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Finetuning NRx


A bit overdue perhaps, but my apologies to Nick Land. I once wrote that I probably would not get along well with him based on his tendency to load up every sentence on his blog with 5-syllable words unknown to me. In retrospect this was a typical case of jumping to internet conclusions. Nick Land does not use fancy words to sound smarter than he is, he uses fancy words to sound exactly as smart as he is.

The reason I bring this up is that I have been thinking about the patchwork plan, a.k.a. Moldbug’s suggestion to split the US into feudalistic city states run by a CEO-emperor.

To recap. Any superorganism is run by a warrior class and a priest class. The warriors ensure everything works, the priests ensure everyone agrees that everything should work. The misery of modernity is that neither class does what they are supposed to do: our priests preach that everything that works is evil and our warriors are either selling out or jacking off to anime porn while being replaced by women and trannies. Not even mentioning slow replacement by immigrants with a fertility rate well above 1.4.

So there’s 2 parts to the equation.

Moldbug’s patchwork plan addresses the warrior-part: install an emperor, give him secure power, run the country like a company with city states, get everything to work again. Simple plan. Of course the usual political philosopher’s disclaimers apply; we do not expect an emperor to rule his empire in exactly the way Moldbug intended. But the spirit of the plan is clear, and it is a good plan. We had city states & feudalism in Europe before and they worked just fine. So, end democracy. For America: install emperor Trump, could be Donald, could be Barron. For Europe: dismantle the European Union until an emperor reconquers Europe by force. For the Netherlands: install Thierry Baudet as Stadtholder. All Problems solved.

This leaves priest-part of the equation. How do we convince people that it is just that everything works?

The crux of our current conundrum is that the right wants to be left in peace and expects everyone else to play fair while the left wants to win no matter the cost. Over the past 200 years, massive jumps in technology have been great assets in helping the left to assert power: used to be so that 1 voice could reach at best a village, now it can reach an entire world. Leftist priests thus hijacked religion to great succes.

So to counter this we need to reconquer religion. Or as Spandrell is fond of saying, start a new religion. I think this is not as hard as it looks.

The nature of religion has changed slightly, for the upper percentile of human consciousness has evolved beyond supernatural thinking. The masses still require supernatural beliefs and in fact so does the upper echelon, but the bell curve as a whole has shifted away from preferring religion as the sole explanation for reality. Mankind has become critical. The Dutch are overwhelmingly atheist because many aspects of Jesus’ life are obviously made up. He never cured blindness, he never walked over water, he never actually came back from the dead. People were willing to believe this 1000 years ago, but today our brains no longer accept this story as truth. And those who do believe obvious falsehoods such as the Mormons are rightfully ridiculed for it.

Yet we still crave to be part of something bigger than ourselves and are willing to believe lies for it. Quite obviously we believe a lot of lies told to us by the leftist church: we believe that women are the same as men, that blacks are the same as whites, that a gay marriage is the same as a heterosexual marriage. In this sense we are only slightly less religious than our ancestors.

Our religious instincts can be explained in biological, evolutionary terms: there is safety in shared myths. We just don’t want our myths to be silly.

So Nietzsche was almost right: it is not God who is dead but our connection with God that is dead. We are lonely in a cold and dark universe. This allows us to understand how Nietzsche’s plan to ascend our need for religion was flawed; we are no supermen, we’re just men. Sometimes we do great stuff, other times we get high and masturbate. Never do we transcend the need for religion.

So it seems we are back to square one of inventing a new religion. But I don’t think we are. The thing about religion is, it comes very natural to us. We are built for it. Consider: the Old Testament counts about 640.000 words, the New Testament about 140.000. I don’t know about the OT, but the NT gave us about 1700 years of quality religion. That’s only 82 words a year!

So we don’t need that many words to point us in the right direction. All we need is some scripture that explains our current predicament, separates good from evil, and tells us in modern language why it is just when everything works. Jim’s blog has that scripture. Thus, the solution for our new religion is staring right at us: Christians should reconquer their churches from the demons that inhabit it and every Sunday morning have their priests tell the congregation a story from the Blog of Jim.

“Welcome everybody. Today I will read an excerpt from the Blog of Jim, August 8th, 2017. ‘Field Report on a Trans.’ I was with a girl in a bar…” 

This should solve the priest-part of the equation and prevent further holiness spiralling for a few centuries or so. It should also appeal to those Alt-Rightists weary of (((Moldbug))), for Moldbug’s plan only relates to the warrior-equation, not the priest-equation.

