Trump has the frame

Communicating in memes is cool. Powerful people communicating in powerful memes is the coolest.

Leftists bash Trump for tweeting about the media when he is supposed to do important stuff. But tweeting about the media is important stuff. People need meaning, the media gives meaning by showing us what movie we’re watching. Right now their movie is called: Kill All White Males.

Frame is all, but the frame giveth, the frame taketh. Without an external means of shutting down the media the only way to beat the media is to steal their frame. Out-alfa the alpha; show everyone who is boss.

And Trump is showing the media who is boss. He has the numbers to back him up; CNN ratings keep going down, Trump’s twitter keeps going up. Trump is changing the movie we’re watching. It is now titled: #MAGA.

The below clip reaffirms the point. See how easily Bossert outframes the journalist:

TrumpenTrooper: “President Trump is so genuine.”
Journalist woman: “Some journalists had to get private security guards, is that fair?”
TrumpenTrooper: “President Trump isn’t just genuine, he also brilliantly bypasses cable networks through social media.”

In the old movie, the journalist in an obnoxiously concerned tone demands Trump be outranked by the media which in turn is outranked by the progressive elite which plans to Kill All White Males. In the new movie, no one takes the journalist seriously. MAGA!

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