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Leftist game

Usually it is best to leave game posts to the inimitable Heartiste, but I recall Heartiste gabbing that he does not know any great players who are leftist. They exist. Perhaps I can help out.

We shall take a look at three levels of leftist game: crappy, decent and awesome. You will notice that all levels share a common theme: the men using them employ lies to their own -perceived- benefit.

The first level, crappy leftist game, is the typical Scalzy-esque snivelling game we’ve come to expect and loath from your typical lefty beta. The basic strategy of these men is to make sure everyone around them knows they are true feminists. They care about women, unlike some assholes. Naturally they expect women to reward them for their virtue-signalling and even more naturally they studiously rationalise away the lack of women in their lives. Guys using this type of game, unsurprisingly, rarely get laid. Women hate snivelling.

The second level, decent leftist game, is what a more self-developed leftist employs. These guys know girl basics: that the man needs to lead and that women are kinda kinky. Perhaps they have seen a couple of RSD videos. But they refuse to fully swallow the red pill. Instead decent game leftists defer to a rosy worldview in which everybody is their friend and every sexual relation is a way to ‘develop as a human being’ for both the guy and the girl. Typically they believe slutshaming is bad, discovering your sexuality through gangbangs is good and leaving every girl you date better than when you met her is the best. Isn’t life just amazing! These guys lay average girls.

The third level is maximum leftist game: it is narcissistic, charismatic and lie-like-there’s-no-tomorrow kind of game. I knew one guy on this level — his game was phenomenal, probably the best I’ve ever seen. A problem lesser leftist players have is that they tend to believe their own equalist lies thereby shooting themselves in the foot. Not this guy. One moment he would vent long monologues explaining the intrinsic power that women possess, the next he would text your sister for nudes. The contradiction between what he said and what he did never fazed him; he literally did not see it.

He was also a very eloquent talker, much like Heartiste: the kind of guy that cold approached hot women and within minutes get them to playfully hit him on the shoulder. His game wasn’t that different from shitlord game: endless teasing, reframing, joking around and escalating. The one thing that made his game typically leftist was his vulnerability game: he unwaveringly saw himself as a martyred messiah fighting the good fight for equality and against injustice. It’s not that he just wanted to pump and dump hundreds of women, no no no, he wanted to empower women. It just so happened to be that in the end there was a lot of pumping and dumping going on, not so much empowerment. At any rate the pretty girls kept coming and it always made me laugh. He dated beautiful women. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Anyways, I haven’t seen him in a while. Last I heard he was monologuing how Trump is in Putin’s pocket because Putin has compromising pee-pictures of Trump in a Moscow hotel room.

What we do

A human society is a colony of ants, in that it acts in all manners as if it has a hivemind. Like an ant colony, like a rainforest, a human society is a superorganism.

You strive to fit into your superorganism, are proud of this fact, as one imagines an ant be proud that he fulfils his daily duties towards the colony.

The authority of the superorganism is not to be called into question. It leads to existential misery. You want your life to be lived, not badgered to death with nihilism. ‘I am here, it is a given’, you say, ‘please let my life be a good story.’

So you act out your life as you were on Shakespeare’s stage, in the unspoken presupposition that the stage is set up so to encourage your life to be a good story.

But the stage is not set-up in order to help you. Our superorganism is flailing, sick and perverted. It rewards lies, destruction and defection. It punishes co-operation, initiative and common sense. It steers towards civilisational suicide. But the superorganism is our unspoken authority, our hivemind, and as long as it is functional you do not question it.

But a few are naturally critical of the hivemind.

This is what we do.

We don’t care about social conventions, about fitting in and about parroting the party line in an obedient yet friendly manner. We care about what is true.

‘Natural dissenters!’, some will say. ‘Natural guardians of superorganisms’ I say, for our dissent serves to protect those we love and kill those that wish to see us dead.

We are trailblazers.

We talk truth to power, not power to truth.

This is why our memes are the dankest of dank. They are forged in fires of cognitive freedom, free from restrictions of thoughtcrime and free from oh dear what might the neighbours think. Our memes are pure-hearted.

The Chinese are said to have little notion of what is cool and what not, hence their continuing difficulties to brand Mao Zedong as uncool and get on with their lives. Whites have a slightly better notion of what is cool and what not, and since the cathedral is decidedly uncool (losers, not monsters), perhaps there is a sliver of hope for the West after all.

Confessions of an ex-leftist

When I was a kid I was a leftist. This was not because I knew the differences between left and right and made a rational decision. It was because I was semi-politically minded and I liked the attention of being holier than those around me, especially my father. Of course I told myself I just wanted to change the world for the better. I wanted to end poverty, stop natural disasters, that kind of thing. I wanted to be on the right side of history.

When I became a teenager my focus shifted away from abstract thinking towards not being bullied at high-school. I was strange. It took me a couple of years before I fit in (it would take me many more years before I discovered that I did not give a shit about fitting in). I learned that bullying is a way to establish hierarchy within tribes. That such a hierarchy existed was my first lesson.

When I grew older, well into my late-teens, I wanted to get laid. However I was not very successful. Since I had learned to stop being bullied and make friends, I figured I could do the exact same thing with getting laid. So I learned game. This took me longer because social relations are fairly easy to fake but having sex with hot girls is a tougher test of character.

