During the elections I told myself that once Trump was elected I’d take I break from internet to focus on real life stuff. Of course that turned out to be complete crap, with Trump in office I’ve only been glued to my screen even stronger. So much stuff going on in the world! Which actually is all the more reason to take a break and detox. AlfaNL will be back in say 2 weeks, in the meanwhile I recommend this post by Roosh.

I’d also like to address a pet peeve. I get likes from bloggers that smell fake. Likely some algorithm that auto-likes random wordpress posts in order to drive up traffic to their own site. Offenders include:

  • Sparkonit from Sparkonit
  • Chris Nicolas from the Renegade Press
  • Cristian Mihai from Christian Mihai
  • BJ from kingdomscollide

Maybe you guys really read my blog. If so, please leave a comment below.

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