What we do

A human society is a colony of ants, in that it acts in all manners as if it has a hivemind. Like an ant colony, like a rainforest, a human society is a superorganism.

You strive to fit into your superorganism, are proud of this fact, as one imagines an ant be proud that he fulfils his daily duties towards the colony.

The authority of the superorganism is not to be called into question. It leads to existential misery. You want your life to be lived, not badgered to death with nihilism. ‘I am here, it is a given’, you say, ‘please let my life be a good story.’

So you act out your life as you were on Shakespeare’s stage, in the unspoken presupposition that the stage is set up so to encourage your life to be a good story.

But the stage is not set-up in order to help you. Our superorganism is flailing, sick and perverted. It rewards lies, destruction and defection. It punishes co-operation, initiative and common sense. It steers towards civilisational suicide. But the superorganism is our unspoken authority, our hivemind, and as long as it is functional you do not question it.

But a few are naturally critical of the hivemind.

This is what we do.

We don’t care about social conventions, about fitting in and about parroting the party line in an obedient yet friendly manner. We care about what is true.

‘Natural dissenters!’, some will say. ‘Natural guardians of superorganisms’ I say, for our dissent serves to protect those we love and kill those that wish to see us dead.

We are trailblazers.

We talk truth to power, not power to truth.

This is why our memes are the dankest of dank. They are forged in fires of cognitive freedom, free from restrictions of thoughtcrime and free from oh dear what might the neighbours think. Our memes are pure-hearted.

The Chinese are said to have little notion of what is cool and what not, hence their continuing difficulties to brand Mao Zedong as uncool and get on with their lives. Whites have a slightly better notion of what is cool and what not, and since the cathedral is decidedly uncool (losers, not monsters), perhaps there is a sliver of hope for the West after all.

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