I devoured books, internet blogs, podcasts and I approached a ton of chicks. I learned the hard way that I had to be an uncaring charismatic jerkboy. That was my second lesson. Eventually I got laid often. But I was also confused. Everything that worked went against what I thought was right as a kid. It turned out women did not give a rat’s ass about being on the right side of history, and neither did men.

So I read some more, mostly dark enlightenment stuff. And eventually it dawned on me.

Life is complex, but life is also pretty straightforward. In life there is leftism and rightism. Leftism is lying, rightism is speaking truth. Most people lie, because it is in the interest of most people to lie. Therefore most people are leftists. Few people speak the truth, because it is in the interest of few people to speak the truth. Therefore few people are rightist.

Truth is its own validity. You can’t talk away what I can observe with my own eyes. That is all it means to be a rightist.

The Politburo of the West

Various theories on the nature of the Cathedral are doing the rounds.

There is the idea that the Cathedral is a loose collection of leftists playing holiness game without any central hub.

There is the idea that a couple of conspiracies at the top fight for the alternating spot of head honcho.

And then Jim has the idea that in fact one conspiracy rules all others.

Previously I thought the 2nd idea was closest to truth – a couple of conspiracies vying for power. But perhaps Jim is right once again. The routine media synchronisation speaks for his case. International headlines, including the big Dutch newspapers, are a 1-on-1 match with American headlines. It’s not just the general vibe, it is the actual words used:

This stuff is happening all the time. I don’t know about you, I find it eery. Per Jim, if it sounds like 1 microphone speaking through a 1000 speakers, perhaps there really is 1 microphone speaking through a 1000 speakers.

There is also the argument of the nature of power. Rightist tend to misunderstand leftists, viewing them as flawed, misguided, or hypocritical. “Aww, the leftist pretends to care about the environment, that’s so cute.” But there is nothing cute about it — it is a power play, nothing more and nothing less. And the leftist knows this, or perhaps does not know it consciously, but acts in all manner consistent as if he had always known. It is about power, has always been about power.  Leftists play by the rules of power and the rules of power demand one ring to rule them all, for Gnon abhors a vacuum.

So, like the USSR, America and the EU have their own actual up-and-running politburo, with the EU politburo likely answering to the American politburo.

The Alt-Right Aesthetic

If ideas are more powerful than guns and fashion more powerful than ideas it makes sense to pay attention to fashion.

Check out Theo Hiddema, lawyer and currently right-hand man to Thierry Baudet, leader of the Dutch intellectual Alt-Right. I know the clip is in Dutch, but just check out his office and his vibe.

Hiddema is quite the appearance. He dresses well, his office oozes an anachronistic kind of cool and if you understand Dutch you’d notice he is quite the eloquent gentleman. For instance at 1:30, Hiddema describes the painting behind his desk: “what you see here is a man in the highest state of well-being. This is clearly a man, as you can see, who goes to bed early, gets up on time and fulfils his duties. This is a contented man. A beautiful gentleman in my opinion.” To which he adds with a smile: “If only I could reach that, that ultimate zenith of inner peace…!”

Then, at 1:58 he talks about beauty: “I naturally posses what you might call an aesthethic talent to enjoy beauty. On Saturdays I go to Brussels and visit the shops and I am enraptured… Before I realise it I leave the shop with a new big suit. But it is a shame, I have no more space left. Too much stuff. Full is full.” He smirks at the camera and repeats the last sentence, ‘full is full’, likely referencing murdered politician Pim Fortuyn’s favourite statement that ‘the Netherlands is full’.

That is pretty cool. No wonder the younger Baudet looks up to Hiddema.


…. Of course, being a democracy-hating reactionary it is my duty to quickly point out Hiddema’s intellectual weakness, namely that like every mainstream Alt-Right politician he has a pozzed liberal framework of reality. See for instance below where he defends Baudet and himself against allegations of racism thrown at him by journalist Frits Wester:

Now Hiddema slices up Wester with a verbal agility that would make Heartiste jealous, but the problem is that Hiddema accepts the liberal frame that racism is very very bad because all people are created equal. No Theo, not all people are created equal and you as a clear outlier should know that. Stop catering to your enemies. If anything Frits Wester is a racist for hating whites, but between two rational men, insulting someone of being racist holds about as much intellectual weight as insulting someone of being a poopy-meanhead.

Vivat Geenstijl

GeenStijl is the hippest Dutch media outlet for young white Dutch males. I have criticised them before for not really having a coherent agenda, but it seems that their mere existence as the hippest media outlet for young white Dutch males has made them a target for the left.

Progressivism escalates ever further and Geenstijl has been the most recent victim in an attack by wrinkled prog journalists, most notably the Volkswaffe and NSB Handelsblad. The charge is sexism, which in the eyes of the Dutch left makes GeenStijl worse than Hitler, so much that even (female) ministers of our government have spoken out against the horrible horrible sexist crimes of GeenStijl as the left collides into an attempt to choke Geenstijl of their ad revenue.

Quite predictably, the journalist to trigger all of this is one (((Rosanne Hertzberger))).

Best of luck to GeenStijl and of course welcome to the land of people who are worse than Hitler!