Meeting Spandrell

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Spandrell for some drinks. I had been looking forward to this for quite a while and him informing me he would wear a MAGA cap made it all the better.

The first thing that struck me is his speed of conversation. His brain works too fast for his mouth. He was full of interesting facts, stories and anecdotes. Among other topics we discussed blogosphere people, Trump, Europe and Islam.

Spandrell filled me in on the whole polyamory craze of the LessWrong crowd which basically amounted to Low Sexual Market Value men rationalising their wives getting fucked by other men. This set me off thinking how much sexuality impacts people’s sense of politics. The amount of sexual fucked-up-ness in the world never ceases to amaze me, although perhaps it should.

With regard to Trump, we were both drooling fanboys. Naturally the first toast was in the God-Emperor’s honour.

When the discussion turned to Europe Spandrell basically confirmed all my depressing suspicions. The chaos in Europe is not making people sane, it is making them increasingly insane. Europe is in very large part infested with leftists whose answer for all problems is MORE LEFTISM. Perhaps this is legacy of honourable people dying in WWI and WWII?  (Sweden contradicts this theory, h/t Giovanni). Spandrell pointed out that the reactosphere may be the most logical sphere, but politically speaking fascism is where the money is. Reactionaries are hopelessly outnumbered. So the most positive way of change will likely be an anti-islamic white-nationalist kind of change.

Islam of course looms over Europe. I had just come back from a plane flight on which every seat had a small tv-screen on which movies, series and music could be played. I counted  14 Islamic music albums, 6 Quran-inspired series and a couple of Islamic movies. I counted 0 (zero) Christian works of digital handicrafts to peruse.

Spandrell thinks France with its 25% muslim population and rising will be the first to fall, Houllebeq Submission style. None of the other countries are looking great either. The good news is that I don’t expect northerners to convert to islam without a fight. Many Dutch are too calvinistic. The bad news is that bad stuff will happen anyway. The current European systems will only prolong misery. I realise now that alt-righters like Vox Day are full of shit when they uphold Geert Wilders as a beacon of hope. The system is completely rigged against Wilders and Wilders is not the type of guy who can outmanouver a rigged system. No where close to Trump. My guts tell me the same thing goes for other West-European countries (according to Spandrell Farage resigned because he was not even allowed control of his own party). So it seems we are stuck bleeding and waiting for things to deteriorate further. Perhaps the God-Emperor’s radiance will spread across the sea.

In conclusion, very nice meet-up. Somewhere on his blog Spandrell describes himself as a man obsessed. When people say such things I usually take it with a grain of salt, but after meeting the guy in person I can honestly say he is indeed a man with a very focused obsession and as a result of that, full with knowledge.

5 thoughts on “Meeting Spandrell

  1. Not as much of a contradiction as you might think; largely the same dynamic took place, only distributed over a much longer time scale.

    The honorable men of Scandinavia all went aviking, until came the time when only the meek and unadventurous were left in the homeland.

  2. BTW, France is only 7.5% Muslim, not 25% as you mention in this post. But it’s an honest mistake. In India, the Muslims are actually 15%, but it feels like 50%. We hear ya, Bro!

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