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On the Death of Pim Fortuyn

I remember where I was when the murder of Pim Fortuyn happened (at a friend’s place).

Fortuyn’s killer was Volkert van der Graaf, a white leftist, whose motivation for the murder was that he ‘wanted to protect the weak in the Netherlands’. Back then this was a surprise — not a brown but a white killer? In retrospect it all makes perfect sense of course.

Hardcore leftists are psychopathic status maximisers. By killing Fortuyn Volkert traded 12 years in Dutch prison for Godlike status among his leftist peers (he has been out of prison since 2014). Sure, there’s people who hate his guts, but no doubt he enjoys great prestige in his preferred social circles. Plus chicks dig a killer. Volkert pulled off a great trade.

Now the question remains: were higher powers aware of Volkert’s plan to kill Fortuyn? Theo van Gogh seemed to think so. In his movie 06/05 he suggests that the AIVD, the Dutch secret service, had infiltrated Volkert’s activist group the Environment Offence. In the movie a journalist uncovers that powerful people plotted to get rid of Pim Fortuyn and secretly assisted Volkert by keeping the police away on the day of the murder. Their motivation? According to van Gogh, approval of the Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter program for which the Netherlands was set to invest 1 billion euros. Fortuyn opposed the program, and for this the deep state allowed or perhaps even instigated Volkert to off Fortuyn.

So what’s my take on this? I think it is mainly a question of competency. It is clear Fortuyn was a splinter in the foot of the American/European deep state and not just because of the JSF program. That the deep state wanted to get rid of Fortuyn seems obvious. But how involved were they in his actual murder? It is impossible to say exactly, but my assessment is that Theo van Gogh was onto something. The Dutch are generally competent and the AIVD is more than equally competent. Consider: the AIVD has so far managed to prevent all terrorist attacks in the Netherlands from happening, except for the public murder of Pim Fortuyn in 2002 and Theo van Gogh in 2004. So yes, I judge it more likely than not that the deep state was at some level aware of the danger Pim Fortuyn was in and chose not to interfere while the public media continued to promote his assassination.

In the aftermath of Fortuyn’s death the LPF received a whopping 17% of the vote, an unsurpassed record for a new party. But it did not matter – the party crumbled. To replace Fortuyn the formerly unknown Matt Herben was pushed forward as leader, who completely crashed the party into the ground, although not before voting in favour of the JSF program. And, get this, Herben became a lobbyist for the JSF program after his LPF career ended.

LPF’s last shred of dignity was destroyed when prominent LPF member Hilbrand Nawijn recorded a hilariously crappy music video starring himself:

Thus ended the legacy of Pim Fortuyn: with a fat guy using him and a Dutch dance hype for attention. Sad.

Europe, the Dying

H/t GeenStijl, the Dutch Alt-Lite media outlet.

Anyone I should know? Calling dr. Spandrell…

Douglas Murray seems to be selling purple pill European realism. Like, he sees what we’re seeing, but he processes it in a way that minimises status damage. Which is why he appears on a semi-popular talkshow. Like Jordan Peterson.

It seems the genie is getting out of the bottle. I might misremember that the decline of the Roman empire was little commented upon, but the decline of the West will at least over-extensively be documented.

The interesting thing of unmasking the cathedral like it were a Scooby Doo monster is that we know its limitations. It is the institutions, the EU and the American Democratic Party. It is mortal and it will die, if only by the nature of leftist singularity. Now that society at large is learning this dank meme; ‘Europe, the Dying’, what will happen to the cathedral? Will it die? Reinvent itself? It seems the cabal of the empire is past its prime, although that might be a dangerous thing to say while it is still the strongest cabal.

On The Life of Pim Fortuyn

Commenter ia recently directed my attention towards Theo van Gogh’s movie ’05/06′ on the murder of Pim Fortuyn, the infamous Dutch politician. But before we delve into Pim’s death, let’s discuss his life.

