Less inspiration

I have less inspiration lately. This blog is mainly me expressing thoughts the way they arise. Part of a blog’s power lays in its separation from daily meatspace life, meaning I am free to express myself here in ways that might be considered heretic in real life. ‘Might be’ being key. You don’t know until you try. Some stuff you can pull off, some stuff you can’t. Mostly you can’t — it seems our elite is dead-set on the current path and the current path is ‘nope, you can’t’. The elite controls most stuff, therefore most stuff you can’t do. But they don’t control everything. In fact, the better a system functions, the less control they exert. So we’ve got that going, which is nice. Still it’s an overall shitty picture and we don’t like to hear about shitty stuff. We like possibilities.

NRx, the Dark Enlightenment and the Alt-Right are brimming with possibilities. That’s why some people love them, are obsessed by them. You may imprison my body but you can’t imprison my mind, proclaims the believer. And he is right. George Orwell may have written about authoritarian systems brainwashing dissenters into mindless obedience, but for such a system to work all the incentives have to line up perfectly and in the West they don’t line up. There is not enough property deprivation. Sure they try to take away your money, your property, your freedom and whatnot, but they operate mostly through manufactured emotional outrage and bureaucratic byzantism, not through systematic oppression. We live not in 1984’s Oceania but in a 1984’s failing Oceania.

So yeah, we can keep our ideas. It is too late to take them away; the theses have been nailed to the internet. We searched for truth and now we have found it, whatever it’s worth. Read Jim’s blog if you don’t believe me, although it is most likely that you will only read Jim’s blog if you already believe me.

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