The 4 factions of the right

1. Normie-Right

The normie-right is the biggest group.  Think your average non-leftist heterosexual male; he just wants some money, friends, entertainment, a girl. He does not want headache induced by heated political debates.

Because they are the biggest group they exert the biggest control over their superorganism. Yet they are the moderates, so they are most easily influenced. Per Moldbug: “if you were a moderate in Vienna in 1907, you thought Franz Josef I was the greatest thing since sliced bread.” And indeed the normie-right has been greatly influenced by progressive leftists in the past 200 years, been influenced so much that  cuck has become a great and visceral insult. 

The pendulum is now swinging in the other direction; the normie-right is being influenced by the dissident right (faction 2 3 4). For instance, on paper the normie-right has no reason to hate immigrants or browns; Human BioDiversity is an entirely dissident right science. Trump’s wall is ideologically defended by the dissident right, not by the normie-right whom mostly just enjoy the juicy drama surrounding the wall.


2. Alt-Lite

Within the dissident right the alt-lite is the biggest faction. They see problems with globalism, with the EU, with Islam and with immigrants. They are eager to pick up the 100 dollar bills the left has littered the pavement with. But they do not want to rock the boat too heavily. Civic nationalism for the win. They do not like to talk too much about blacks, Jews and women. They are as edgy as edgy gets before people become too uncomfortable.


3. Alt-Right

The Alt-Right are proud white men, angry men, pissed at how the breakdown of Western society has left them with slutty women and low status. They enjoy rocking the boat. They openly discuss race, the JQ and the degeneracy of modern women. Gas the Jews, white ethnostate now, that sort of thing. Mostly they are anonymous, but rest assured: they are among us and they are more numerous than you’d think.


4. Dark Enlightenment

The smallest part of the dissident right, where ideas are not discussed on base of popularity but on their intrinsic truth. Here it does not matter how many clicks you receive, what matters is how truthful your observations are. This is just as messy as you might expect; man comes closer to truth mainly by bashing egos with other men and even then it is a questionable process. But it is undeniable that the Dark Enlightenment comes up with the dankest political philosophy memes.

It is the position of this blog that James A. Donald aka Jim has the best plan among the Dark Enlightenment thinkers. Jim’s plan is slightly similar to the Alt-Right, except more nuanced on Jews, more strict on women. If the Right is to save the West, to usher in an age of prosperity, to avoid the coming dark age, the closer it adheres to plan Jim, the better.

13 thoughts on “The 4 factions of the right

    1. Yes he is probably closer to Jabba the Hut than to Foghorn Leghorn. But hey, on the internet you can be anyone you want to be.

  1. The DE faction as you define it is miniscule, unfortunately. I think it lamentable that the Manosphere is in a steep decline, observing as I do the rapid conversion of Manospherians — and potential Manospherians — to alt-rightism. The irony of writing this on your blog is not lost on me, but there should, in my view, be an effervescent MRA/PUA/MGTOW movement *from which* the bulk of recruits to alt-rightism (and NRx) ought to emerge. If the milquetoast MRA of yesterday is today a full-Nazi, and a normie finds his way into his orbit, the normie won’t be persuaded of Red-Pill truths, which are essential, and likely won’t even be convinced of Nazism either.

    Given that NRx is in a pitiable state as well — it being, formerly, one of the strategic channels between the RP community and the WN community — my projection for the future is a split-off of much of the hardcore alt-right from the rest of the internet-based sub-cultures and niches; “Fragmentation and Atomization”, in short. The trend will be towards a large base of ironic and unironic Nazis, growing steadily as the West plunges ever further into the dysgenic abyss, until reaching its maximal prospective mass (which is massive indeed), but not producing much cutting-edge content, and centered on 4chan’s and 8chan’s /pol/; overshadowing everyone else by sheer quantitative superiority. Andrew Anglin, the unofficial leader of the alt-right, will play a key role in consolidating this nascent Nazi niche, but he is not unlikely to be assassinated within the next 10 years, so the extent of this potential role is up for debate. The eulogies will be top-notch, that much is certain. The historians of the future — if any will exist at all — will study this man.

    In the short term, the state of affairs is bleak indeed. I am annoyed by MPC, and frustrated by what I perceive as the “normiization” of much of the dissident sphere; by this term, I mean normie thought-patterns — regarding, more than anything else, sex and sexuality — creeping slowly but surely into the hindbrain of most participants in this counter-culture. The most intensely and radically anti-normie, yet valid realism-wise, movement of the past decade or so is MGTOW; alas, MGTOW has been eviscerated by its relatively “pro-social” alternatives, and its corpse is currently being devoured by the conservadads and their dependable e-sons. NRx and Moldbuggianism — these two are not exactly synonymous — are, on the other hand, merely going into Aestivation, as Land has recently suggested on XS. The alt-right will “explode”, but then, *eventually*, it will also implode, and after the implosion there will remain a great vacuum, which — if Moldbug, Dickinson, et al. play their cards right — could be filled by us DE-types and by whomever we’ll have as our allies in 2032-2033 thereabouts. Not any time soon, though.