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 20.01.08

For those unfamiliar with Pim Fortuyn: he was a gay politician who was headed for prime ministership of the Netherlands. I can not overstate his quirky brilliance. For one, Fortuyn was an actual rightist politician who addressed issues of immigration, Islam and cultural destruction… In 2002! We are talking 4 years before Wilders even founded his party! For another, Fortuyn had incredible charisma. Think a more mature Milo who was determined to be minister-president. Like Milo, Fortuyn was openly gay which naturally irked leftists to no end. Wherever Pim went, he turned heads. He had this idiosyncratic debating style which simply grabbed your attention. Great cadence. Also great zingers. Like, he’d tell a woman to ‘just do some cooking instead’ and get away with it. On the topic of immigration and Islam I believe the following monologue by Pim will be well appreciated:

I will not change my opinion, dear people, it is 5 minutes before twelve. Not just here in Holland. but in the whole of Europe. And is that what you want? I take my stand for this country, that which has been build up in the last five or six centuries. Damn it, we have a fifth column… Okay, let me tell you now straight the way it is! A fifth column of people who want to destroy this country! I will not go for that, and I say, “you can stay here, but you must adapt.” I must hear “Allah is great”, that I am a “dirty pig”… you are a “Christian dog”. That is what they say, and you think that is okay… And I have so far been very reserved. I have never repeated that… but you accept being walked over, and I will not let that happen anymore. And that’s where I get all those seats from (in the polls). Because this country is fed up! … C’est ça! That is what I stand for. And if I must express that otherwise, well, fine… but it is about your children, your grandchildren. For what else is this about? Must I explain more here? I can not do it any other way, and will not do it any other way. Then I would rather be finished off. Okay, fine… but the problem sir, will remain. That will remain. People have had more than enough of it. Damn it, in my city, Moroccan boys, Turkish boys… who do not rob the Turks, the Moroccans, but rob you and me and little old ladies. And the police? What they do? Damn it… nothing. They tell you: “If you say that, you discriminate”. And that is what I express from the Dutch people. And I stand for it, I stand for it. Is that not allowed? Okay, I respect that. C’est ça!


For fans of Isaac Asimov’s the Foundation: Fortuyn was an absolute mule, an anomaly in the system. Here we were in throes of the EU, globalisation and further opening of the borders, and suddenly this -popular!- politician shows up and goes against it all. Of course he was demonised by the media and the political establishment, who pretty much called him everything they call Trump nowadays (‘racist’ and ‘extreme-right’ were favorites). He addressed his demonisation just 2 months before his death: “If something happens to me, they are responsible. They may not have literally pulled the trigger, but they created this climate. This demonisation has to stop!’

Then, shortly before the elections, Pim Fortuyn was shot to death by a leftist…

Rick and Morty

The hippest thing leftists have going for them right now is Rick & Morty. Rick and Morty is a science-fiction cartoon about a mad professor, Rick, and his grandson Morty travelling through multiverses. If you don’t believe me, watch it. It’s good.

The characters are good (Rick is a cool asshole, Morty is endearing, Jerry is a spot-on boomer), the story is good and the whole show oozes creativity. So respect for that. Free quality entertainment!

But of course we’ve come to learn that there is no such thing as a free meal. Life chooses sides; no light without darkness. Rick & Morty’s creators have also chosen a side, or more likely were granted a spotlight because they had always chosen a side; the leftist side.

There are many hints in the show that its creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are leftists. The biggest one; both Stephen Colbert and John Oliver make a guest appearance.

Can’t signal your leftism better than that. Imagine if a cartoon included a cameo by Alex Jones.

Rick & Morty has that similar aggressive nihilistic view that Game of Thrones has — it purports that there is no God or if there is He hates you, that life is senseless and without meaning yet that that is where the true freedom lies. Do whatever you want kids, it’s not like it matters anyhow.

^ that video sums up the Rick and Morty philosophy perfectly. The best part is at 2:27 onwards: ‘knowing the truth, which is that nothing matters can actually save you.’ Harmon truly is an honest-to-atheist-God-progressive and contrary to the complete lack of political leftism’s credibility, his artsy leftism sounds cool. Which is the whole purpose of leftism.

My point to all of this is to say that, contrary to what many fanboys of the show think, Rick & Morty has no greater insight into the riddle that is life. Rick is not some genius know-it-all — his genius is constricted by limits of his creators’ imagination. When Roiland and Harmon venture into unchartered territory they do not magically receive instructions on what a non-existent time-travelling genius mad professor would say. The creator forms the character, not the other way around.

So, for instance, when in the first episode of season 3 we review Rick’s memory of 9/11, we should not in the least be surprised when Rick’s response was as follows:

Surprise, Rick thinks 9/11 was a conspiracy by the Bush government to take away our freedom! Cool leftist meme bro. Rick could’ve just as easily said ‘that is something huh, Muslims gonna Muslim, am I right or whaaat.’ But he will never say anything of the sort, because it goes against his creator’s leftist beliefs.

