Rest In Peace Harry Potter 1997-2017


So, Harry Potter.

I grew up with Harry Potter. My mom read me the first chapters of the first book, I enjoyed it so much I started reading the book myself and consequently read all the books. Whenever a new book in the series was published my brothers and I would fight over who had first reading rights.

I loved the story. Stayed up late at night to read. The scene that stuck with me best was in I believe the last book, where Harry dreams he is standing on the edge of a cliff looking out over sea, seeing a thunderstorm rage near the horizon, a thunderstorm which is part of him but not him. It was the moment Harry found inner peace with his link to Voldemort before actually defeating him.

There were parts of the story I did not get. Harry’s puberty phase in the Order of the Phoenix felt strange. Harry shouted too much and for weird reasons. I could not put my finger on it. I had similar weird feelings in the final book with Harry’s trans-dimensional train scene with Perkamentus and Voldemort. I think Voldemort was turned into a baby or something and Harry supposedly gathered some deeper insight into the meaning of life. I didn’t grasp why I didn’t like it.

The greatness of a story is in large part determined by the magic surrounding it. We see ourselves reflected in stories, want to see ourselves reflected in stories. It is how we build myths, how we give sense and identity to our existence. Harry Potter was such a story.

So ideally an author does not retouch a story after it is done: best to allow it’s story-magic to naturally grow. Rowling of course has chosen to milk the franchise to the end, a course of action I have mixed feelings about but choose to ignore. What I however can not ignore is her latest very public jump on the leftist bandwagon. Have you heard? Mrs Rowling rages on twitter with as many leftist virtue signalling memes as she can muster. But truth be told: her memes are crap. I mean, come on, retweeting Eggs McMuffin as if he were a upholder of All That Is Good? The guy is the political equivalent of Gilderoy Lockhart! Not only is she virtue-signalling typical leftist boilerplate, she is virtue-signalling crappy typical leftist boilerplate.


Awww, was this in Israel?


Yes we’re all lonely virgins fearing strong independent women. 2010 called, they want their memes back.


Meme market for cute refugee kids: shaky but holding on.

It is clear mrs Rowling has no fucking clue what is actually happening in the world and why so many people, including her readership, are flocking to Pepe and Trump.

Now all that being said it still did not have to be the death of Harry Potter. Yes, she has little understanding of politics, yes she says stupid shit, but people want to identify with her stories. We read them, we loved them, we grew up with them. People willingly suspense their disbelief so that they may view the story of Harry, Ron and Hermione as if it were standing alone atop a mountain, a lone myth. But even here Rowling has shows no shame as she explicitly re-evaluates her books into the story of how leftists defeated the evil autocrat Trump.


J.K. Rowling: rise and fall of a female prog novelist.

We should probably start referring to Trump as You-Know-Who.

So the illusion is shattered. No doubt her new books and movie-deals will rake in plenty of shekels, but Harry Potter is forever broken. The books were never a timeless classic, they turned out to be just a story written by an unhappy divorced woman in her forties who nowadays is remarried but still unhappy.

This is why teenage Harry made little sense: Rowling never understood male puberty  (male puberty being a significant force behind the Trumpslide) and simply was not able to believably reproduce it. Instead she resorted to tropes, making Harry do stupid teenager things because we all know that’s what silly teenagers do!

The final trans-dimensional train scene is also just a trope. The reasons such scenes are usually so powerful is because we see the hero’s internal resolution of conflict play out symbolically. Neo’s rebirth in the Matrix was a powerful trans-dimensional scene: before Neo doesn’t believe, afterwards he is the One and can stop bullets. There is a clear before- and after-Neo. Harry undergoes no such change. He was gonna bring an end to Voldemort’s reign of terror and he did in fact bring an end to Voldemort’s reign of terror. In this other dimension Harry is shown Voldemort’s soul, which if I recall correctly turned out to be mutilated sad baby, and that was about it. I think Dumbledore was there, but did he even say anything? Nothing that stuck with me.

Rowling followed the train of tropes into the bastion of bestselling books. Right she was: she is a good storyteller. But by drawing back the curtains and revealing herself to be an angry, bitter woman who uses her story for empty political status points, and by actually boasting that she is proud to lose so many fans, J.K. Rowling has made Harry Potter lose its last bit of magic.

I guess I’m on your side now. FeelsBadMan.

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