Turks go onto the streets chanting Allah Akbar, Dutch fail to get the hint

In the first episode of the cartoon show Boondocks, young black Huey has a dream in which he speeches the following to a crowd of white people: “excuse me everyone, I have an announcement to make. Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan was the devil and the government is lying about 9/11. Thank you. Good night.” The whites respond by screaming “NOOO IT CAN’T BE TRUE” as they break down in fighting and chaos. Huey is then slapped awake by his grandpa who wisely informs him: “you better not even dream about telling white people the truth!”

The real punchline however is at the end of the episode when Huey finds himself in front of an actual crowd of white people, where he speaks the same lines from his dream. The real life response? Laughter from the crowd: “hahaha look at that young man talking, doesn’t he have spirit!” Huey looks around in disbelief. White folks are not nearly as startled by the truth as he thought they’d be.

Erdogan wants to end democracy in Turkey but needs a democratic vote to do so. Lots of Turks live in the Netherlands so Erdogan sends over a minister to campaign. Prime minister Mark Cuckke, in a shocking turn of events, refuses entry to this minister. (Well maybe not so shocking since it is only 2 days until the election and he is in a neck-to-neck race with Wilders, but still: refusing foreigners entry is not his strongest suit.)

The whole ordeal is theatre politics at its finest. Erdogan is stepping out of the cathedral. The EU is the cathedral. Erdogan and the EU are having a divorce. The EU is in denial about this divorce, just like it is still in denial about Brexit. Erdogan is calling the Dutch government Fascists and Nazis to which Frans Timmermans, vice-president of the European Commission, carefully responds that the countries of the EU have talked it over thoroughly and after many hours have come to the agreement that calling the Dutch Nazis is not so nice of president Erdogan and if he could please take back his mean words.

There is a telling difference between the internet Alt-Right response and the general Dutch response. Alt-Right: “ERDOGAN IS DRIVING VOTERS TO WILDERS.” Dutch response: “Why is Erdogan being such an asshole? Well at least our prime minister is showing a spine.” In spite of what the international right hopes, very little changes in the polls.

Seeing hundreds of Turks in Rotterdam chanting Allah Akbar to me feels like Huey telling white people their worldview is wrong. But white people respond: “aah I’m sure there is an entirely legitimate reason for those people to shout Allah Akbar.” These people are correct in that Turks are generally an OK people and that there are ‘only’ half a million of them in the Netherlands. About a year ago I predicted a terrorist attack would happen in the Netherlands within a year, but it has not happened. But Islam in the end overshouts everything it touches. We are always ruled by a religion for religion is an unsolvable equation. Progressivism will collapse like Christianity has collapsed. But progressivism will collapse on a longer timeline, too long to make any difference for this election. For now Dutch goodwhites can laugh away the Allah Akbar silliness and block Wilders from becoming prime minister, even if his party becomes the biggest. This is my prediction for the election.

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