But hey, let’s not lose our heads. After all, it’s just a cartoon show, right?

State media crisis

CNN is lying to our faces.

BBC is lying to our faces.

And so is the Dutch media. The Netherlands is a little like a snowball in hell: keeping it cool and acting like nothing is happening while the world around it is burning. The rumblings at the horizon grow louder.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 09.47.45
Netherlands, yesterday.

A lot of Dutch media are state sponsored, sponsorship by the taxpayer, which adds up to 550 million euros a year.

The NOS is the official state department news outlet. Contrary to the US the Dutch place relatively high trust in the NOS, similarly to how the Dutch place relatively high trust in the Dutch government. But as the snowball melts, trust declines, especially among the younger generations.

You can decipher the interests of the elite by looking at what they lie about. What are they covering up? Besides the usual religious-progressive nonsense there are 2 main themes of lies:

  1. Trump is a Russia puppet
Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.36.53
‘Sessions denies Russia-contact, Trump says he is ‘happy with Sessions’ memory loss’.

That would be quite stupid of Trump to say. And Trump never said that. The NOS literally copied fake news from a fake Trump twitter account:

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.39.45

The NOS pulls this stuff all the time. Sometimes it issues a small apology if pressed, mostly it does not.

2. Islam is a religion of peace
It has to be said that the NOS is not as flagrantly pro-ISIS as more outspoken leftist outlets such as NRC:

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 10.31.48
“A Good Muslim does not choose the West but IS as enemy”

But the NOS is not far behind. A favorite strategy of the NOS is to lie by omission. Simply refuse to mention the glaringly obvious regarding the immigration crisis: that young Arabic men are screaming for infidel blood and white pussy. See below article for instance, titled ‘German policewoman is fed up: I am being called a police whore’

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 10.29.32

According to the article, in Germany ‘crime is on the rise’, there are now ‘no-go areas in Germany‘ and police officers experience ‘a lack of respect in the streets’. So strange! How could this possibly be! Who is doing this? This central clue is not revealed until paragraph 6, where the I-word is finally dropped: most problem are caused by ‘men with roots in Islamic countries’. No way!

Clearly the NOS was so ashamed by this admission that it immediately compensated by spending the other half of the article interviewing successful rapper Gelin Veysel, who explains that the police has itself to blame by ‘treating everyone like me as a criminal’. Islam is not mentioned again. Clearly a fair and balanced article.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 13.45.58

If the NRC are prog journalists who proudly display their ignorance, the NOS are cucks who, while standing up to their shoulders in lies and crap, pat themselves on the back for mentioning Islam at least once. Useless.

You can only pretend Muslim men are not screaming for infidel blood and white pussy for so long, for eventually you will hear them outside your home, screaming for your blood and your daughter’s pussy.

From Socrates to Jesus to Nietzsche to Jim

I do like that title.

Western philosophy pretty much peaked with Socrates. Aristotle was nice with his classifications, Plato was okay with his cave riddle but Socrates nailed it: the only thing we know is that there is stuff we don’t know. Beyond that Socrates seems to have just gotten on with his life,; speaking truth to power and paying the price for it. Socrates’ life shows the veracity of his philosophy.

But Socrates did not catch on in Greece. He was too high-brow.

Western religion pretty much peaked with Jesus. Damn man, that guy man, Jesus… King of the Jews, huh. What year are we living in again? Year X after you-know-who, amirite? Jesus knew how to occupy the West for a millenium or 2.

But Christians see their churches empty. The faith is dying. An event Nietzsche predicted over a hundred years ago: God is dead. Hail übermensch! But is God really dead, or is it Jesus who is dead, and with Jesus our connection to God? That remains to be seen. (although Socrates is raising his hand)

But like Socrates, Nietzsche did not catch on. He demanded too much. I have to transcend myself? That sounds like a lot of work. I dunno man. I work to live, I don’t live to work.

Maybe that’s why Jim is an old, fat and bald man. It is a nice counterpoint.

Will Jim catch on?

