King Trump

Long live president Trump, vivat rex. President Trump has time after time been underestimated by his opponents. He can not run for president! they said. He is a joke! He is stupid! He talks about women as if they are women! But time after time Trump outsmarted his enemies. And now he is president of the United States.

It is under the divine providence of Kek that the Alt-Right has memed Trump into the white house. But us of the dark enlightenment are in it for the long win and we ask ourselves: on the current path, what will happen in 8 years? With Trump no longer president, nothing good, we expect. So really the only question on our mind is: will Trump pull off a true election, which is to say: will he put an end to the bloating corpse that is democracy and crown himself king of the United States, God-Emperor of the West?

Trump has made it into the oval office, but everything Moldbug and Foseti wrote about is still true. The permanent state holds power, which Trump found out when the courts overturned his executive order to guard his nation’s borders. The permanent state has drawn its battle line and says: these are the rules, you better abide by them.

So what will Trump do? If abides by the rules, he will be Reagan. Which is not bad, but not that great. We will still be in the same mess 8 years from now. Probably closer to civil war. Trump’s only option to save America and the West is to break the rules the permanent state forces him to obey. He has to mount a successful coup.

There are some promising signs. See Trump’s effective takedown of the media. I hear CNN viewership is dropping like a stone. But the permanent state is more than the media. It includes academia, courts, bureaucrats and intelligence agencies. Trump says he’ll drain the swamp, fight the judges and he has warned the CIA to get rid of its fifth column. His fighting spirit is incredible. But will it be enough? Jim predicts a purge somewhere in the following months. I hope he is right and even if the next months don’t bring a purge I will stay hopeful. But honestly I don’t know. Perhaps we are far too optimistic and we should be grateful for the 8 years of preparation we receive. But hey, a man’s gotta dream.


2 thoughts on “King Trump

  1. One man can only do so much, especially when he is already 70 years old. Reagan was elected around the same age, setting the record at the time and was senile by the end of his 2nd term. Realistically we’re lucky if Trump has 4 solid years without getting killed, overthrown, alzheimers, or a heart attack from one sour cream-drenched taco bowl too many.
    Pence is already waiting in the wings to try to be Trump’s George H.W. Bush(who started as Reagan’s vice president).

    What legacy Trump leaves will be decided by
    -To what extent he opens the way for his core supporters to get into political office and key appointments. Right now that’s a problem because even though he has his pick of generals or judges, they all come from the same incestuous credentialist cliques in the bitterly hostile imperial city. If there’s no explicitly Trumpist/Populist faction in congress by 2020, it’s time to worry.
    -How much he is able to move the Overton window and reframe public opinion. Pence won’t be able to become Bush III if the public won’t accept that. Best cause for optimism here is the TV age is over and social media keeps people orders of magnitude better informed in real time and allows mass participation. It completely changes the dynamics in play in Reagan’s day.

    1. I find it hard to imagine Pence being president, likely because he is so bland compared to Trump. You’re probably right though. 70 is old.

      Like Pence too many people have an interest in maintaining the status quo. But the status quo is dependent on faith in democracy and that faith is dropping worldwide.

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