Female id speaking through the radio

So today I turn on the radio. First song:

“I might hate myself tomorrow
but I’m on my way tonight
at the bottom of the bottle
you’re the poison in the wine”

Ah ok a song about a girl who can’t help herself banging a badboy. How depressing. I switch radio station. Another song comes on:

1. Don’t pick up the phone, you know he’s only calling cos he’s drunk and alone
2. Don’t let him in, you have to kick him out again
3. Don’t be his friend, you know you’re gonna wake up in his bed in the morning
And if you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him”

Yeah I’ll put 100 bucks saying she is going to break her rules. I give the radio one more shot:

“After three, after four times
Why did I bother?
Tell me how many more times
Does it take to get smarter?”

The answer to that question is: probably well into your thirties. I turn off the radio. [1]

Really you could spend a book analysing the female id through modern music, but the baseline is rather obvious: emancipation has turned women into sluts and even though they hate themselves for banging a never-ending line of badboys they just can’t help themselves. Women need a strong male hand and in the absence of such a hand search for an even stronger, more abusive hand.

From an evolutionary perspective, current female behaviour is a logical response the breakdown of Western civilisation: if the civilisation-cart is falling apart, women have no incentive to bang the losers pulling said cart. Better to jump ship and bang outlaws, because outlaw-kids have a better chance of surviving in a collapsing society.

So in this sense women are ahead of the curve. Civilisation is defecting on them, so they are defecting on civilisation harder. Thus correcting female behaviour on a societal level is a coup-compete problem: need to reinstate patriarchy.

A problem is of course that female misbehavior further accelerates the downfall. Reuse sticky tape too often and it loses its stickiness. A woman who has passed the point of 20 dicks, 5 tattoos, 2 STDs and 1 abortion is a woman ready for a lifetime subscription of anti-depressants. High anxiety, low joy of life. And Western civ is breeding multiple generations of these women. #Sad.


[1] Ok actually I already turned off the radio after the 2nd song, but the 3rd song fits the theme well no?

Is Robert Mueller Jewish?

No, Robert Mueller is white.

If I am to believe the alt-right coalition, Mueller is controlled by evil Jewish mindrays which makes him does these evil things. Getting rid of the Jews => getting rid of evil mindrays => returning Robert Mueller to sanity.

Except it is rather silly to believe Robert Mueller is controlled by mindrays. Mueller is doing what he is doing on his own terms. Without Jews, Mueller would simply seek out other Muellers and continue his nefarious schemes.

The problem is leftists, not Jews, even if Jews are predisposed to leftist shenanigans. Unfortunately it is harder to fight leftists than fighting Jews, but that is the way it is.

Put the left back in its natural place

An old NRx meme says that Gnon, God of nature, is always to the right. This translates pretty well to a Dutch saying: truth last longest. Yet we live in an age of lies. Something does not add up.

A superorganism¹ has its strong and its weak. The left is the natural politics of the weak: it is the politics of envy, hatred, covetousness, lying. It is not something for which you can blame the weak, for while the strong take what they will and the weak endure what they must, that does not mean the weak are obliged to enjoy enduring what they must. If you are poor you want to be rich. All life seeks power and the weak seeking power keeps the strong on their feet. It is one of life’s natural equilibria.

Per Jim, a superorganism also has a warrior class and a priest class. By warriors I mean soldiers, the police. By priests I mean priests, professors, judges, and newsmen. In the West politicians used to be warriors, are overwhelmingly priests now. Our priests have gone mad with power.

Warriors fight for the territory, guard the borders. Priests traditionally provide the asabiyyah for people to understand their place within those borders. Used to be so that priests provided solace to the weak: ‘yes, you may be weak, but that does not mean God does not have a special plan for you, does not mean your life is without meaning.’ But greed and arrogance made it so that priests started telling the weak: ‘you are not weak, you are just as strong as anyone else. Fuck the strong!’ Thus priests manufactured the age of lies, harnessing the politics of the weak to overthrow the strong. Thus came democracy, emancipation and immigration, and the strong indeed were fucked. And thus today we all endure the tyranny of the weak.