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 23.47.16
Socrates has something to say

On demographic doom

I. Curb your Pessimism

So the demographics look very depressing. Spandrell has some statistical analyses. So does Audacious Epigone. Whites are reproducing below replacement levels. Muslims are reproducing above replacement levels. Blacks are reproducing explosively above replacement levels. Many blacks and Muslims already live in the West, many more blacks and Muslims are coming to the West. Leftists argue that Muslim and black fertility rate drops once they are 3rd+ generation immigrants, but Jim much more convincingly argues that fertility rate is tied to female emancipation, and blacks and muslims are increasingly wary of female emancipation. Obvious conclusion is obvious: in a couple of decades, whites will be minorities in their own countries.¹

That is depressing.

Yet there is no reason to stay depressed.

The problem with whites overly obsessed with saving the white race is that they are similar to Greenpeace activists wanting to save the panda; if a race on the brink of extinction does not procreate, it is meant to go extinct. That is the simple truth.

We don’t really care about an abstract concept called ‘the white race’. We care about ourselves and our family. We only care about the white race insofar the white race facilitates peace and prosperity for ourselves and our family.

Virtue-signalling that you care about the white race is a lot better than virtue-signalling that you hate the white race, but it is still just virtue signalling. The proof, as always, is in the pudding. How many kids you havin’?

Those with many kids have their genes survive. Those that don’t, don’t. The future belongs to those who show up. Virtue-signal all you want, but in the end a simple head-count of your family suffices. Gnon does not care about the rest.

II. Crunching some numbers
¹ How many decades though? I am both too lazy and distrusting of the statistics to do a thorough analysis. But some quick statistics on the Netherlands show the following:

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 10.41.13

Keep in mind I distrust the statistics. 1 – illegals are not taken into account and 2 – 3rd gen immigrants disappear into the original Dutch pool. So lets add, I don’t know, an additional 6% to immigrants in 2016. Which makes 70% – 30%. Compared to only 87% – 13% in 1996 and likely compared to, what, 95 % – 5% in 1950, the change is enormous.

Now it is non-western immigrants (muslims and blacks) that are the scariest. In 2016 they are up to 12%, but I am pretty sure the illegals are also entirely in that category. So say 18%. More than doubled in 20 years. That is alarming.

Back to the original question: when will Dutch whites be a minority in their own country? Perhaps slightly slower than other European countries. But at the current rate, perhaps not much slower:

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.01.13

This is projecting current trends. I assume a growth rate of 180% in 20 years for non-western immigrants. If that trend holds up, whites in Netherlands will be a minority in about 50-60 years. That seems to be the way the cookie is crumbling.

By the way, I can’t help but be amazed at the lightning-pace of the transformation. When my grandparents were young, about half as much people were living in the Netherlands than do now. And very little non-Western immigrants. I don’t think their generation realises how things have changed, how things are changing.

Against the spontaneous signalling hypothesis

Read this article by Mark Citadel (h/t TWiR). Or don’t, it’s kinda long (no disrespect Mark). Instead get his gest by reading this quote:

“There is nobody in charge, no guiding hand of the mastermind. What we’re dealing with is a system which is simply perpetuating itself.”

They say the time for reactionary pontificating is over, but this is pontification-worthy. Lets be clear: I disagree with Mark. As first proposed by Jim, I think there is a guiding hand of the mastermind.

Progressivism solidified power in the US following the US civil war, solidified power in the West following the 2nd world war, and solidified power worldwide following the Cold War. It seems to me that the Cathedral has solidified its power a while ago.

Look at the pre-Trump US presidents for the past 30(!) years: Bush, Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama, Obama. And of course, we were supposed to have another Clinton.  Seems like one big incestuous family.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 13.38.52

You say their virtue-signalling happens spontaneously, I am seeing unified acting. The cultural war may be ‘spontaneous’, but culture is downwards from power and power is pretty non-spontaneous. For example, observe how Dutch republican leader Mark Kukke is moving heaven and earth to include Greenleft leader Ferat Klaver in his coalition and how the entire party cartel and media is ‘spontaneously’ backing him up.

Orders are given behind the scene. Often these orders happen to coalesce with leftists’ natural instincts of lying and deceiving, but the orders are given nonetheless.

Remember Obama crying over gun control? How ‘spontaneous’ would you think it was if during a 1935 speech Hitler shed a tear over the sad mistreatment of German children by Jews?

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 13.12.13

And now we might witness the rise of Overlord Zuckerberg. If the Left was spontaneous, we would expect Mark to denote some leftists, to formulate his own idiosyncratic opinion, to have some sense of individuality. But he does not. He is on the side of the globalists, explicitly so. He is new money, but gets along with old money as if he were always part of their clique. Huh.

