Against the spontaneous signalling hypothesis

Read this article by Mark Citadel (h/t TWiR). Or don’t, it’s kinda long (no disrespect Mark). Instead get his gest by reading this quote:

“There is nobody in charge, no guiding hand of the mastermind. What we’re dealing with is a system which is simply perpetuating itself.”

They say the time for reactionary pontificating is over, but this is pontification-worthy. Lets be clear: I disagree with Mark. As first proposed by Jim, I think there is a guiding hand of the mastermind.

Progressivism solidified power in the US following the US civil war, solidified power in the West following the 2nd world war, and solidified power worldwide following the Cold War. It seems to me that the Cathedral has solidified its power a while ago.

Look at the pre-Trump US presidents for the past 30(!) years: Bush, Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama, Obama. And of course, we were supposed to have another Clinton.  Seems like one big incestuous family.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 13.38.52

You say their virtue-signalling happens spontaneously, I am seeing unified acting. The cultural war may be ‘spontaneous’, but culture is downwards from power and power is pretty non-spontaneous. For example, observe how Dutch republican leader Mark Kukke is moving heaven and earth to include Greenleft leader Ferat Klaver in his coalition and how the entire party cartel and media is ‘spontaneously’ backing him up.

Orders are given behind the scene. Often these orders happen to coalesce with leftists’ natural instincts of lying and deceiving, but the orders are given nonetheless.

Remember Obama crying over gun control? How ‘spontaneous’ would you think it was if during a 1935 speech Hitler shed a tear over the sad mistreatment of German children by Jews?

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 13.12.13

And now we might witness the rise of Overlord Zuckerberg. If the Left was spontaneous, we would expect Mark to denote some leftists, to formulate his own idiosyncratic opinion, to have some sense of individuality. But he does not. He is on the side of the globalists, explicitly so. He is new money, but gets along with old money as if he were always part of their clique. Huh.

In Citadel’s movie the protagonists are locked inside the Cube, a prison of some sorts. Supposedly no one put them there. I call bullshit on that. Of course someone put them there, and of course that person had orders to put them there.

It is us on the Right who are spontaneously signalling. Trump may have won our hearts, but he does not have the necessary organisational infrastructure to rule, yet. The Cathedral does. Our lack of organisational coherence is our weakness; we should not misproject it on the Cathedral.

12 thoughts on “Against the spontaneous signalling hypothesis

  1. The Open Secret of the system is that power, at a high level, is terribly difficult to hide very well. Exercising such power is obvious and it takes great pains by the media and alt media to cast doubt thereabout.

    Citadel labors under the same myopia as most reactionaries. Namely, they both treat the Synagogue (Cathedral by it’s more apt name) as an omnibus of power and influence and treat the system of popular franchise as though it were a major head or tailwind to the securing of power by the higher echelons therein.

    What’s patently obvious to the student of power is that populism and popular franchise rarely has any effective impact on the trajectory of the society and the opinions of the Synagogue’s upper caste members. Globalism moves along now at the same pace as before Trump, Brexit, and a myriad of popular movements against some of the policies of Washington and Brussels. It may have been hoped that things would accelerate with a Clinton Presidency or more federalized EU by now, but the motives and desires that form the foundation of policy making are not deterred.

    My response to the traditional reactionary is the same now as it was long ago. One cannot address the problem of “secure power,” without first addressing the nature of and motives behind those already possessing power. Once one accepts that there are de facto Kings and Lords in the West, they come face to face with the real problem of the twenty-first century: The oligarchy is largely alien to the people they govern and they are absolutely convinced of the virtue in their mission to obliterate Europe and her colonial diaspora.

  2. Agreed with your position. There are definitely evil minds behind world politics, much more than we can see.

    Regarding world power and evil, do you have any thoughts on the JQ? We are planning to write something about it in the future, but for us christians it is a very hot topic.

    1. On the JQ, like on many subjects, I entirely follow Jim’s opinion. Jews are naturally subversive priests, adept at telling you with great confidence that B equals C and then the next day, depending on the wind, proclaim B never equalled C but that B instead equalled D all along.

      Jews are disproportionally represented in powerful positions and they use those positions to exacerbate many problems, but they are not the cause of our problems, the cause being white protestant priests gone rogue. Jews are the matador’s cape, not the matador. They should go to Israel, rebuild the temple and rule their nation.

  3. The problem with protestants gone rogue is why would they?.They opened up a huge can of worms with “human rights.” Oy vey, what a mess that turned into. (Curiously, Jesus never mentioned a word about it. He even said something about rendering unto Caesar.) If protestants are in control they’re clearly stupid.

    1. By now it is progressives who are in power, not protestants. Of progressives it is partly that they are stupid, but mostly it is that they just don’t think ahead and see no problem whatsoever with slaughtering the goose that lays the golden eggs.

      1. I understand. I just don’t think that Jesus was a totalitarian and I don’t think Martin Luther was either. Maybe I’m wrong here.

  4. My Norwegian grandmother wanted to know if my wife would be the same. German was okay. She was Christian, in fact strict. I will never believe that Christianity or Protestants caused or are implicated in progressivism. Never. I don’t give a damn what Jim or some other goofball with an axe to grind thinks. Sorry. It’s so brainfucking 101.

    1. Hehe, it is. No worries.

      If it helps, here’s what mr Grumpus once said:
      ‘New Guys:
      It’s a form of torture. For a while. But eventually your eyes and ears adjust and the world becomes visible. You feel more lonely, but also less crazy.’

      1. I’m not a new guy or crazy. I’m a follower of Dionysus, like, in vino veritas. Everybody has a god. They just pretend they don’t. Even if it’s their own egos or careers, everybody has something they believe in. They just don’t know it and play games with, and flatter, themselves. Even if you believe in emptiness and irony that is a tacit admission that there’s a non-emptiness, an opposite. Otherwise, you couldn’t form the thought of emptiness. How can you describe the quality of darkness if there is no light?

        Anyway, laissez les bons temps roulez!

    1. Thx.

      Not sure if brainless political consultants entirely explains what is happening. They seem to know pretty well what they are doing. Today in the newspapers I read:
      – Sessions questioned, arrogantly dismisses Russia ties
      – Why women are better investors than men
      – Dutch coalition not working out because GreenLeft courageously sticks to its ideals of helping refugees.

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