In the mind of Scott Alexander

Guided by the Beauty of Our Weapons


Recently a renowned academic concluded that rightists are stupid and do not listen to facts. For instance, we all know Trump is a factually bad person so it makes sense to conclude that his supporters are stupid and do not listen to facts. Similarly, enough facts support global warming so those that ignore it are also stupid and do not listen to facts. The renowned academic therefore concludes that we should not use facts, just propaganda. Clearly this academic is intelligent. I am not surprised: naturally we are better educated, smarter and more intelligent than the right. At the very least you, my readership are, wink.

Yet I can’t help but wonder if rightists are really immune to facts.


Another renowned academic says that because rightists are impervious to truth we have no choice but to resort to violence. He may very well be correct, yet I can’t help but wonder if we really have exhausted all our other options. For instance, I have rightist readers on my blog and their comments indicate that my friendly use of facts is having a positive impact on their lives. Perhaps there is a third way after all!


Sadly, the world is not like my blog. But perhaps it could be. Do you know the story of how a group of scientists were fighting each other over research but in the end made peace and collaborated on an even better research? What if journalists did the same thing? Wow, mind blown.


So one group of leftists says we need propaganda. The other group says we need violence. I say these are the easy way out. Instead we need good conversation with logic and facts. Yes, very few people are persuaded by logic and facts (unlike you, my dear readership) but as history, science and truth are on our side there is no limit to what we can accomplish if we stick to telling the Scientific Truth. After all, both sides may have guns, but only our side has the Scientific Truth!


Many lefties say righties are immune to logic. I say that no one is totally immune to logic. It often takes decades of education before one can even start to understand all the ways in which Trump is a bad person, but this should not dissuade us from talking truth. Take heart my fellow smart leftists, we must be in this for the long run!

3 thoughts on “In the mind of Scott Alexander

  1. It required less than 5 minutes to understand HRC was a horrible human being. People keep arguing Trump voters like Trump. There are other possibilities….

    1. To be fair, some of us are autistic. That said “I want to make all illegals citizens” is something that would turn the US into a 1-party Democrat state (needless to say, that would be very bad).

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