The Jewish Question

It is common knowledge that all things hip cross the Atlantic from America to Europe, for in the same breath that Europeans hate on American McGloboWorld they bite down on a Big Mac.

Well, there is a new trend blowing across the ocean. It is not a hip trend as in Jake Paul hip, it is more hip as in EDGY AF FAM.¹ What is this new trend?

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 14.24.21

Why, it is anti-semitism! Yes, the same kind the nazis were into, the same kind babyboomers believe to be the epitome of evil. That anti-semitism. But that was stupid! Why would it be back?

Well, as Nick Krauser once bluntly put it, ‘most genocides in history were merely overreactions against a people who had it coming. That includes the Jews.’ Long story short, Jews are not just a religious tribe, they are also a genetic tribe. And it turns out their genetics predispose them to verbal trickery, phariseeism² and manipulation. Or, in layman’s terms: screw over whitey. Take a closer look at all industries with a bad reputation, you may bet your ass Jews are involved. Porn, banking sector, the media, Hollywood? The Jew never fails to make an appearance.

Perhaps an easy way to understand the nature of Jewish sneakiness is by looking at a few scenes from #1 Jew-beloved director, Mel ‘Kaminsky’ Brooks.

The genius of Brooks’ is two-fold: one, he ridicules white civilisation. Two, he gets whites to watch his movies and think it is funny. I’m sure plenty of babyboomers saw the ‘where the white women at’ scene and laughed out loud thinking how stupid racists are for believing blacks want to rape white women. But as it turns out, a large minority of blacks do want to rape white women. The movie viewer is thus tricked in a style that is typical of Jews.

And whitey is re-learning this. Anti-semitism comes surprisingly natural to us — even with near-uniform propaganda efforts it took only 70 years post-holocaust for the taboo to be broken once again. ‘Gierige Jood’ (Greedy Jew) is a perfectly accepted Dutch expression.


So now we understand the origin of this new trend: anti-semitism is simply the rational response of white men looking for a reason to explain the downfall of Western civilisation.

It is the position of this blog that Jews have done a lot of nasty stuff and are still doing a lot of nasty stuff, but that the Jews are not the cause of the downfall. Whitey himself has started the downfall of the West over 200 years ago; the Jews ‘only’ exacerbated the situation. Whites are wolves to one another and nazis pronouncing the sacred holiness of Ze White Race keep glossing over this fact. We whites are at one another’s throat and online roleplaying that we are not is no where near a final solution. The Jew has to be named but should not solely be blamed.

The problem of course is that, as Spandrell once pointed out to me, most contrarians prefer blaming the J00. People want easy answers and blaming the Jew is an easy answer. So I am not sure how that will play out. Fighting anti-semitism holiness spirals is an uphill battle. I laud Jim for his patience in explaining the nuance time after time. Not sure if I have this patience. I will however offer some final notes in Jim’s defence.

Plan Jim advocates for the re-institution of a grand inquisitor. In fact Jim openly solicits for this position. If Jim is secretly a Jew, we would expect the Jews to like his plans, right? Well, let us see what the Jews think of a grand inquisitor…

Seems to me like Jews hate hate hate plan Jim.



¹ short for ‘edgy as fuck family’ which used to be hip internet slang until every 14-year old started to use it on youtube, now it is only cool if used ironically.

² Religious hypocrisy, which is to say that Jews, in large part descendants from priests, are very good at being holier than thou.

8 thoughts on “The Jewish Question

  1. It’s pretty amazing really how baby boomers still view themselves as anti-establishment, sniggering at the squares. The soixant huitards smoked pot, identified with blacks, developed many vices that allow them to claim victimhood and then want a free lunch, etc. They are the eternal adolescent counter culture. I don’t think they had any vision of where they were going.

    Personally, I don’t mind at all people wanting to live the bohemian life style. But the baby boomers have gone into debt and can’t retire. At least that’s the way it’s shaping up in the USA.

    On the other hand, the new right or what have you are culturally backward. They write brilliant incisive essays but are passive cultural consumers. Say what you will about liberalism but it has mastered the arts of seduction and persuasion. It effortlessly exploits mass media, manipulating symbols, gestures and tunes, shaping the way billions of people percieve the world. If art is part content and part form it’s quite possible that form is more important than content. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

    1. Babyboomers are experts at vapid babble. I’ve come to distrust their opinion on everything. In the Netherlands the majority of babyboomers will receive their pension, but the long-term trend is similar to the US.

      Give the new right more time to learn how to say stuff. They are new after all. They have momentum. Exciting times.

      1. Perhaps, we’ll see. But they’re gonna have to change their attitudes towards artsy-fartsy types bigley.

  2. As a self-hating Jew who lives among Jews in Israel, I found this Heartiste post pretty compelling, providing food for further reflection:

    Basically, if my own observations and those of others are sound, then reality is that our “fight or flight”, survival instincts are wired differently than those of whites; our brains’ reward-centers function in a manner not common among whites. We are abnormal. That explains our hypersexuality or hyposexuality, cowardice/anxiety, anger management issues, OCD traits, and an infinity of psychological oddities. We are dysfunctional mutants, and our high verbal IQ cannot redeem us.

    Personally, I am a very atypical Jew in some respects, and a very typical Jew in others. While I like white people and they seem to reciprocate the sentiment, I understand why we Jews, as a collective, are incompatible with you and why we are universally despised. I am sorry for all that my co-ethnics have done to your society. We have no excuse: we are simply born assholes and we can’t help it; it’s in the nature of the scorpion to sting the frog. Take it from the horse’s mouth. And we will not stop corrupting your civilization until you get rid of us, as we rightly deserve.

    Tbh, I just want to get this over with. What has to be done, shall be done. Have no pity.

  3. Notice the Jews are big on telling us that, it’s our own fault, we should do this or that better or some other task that Whites should preform like monkeys to reform ourselves.

    Let’s have as an example of an equivalent problem, A dog has fleas. If a dog has fleas he doesn’t need to learn to fetch better or roll over or stop barking so much or whatever. He needs to get rid of the fleas. All this other stuff he can learn later.

    All of these task, or improvements, we’re supposed to do. Any of them could be done “after” we get rid of the Jews. I suggest that if we do zero improvement. That if we are dirty, rotten, pieces of shit that wear awkward looking clothes and wear funny hats we will still be better off if we get rid of the Jews. I don’t think there’s any living with these people. Their long term mental state is to destroy everything everywhere they go. We have several thousands of years worth of data to go by. The only surefire 100% way to get these people to leave you alone is get rid of them. Deport them. Have no intercourse with them at all and make sure they have no say so in your lives in any measure.

    Many, many societies have lived perfectly joyful, happy and productive lives with no Jews at all. (I know hard to believe). Many societies after throwing the Jews out have had great increases in the overall welfare of their citizens. Let’s forgot all the self improvement stuff and concentrate on getting rid of the Jews first then we’ll have all the time in the World to improve ourselves to no end.

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