Leftist game

Usually it is best to leave game posts to the inimitable Heartiste, but I recall Heartiste gabbing that he does not know any great players who are leftist. They exist. Perhaps I can help out.

We shall take a look at three levels of leftist game: crappy, decent and awesome. You will notice that all levels share a common theme: the men using them employ lies to their own -perceived- benefit.

The first level, crappy leftist game, is the typical Scalzy-esque snivelling game we’ve come to expect and loath from your typical lefty beta. The basic strategy of these men is to make sure everyone around them knows they are true feminists. They care about women, unlike some assholes. Naturally they expect women to reward them for their virtue-signalling and even more naturally they studiously rationalise away the lack of women in their lives. Guys using this type of game, unsurprisingly, rarely get laid. Women hate snivelling.

The second level, decent leftist game, is what a more self-developed leftist employs. These guys know girl basics: that the man needs to lead and that women are kinda kinky. Perhaps they have seen a couple of RSD videos. But they refuse to fully swallow the red pill. Instead decent game leftists defer to a rosy worldview in which everybody is their friend and every sexual relation is a way to ‘develop as a human being’ for both the guy and the girl. Typically they believe slutshaming is bad, discovering your sexuality through gangbangs is good and leaving every girl you date better than when you met her is the best. Isn’t life just amazing! These guys lay average girls.

The third level is maximum leftist game: it is narcissistic, charismatic and lie-like-there’s-no-tomorrow kind of game. I knew one guy on this level — his game was phenomenal, probably the best I’ve ever seen. A problem lesser leftist players have is that they tend to believe their own equalist lies thereby shooting themselves in the foot. Not this guy. One moment he would vent long monologues explaining the intrinsic power that women possess, the next he would text your sister for nudes. The contradiction between what he said and what he did never fazed him; he literally did not see it.

He was also a very eloquent talker, much like Heartiste: the kind of guy that cold approached hot women and within minutes get them to playfully hit him on the shoulder. His game wasn’t that different from shitlord game: endless teasing, reframing, joking around and escalating. The one thing that made his game typically leftist was his vulnerability game: he unwaveringly saw himself as a martyred messiah fighting the good fight for equality and against injustice. It’s not that he just wanted to pump and dump hundreds of women, no no no, he wanted to empower women. It just so happened to be that in the end there was a lot of pumping and dumping going on, not so much empowerment. At any rate the pretty girls kept coming and it always made me laugh. He dated beautiful women. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Anyways, I haven’t seen him in a while. Last I heard he was monologuing how Trump is in Putin’s pocket because Putin has compromising pee-pictures of Trump in a Moscow hotel room.

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