So I stumbled upon this MPC thread on Jim’s blog. I was curious to see how the supposedly cool red pill men view Jim. Seems they don’t like him.

I liked the reference to the Dork Enlightenment. I laughed at the accusation that Jim abuses the comma like it’s an underage girl. But overall the thread exudes male insecurity.

The main accusation seems to be that Jim is a sex-craven pervert. Jim’s writings indeed include gems like ‘if it goes up, it goes in‘ and ‘if ten year old girls were not restrained, most of them would be banging thirty and forty year old men‘. So lets talk about that.

A very consistent trait of men is that they do not like to discuss their weaknesses. Displays of weakness lower status. Most of men’s weaknesses are with sex and women: when sexuality is concerned we are but simple beasts, crude and weird in a myriad of ways. Yet sex and women make up a major part of our lives. So what do we do when the topics come up? We bullshit. It is as simple as that.

Men lie about their sexual conquests, lie about their competence with women, lie about the size of their (e-)penis, lie when they put on their white knight armour and rail to the defence of supposedly chaste women.

Jim, quite simply, is honest. You may accuse him of abusing the comma and abusing hyperbole, but that’s about it (I’ve never seen 10 year old girls banging older men, but I do observe teenage girls obsessing over sexy men).

We’ll end by using the below girl as a Schelling point.


Supposedly, no one at MPC would give her the time of day. Yet my experience with men of all stripes and sizes tells me they bang girls like her all the freaking time. Are you telling me that the internet forum guys at MPC are so cool that they only bang 9s and higher? And they call us the dorks? I mean, come on.

2 thoughts on “Men

  1. I found ‘dork enlightenment’ pretty funny myself. I don’t think how they understand though much of the stuff they like comes downstream from the alt-dorks.
    The dorks come up with ideas. Then others see things they like and market them to a broader audience.

    What indicates to me you’re on to something is that in 100+ comments no one really talks about JIm’s ideas. It’s 100% sexual stuff that gets their attention and triggers them. I read Jim for his grasp of crowd psychology, culture, and his understanding of the importance of influencing the collective subconscious. The fickleness of women is just one aspect of that.

    Anyone who talks about their sexual prowess on the internet I take with a fist-sized salt crystal, for the reasons you enumerate…Especially among those dorky enough to write blogs.

    1. Yes, if we are to accomplish anything against the left the alt-right jocks/warriors will have to cooperate with the alt-right dorks/priests. As long as the jocks pretend to be too cool for the dorks, both parties are fighting with 1 less arm.

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