In Citadel’s movie the protagonists are locked inside the Cube, a prison of some sorts. Supposedly no one put them there. I call bullshit on that. Of course someone put them there, and of course that person had orders to put them there.

It is us on the Right who are spontaneously signalling. Trump may have won our hearts, but he does not have the necessary organisational infrastructure to rule, yet. The Cathedral does. Our lack of organisational coherence is our weakness; we should not misproject it on the Cathedral.

All woman ever argues is that more men should consider her hot

It is silly to discuss worldly affairs with women.

Whenever a woman argues for anything her main thrust never changes: she finds that, in a saner society, she should be considered hotter than she currently is.

Women, although less expendable than men, find themselves possessions of men, and in fact immensely enjoy being possessed by men, preferably the strongest and sexiest men. But she knows her status as a treasured possession hinges on her being hot enough for her man: if it goes up, it goes in, but it has to go up in order to go in. Sex, after all, is the ultimate arbiter of love. This obsesses women to no end. As this poet of whom I only know 1 quote once said: “man’s love is of man’s life a thing apart; ‘Tis woman’s whole existence.” And so it is.

A woman’s mind is centred around her need to be taken, each and every day anew.

If she is not yet taken, she searches for a man strong enough to take her and provokes men into taking her.

If she is taken, she wonders if she could be taken better and alternatively fears that she will be untaken.

In either case her assessment of the situation will always be the same: ‘I should be considered hotter than I currently am.’

Thus, when feminists complain of oppression and slut-shaming, all they say is: ‘I have banged hundreds of men and should not be seen as ugly for it. Consider me hot!’

When ex-feminist Laci Green talks about taking the red pill, all she is saying is: ‘Well whaddyaknow, the pool of sexy men is greater on this side of the internet. Consider me hot!’

And when Alt-Right women like Britanny Pettibone and Lauren Southern fill podcasts with talk about saving Western civilisation, all they say is: ‘the thought of a strong shitlord moistens my panties. Consider me hot!’

Mao the Melonhead


Been reading this book on Mao Zedong, written by Mao’s physician. Interesting stuff.

Back when Koanic had a blog he wrote about what he called ‘melonheads’; men with highly developed prefrontal cortexes. Natural manipulators. Your average man is capable of living his own life and guarding his own territory, aka finding his spot within a superorganism. The power of a melonhead is that he subverts other men for his own purpose through extensive manipulation; he ‘hijacks’ superorganisms so to say. Mao seems to have been a natural melonhead.

Communism was never about building a better China. It was about leftists grabbing power for themselves and it was so from day 1. Mao could be charismatic and friendly, but moreso he was a scheming and manipulative son of a bitch. At every turn his actions are explained by securing more power for himself. He excelled at using psychological tricks for this purpose. For instance, with great aplomb he would encourage criticism of the party in the name of bettering China, but in practice only to:

a) get rid of voices he thought too critical of him
b) use criticism of other party members to get rid of those party members

Yes, Mao was a great fan of high and low vs middle.

Truth did not really concern Mao; what concerned Mao was loyalty to Mao. He thrived on gullibility (e.g. the gullibility the physician initially exhibited) and carefully cultivated his cult of personality.

Mao’s genius shined brightest in his ability to hijack and redirect China’s superorganism in its entirety. He traveled a lot through the country to get a feel for local politics. Whenever he’d feel the communist emotional high slipping away he would adapt his policies accordingly. It seems to me the Great Leap Forward was entirely a result of Mao fearing pre-Mao traditions overtaking the importance of Mao worship. A ‘calming down’ of communism would only serve to weaken Mao, so as a response he drove China into another frenzy with shitty agricultural communes and shitty steel ovens. Ruined the country, but solidified Mao’s power once again. Very effective.

While China starved Mao lived as an emperor. Personal entourage, personal train, lots of fat food. During the Great Leap Forward rice was replanted along the tracks Mao travelled through as to give the impression the harvest was great (likely Mao was very pleased that even though China was starving, the people were taking extensive measures to make Mao think China was not starving). Also, unsurprisingly, Mao slept with hundreds if not thousands of women brought to his ‘dance parties’, while officially being married (his wife was a wreck of a woman).

Last but not least Mao was very straightforward in his hatred towards the right. ‘Exterminate the rightist elements’ was a favourite party slogan. Knowing that the left is lies and the right is truth, we can observe that Mao gave himself the freedom to get rid of pretty much anyone he pleased.