While the weak love being told how strong they are, they have in fact always pulled on the shortest string. The strong stay the strong — it was merely strong priests using the weak to overthrow the old order and place themselves on the throne.

Thus at the top we do not have people who actually care about the weak, we have psychopathic priests who milk the weak to further their own greedy ends. If anyone strong dares challenge their rule, these psychopaths do not skip a beat in denouncing the challenger. Indeed they despise any mortal who challenges them, for in the age in which God is dead they have crowned themselves Gods. And they will continue to do so until the day they are driven back to their natural place.

Giovanni wrote about striking a deal with alt-leftists in order to overthrow the psychopathic establishment. I am not against considering such deals. But if we are to make marriage legal again, if we are to hold of the coming dark age, to restore the scientific and industrial revolution, if our descendants are to conquer the world, the solar system, the galaxy…. Well, then we have to put the left back in their natural place. As always throughout history, we will have to carry them, kicking and screaming, and in the end they might thank us.


¹ Yes for now I am sticking with that term. I like it.

The Jewish Question

It is common knowledge that all things hip cross the Atlantic from America to Europe, for in the same breath that Europeans hate on American McGloboWorld they bite down on a Big Mac.

Well, there is a new trend blowing across the ocean. It is not a hip trend as in Jake Paul hip, it is more hip as in EDGY AF FAM.¹ What is this new trend?

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 14.24.21

Why, it is anti-semitism! Yes, the same kind the nazis were into, the same kind babyboomers believe to be the epitome of evil. That anti-semitism. But that was stupid! Why would it be back?

Well, as Nick Krauser once bluntly put it, ‘most genocides in history were merely overreactions against a people who had it coming. That includes the Jews.’ Long story short, Jews are not just a religious tribe, they are also a genetic tribe. And it turns out their genetics predispose them to verbal trickery, phariseeism² and manipulation. Or, in layman’s terms: screw over whitey. Take a closer look at all industries with a bad reputation, you may bet your ass Jews are involved. Porn, banking sector, the media, Hollywood? The Jew never fails to make an appearance.

Perhaps an easy way to understand the nature of Jewish sneakiness is by looking at a few scenes from #1 Jew-beloved director, Mel ‘Kaminsky’ Brooks.

The genius of Brooks’ is two-fold: one, he ridicules white civilisation. Two, he gets whites to watch his movies and think it is funny. I’m sure plenty of babyboomers saw the ‘where the white women at’ scene and laughed out loud thinking how stupid racists are for believing blacks want to rape white women. But as it turns out, a large minority of blacks do want to rape white women. The movie viewer is thus tricked in a style that is typical of Jews.

And whitey is re-learning this. Anti-semitism comes surprisingly natural to us — even with near-uniform propaganda efforts it took only 70 years post-holocaust for the taboo to be broken once again. ‘Gierige Jood’ (Greedy Jew) is a perfectly accepted Dutch expression.


So now we understand the origin of this new trend: anti-semitism is simply the rational response of white men looking for a reason to explain the downfall of Western civilisation.

It is the position of this blog that Jews have done a lot of nasty stuff and are still doing a lot of nasty stuff, but that the Jews are not the cause of the downfall. Whitey himself has started the downfall of the West over 200 years ago; the Jews ‘only’ exacerbated the situation. Whites are wolves to one another and nazis pronouncing the sacred holiness of Ze White Race keep glossing over this fact. We whites are at one another’s throat and online roleplaying that we are not is no where near a final solution. The Jew has to be named but should not solely be blamed.

The problem of course is that, as Spandrell once pointed out to me, most contrarians prefer blaming the J00. People want easy answers and blaming the Jew is an easy answer. So I am not sure how that will play out. Fighting anti-semitism holiness spirals is an uphill battle. I laud Jim for his patience in explaining the nuance time after time. Not sure if I have this patience. I will however offer some final notes in Jim’s defence.

Plan Jim advocates for the re-institution of a grand inquisitor. In fact Jim openly solicits for this position. If Jim is secretly a Jew, we would expect the Jews to like his plans, right? Well, let us see what the Jews think of a grand inquisitor…

Seems to me like Jews hate hate hate plan Jim.



¹ short for ‘edgy as fuck family’ which used to be hip internet slang until every 14-year old started to use it on youtube, now it is only cool if used ironically.

² Religious hypocrisy, which is to say that Jews, in large part descendants from priests, are very good at being holier than thou.