The left is flexible

Was reading this piece by Ryan Landy/28Sherman. Per usual good stuff. As counterweight  I would like to stress the left’s main source of power, its flexibility.

Ad nauseam, leftism is defection by lies. The left only reveals itself as anti-white when really pressed into a corner, when you unexpectedly shine a flashlight in the darkness and see a shrieking monster. Leftists don’t like the light Trump shines on them so they retreat and plot in the dark. If old lies don’t work, invent new lies. 2 leftists walk into a bar and discuss meme stock: Black Lives Matter was so 2016, let’s go with global warming instead. Yeah global warming is totally the next big thing. Hey what about free speech, we’ve always been in favor of that, right? Yes and we’ve always been at war with Eurasia.

Gnon smiles upon r-selection too much for the left to be completely defeated. The weak want a voice and the elite has enough defectors who can use that voice. If leftism in its current progressive form falls a new leftism will rise. New lies, same results. Which is not to say it is useless to fight leftists, just that if Ryan wants to lead a movement he has to find peace with the cynic’s perspective.

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