The Warning

1 And king Trump ordered to close the borders of America so as to protect His people. And the corrupt courts overturned his order, for they were praying to Moloch, false idol of Progressivism. Scott Aaronson, prophet of Progressivism, said onto his people: “let us praise the judges, for no outsider should be refused entry unto our land.” And Mencius

5 Moldbug stepped forward and said: “any man that does not protect his borders is no man at all. Any king that does not protect the borders of his country is no king at all.” But Aaronson proclaimed: ‘Science is on our side!’ and continued to praise the judges. Then Jim stepped forward and said unto Aaronson: “you, Scott Aaronson, pray to scientism, not science. You worship false idols that would see the destruction of our people and in

10 the end you and your children will be given helicopter rides to the ocean. And Aaronson banned Jim for helicopter ride talk. Thus the warning was ignored.

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