Leftism is the mindkiller

Politics is not really the mindkiller, leftism is the mindkiller.

We define leftism as defection through lying. Naturally this is a definition that ticks off leftists to no end. Watch them rise in indignant anger: ‘what about the environment! What about caring for refugees! What about dictators!’ Well, in order: 1) you don’t really care about the environment, you just care about telling people how much you care about the environment and want to make them pay you money for the fact that you care about the environment. 2) you don’t really care about refugees, you care about telling people that you care about refugees and make them import strangers from faraway lands you can use in your leftist alliance. 3) you don’t care about the actual ramifications of a strong leader, you care about maintaining your own status in leftist conspiracies.

Of course the leftist will read this and in his mind has already come up with 13 counter-arguments. I get it, you’re a good talker. But I’m really not talking to leftists here, I’m addressing rightists, for the observation that leftism is defection through lying will do very little to change the behaviour of a leftist. Gnon has simply made it so that lying is too effective to give up. Truth is hard, lying is easy. You can make up a useful lie on the spot while it takes effort, care and energy to discover truth. Also consumes more energy to disprove a lie than to come up with a lie. So leftists will keep lying.

Social Justice Warriors a.ka. leftists always lie. Vox Day is exactly right on this point. Take Jesse Klaver, Dutch leftist party leader who wants to be like Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau. Klaver flagrantly lied about his education, about catholic hate against him and, quite stupidly, he lied about how rough his neighbourhood was. Lying is the leftist’s evolutionary strategy for attaining power: Jesse Klaver is just being a greedy leftist.

Currently we are drowning in greedy leftists. The media is infested with them. I’ve always been baffled by how many words journalists can pour into articles that convey no useful information whatsoever. On my blog an average post is about 500 words, but these people pump out daily articles of 5000+ words like their life depends on it. Why? The answer is that they enjoy typing bullshit. They have been evolutionary programmed to do so: the more popular your bullshit, the better you feel about yourself.

I am leafing through NRC handelsblad, the Dutch New York Times. Its journalists are without exception lying through their teeth. Some excerpts:

  • ‘Trump has close ties with Russia.’ No he does not. There is more evidence for Pizzagate than there is for the Trump is Putin’s puppet theory. The whole Russia thing is fear mongering. It has about as much credibility as chemtrails. It is a lie.
  • The Republicans are bravely fighting the tyranny of Trump.’ They are not brave, they are puppets of the left as predicted by Moldbug and as proved during the election. The cuckservatives have no credibility left whatsoever. Calling them brave is a lie.
  • ‘James Dean, witness in the Watergate scandal, calls Trump more corrupt than Nixon.’ This is an interesting lie that is carried through history. Nixon wasn’t so bad after all – he actually tried to address mess in Washington and consequentially was taken out by the deep staterepresented by people like James Dean and ‘brave’ journalists. Trump is not corrupt, quite the opposite: he is fighting corruption. Another lie.

And so it continues page on page on page. Lies lies lies. All of these lies take energy to decisively dispel yet they are easy to conjure. Exposed for a lie? Deny, evade and publish more lies the next day. Calling the people exposing you liars is always a good one. Fake media!

Leftism will never go away. Lying is too lucrative. But speaking personally, having to deal with liars all the time becomes repetitive. Leftists think they are edgy and creative, but all they do is regurgitate old lies in new clothes. It becomes boring.

Unfortunately the left is the institutions and the institutions are still in power. So all current-day political discourse will be lefty memes vs fashy countermemes. Some people are good at this and these people are gaining momentum, so let us watch them and enjoy the fact that sometimes liars are exposed for all to see.

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