    Long term, I’m unwilling to make predictions, as there are simply too many unforeseen events, developments, and “timeline alterations” if you will, for me to be able to factor all of them in when outlining some semi-coherent vista of the future.

    What say you?

    1. In retrospect the manosphere had to politicise, which was a messy process. Self-development gurus don’t like politics.

      The right is naturally fragmented but hatred towards a common enemy is bringing us together. Whether saner voices will prevail, hard to say. Let’s hope for DE-types in power in 2032.

      MGTOW was never a viable option. You can’t shut out women, just doesn’t work. Need to conquer women or be conquered by other men who conquer women.

  2. Jim and Moldbug are just Jews trying to get out in front of something and deflect it from the Jews. Will this work? Don’t know but just about every single infectious diseased idea that afflicts the West has been thought up, financed, trumpeted and pushed by the Jews.

    They’re just another of the “ism’s” (Libertarianism, ant-Racism, etc.) foisted on us to to waste our resources and time on another Jewish crusade.

    1. I don’t think Jim is a jew.

      Whites are wolves to other whites. This is the central problem nazis fail to address. Yes the jews do a lot of bad stuff and yes they have to go to Israel, but it is whites who started doing this to other whites. Andrew Anglin makes it sound like all whites are a big family driven against each other by Jews, but this is just not so.

      1. “…Whites are wolves to other whites. This is the central problem nazis fail to address…”

        Hmm…let’s see if I follow you’re logic. Some Whites are Scalawags to other Whites so we should…ignore the Jews! Why that’s brilliant.

        “…I don’t think Jim is a jew….”

        Sure he is. He goes to extreme lengths to defend the governments position on 9-11. Especially to cut out the Jews(The Jews did it). He’s constantly talking up the Jews position. He does exactly what the Jews have done for centuries. Talk up one small portion of a few issues that are sensible, take those same sensible issues WAY,WAY, off into a sort of la-la land while all the time diminishing the real threat of the Jews. Remember the John Birch society? Same thing. Most of time skipping the salient point that the Jews pushed mighty and funded whatever perverted distortion of human nature he’s complaining about in the first place.

        One of their favorite things to say is that,”some whites supported this”, which means…nothing. It wasn’t the Whites that rustled up all the print space, money, radio and TV time to support whatever mental blasphemy of the week the Jews came up with.

        1. We should not ignore the Jews, but we should not mistake the flies around the corpse with the bullet that killed it.

          We should also not ignore leftist whites, whom have done the most damage to the West and started the tumble downwards. Leftist whites are the bullet, not the Jews.

          My position on Jews is pretty much an imitation of Jim’s position of Jews. I guess I can count down until I am also branded a Jew.

    2. Jim and Moldbug’s stupid idea is we need Kings. That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard in my life. We need…what we had, until the Jews fucked it all up. Representative Democracy where only qualified voters voted. Who stopped this. The Jews of course so now they say we need and outdated King to cover for the mistakes…they made in the first place. What arrogant bullshit.

      Moldbugs incessant blathering about the “Cathedral”.
      Cathedrals. Def.=”…Although the word “cathedral” is sometimes loosely applied, churches with the function of “cathedral” occur specifically and only in those denominations with an episcopal hierarchy, such as the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and some Lutheran and Methodist churches…”

      “The Cathedral” is a propagandist tool phrase not to illuminate but to confuse. The correct phase, because everyone likes something new, is #Neo-Synagogue. Using this term may indeed help to illuminate the subject. It’s a much closer fit. If you want to learn something about cows you wouldn’t talk all day about bulldozers. It would be helpful to use terms that illuminate instead of obfuscate.

      I tell you what. Jim wants to tackle our polluted mind Women. OK who got them there? Who are the Feminist leaders and who put out acres and acres of dead trees to pollute the minds of our Women? The Jews of course. So instead of butting our heads against our Women let’s get rid of the Jews first, since they caused the problem, THEN we’ll work on the Women. After all if you have the plague you have to get rid of the rats first so it doesn’t spread.

      1. > I tell you what. Jim wants to tackle our polluted mind Women. OK who got them there? Who are the Feminist leaders and who put out acres and acres of dead trees to pollute the minds of our Women? The Jews of course.

        Per Jim the downfall started 200 years ago, not by Jews but by protestant leftists.

  3. I would argue that the anonomous image boards are a 5th faction, at least /pol/ is

    Secondly, the jewish question can be seen as a purity test, only those not allied with the catherdral can pass it

    1. In what way do you think the anon boards different from the above mentioned factions? Seems to me they are either alt-lite (R/thedonald) or alt-right (/pol/).

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