The Problem with Wilders

Spoiler alert: I do not like Wilders that much. Yes yes, iconoclastic, I know. Wilders is a symbol of hope for those of us on the alt-right. The game is rigged against him, how could I not sympathise?

I do sympathise. Wilders on daily basis receives as many death threats as words in this post. Guy has not spend a day without security for over twelve years. The Ottomans sieging Vienna would have retreated in uncontrollable laughter had they known that in 500 years Islamic enclaves would exist in Every West European city. Wilders speaks out against them and in return gets a bullseye painted on his forehead by the unholy alliance of muslims and media.

My main problem with Wilders is that he is not cool. You might think it’s trivial but it’s not. Wilders was not the popular or smart guy in high school: he was the angry kid, the kid who knew stuff better than the others. Often he was right, mostly he was ignored.

This goes for Wilders in politics as well. Wilders is not seducing the voter, he is the angry guy going on stage, saying ‘I hef sed it oftun, Islam is fukking up the Netherlands. You no it, I no it, lets vote PVV’ and then leaving again. Wilders is the grumpy guy raising the middle finger towards the progressive elite. There is no other plan, Wilders is not into completing the system of German idealism. all he knows for sure is that he doesn’t like Islam.

I’d call Wilders a successful if endangered gamma. One gamma to rule them all. Wilders is not the hero we need but the hero we deserve. He is the voice of the righteously angered. Internationally Wilders enjoys popularity for standing up for the West, nationally we have mixed opinions on him because he does not seem like the kind of guy you’d enjoy drinking a beer with, or, as a woman, have sex with.

So I am not jumping on the Wilders bandwagon like I jumped on the Trump bandwagon. My vote will probably still go to him. No doubt it will feel like political masturbation anyway. Democracy is bust.

3 thoughts on “The Problem with Wilders

  1. “My main problem with Wilders is that he is not cool. ”

    Yes I read the whole thing.

    Have you done your military service yet?



    1. I do not mean cool as in check out my new ray bans. I mean cool as in being a natural leader.

      Wilders is not running for general in the military, he is running for prime minister in a democracy. Needs coolness.

      1. Like Trump and the rest of us take the leadership train you have as opposed to one that doesn’t exist. Churchill wasn’t cool either but he was the man for the job, nor was DeGaulle cool and we can go on. You work with what you have always and if he’s the leader fighting for you take him warts and all. Alternative is lay down and die- which happens to be present policy.

        Take the Train. It may be the only one you ever see in your life. I’m 50 and I’ve never seen this in peace or war, it’s a series of miracles I had long since abandoned hope of and won’t happen again. As I soldier I was resigned to best fate of a good death but not victory. This is the opportunity for victory – take the damn train.

        Good luck.

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