we have to put the left back in their natural place. As always throughout history, we will have to carry them, kicking and screaming, and in the end they might thank us.


¹ Yes for now I am sticking with that term. I like it.

6 thoughts on “Put the left back in its natural place

  1. Not sure what you mean by restoring the industrial or scientific revolution. Surely we’ve never left it. The traditional western tragic view of life, whether pagan or christian, has almost completely vanished, it seems to me.

    1. That meme in its entirety is lifted from Jim 😉

      My take is that it refers to the hijacking of science by the left, e.g. if your engineering company hasn’t hired 30% Somalian handicapped women your company is worse than Hitler. Can’t perform science under those circumstances.

      1. Thanks. Seems odd how the left hijacked science too. If science couldn’t fight back it seems kinda weak to me. No balls.

        1. Technological advances made it seem like science is a magical thing, but I think science is in fact quite fragile. Man propels science forward and if man is not allowed to do so, science crumbles.

          1. I remember quite well when science was touted as a universal system, like Christianity, that breaks down barriers. Science would destroy the old divisions, there’d be no more wars, and we’d all live in a kind of Jetson’s utopia. It’s really magical thinking.

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