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Death of the Neoreactionary

A while ago a guy named Mencius Moldbug read some old books. He compared these books to the modern world and realised something did not add up. He wrote about his findings on this cool new invention, ‘the internet’, where everyone in the world could read what he wrote. And what did Moldbug write? Well, he wrote a lot, because Moldbug liked the sound of his own keyboard. But mostly he wrote that the enlightenment was never the start of the age of reason, but the start of a new viral religion. Enlightenment thinkers were not philosophers but priests, the radicalised offspring of Protestants. Throughout the decades their religion kept mutating and today we know the current incarnation of the enlightenment as Progressivism, a thoroughly stupid and suicidal religion, like Mao communism.

As people realised what Moldbug was saying, their natural instinct was to do something about the situation. Moldbug had some ideas himself as to what to do, including but not limited to bringing back the Stuarts, starting an anti-university (the Antiversity) and wearing some kind of code garment on friday to signal insurgency (a yellow tweed necktie or something). Also the USA should be broken up in compartments and ruled like companies.

People hip with Moldbug called themselves neoreactionary (#NRx) and summarised the problem and solution as follows: The core of our problem is that there is no one with the secure authority to fix things. The core of our solution is to find a man, and put him in charge, with a real chain of command, and a clear ownership structure.

This is theoretically all correct. Unfortunately you can’t backwards engineer power. As it turns out, ‘being in charge’ is not an open position you can leisurely fill up. LOTS of people want to be in charge. Man has tried to be at the top of other men since the dawn of mankind. Welcome to the game of power. Get in line.

This is why NRx strategies of ‘being passive’ have never really caught on. They were a bit silly; you live, therefore you play the game of power. You can not not play the game of power, except by suicide, and if you read this blog I prefer you not commit suicide (you have good taste, you are an awesome person, thank you very much).

In the end NRx is just one of many factions vying for power and NRx is not a particularly strong faction: spergy intellectuals tend to sound better on the internet than they do in real life. The Alt-Right, to throw around a name, is a much stronger faction fighting a similar fight.

The neoreactionary, unfortunately, will not catch on. Not in its current form. But the egg it has laid – the Dark Enlightenment – will. So there’s that.