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The Problem with Wilders

Spoiler alert: I do not like Wilders that much. Yes yes, iconoclastic, I know. Wilders is a symbol of hope for those of us on the alt-right. The game is rigged against him, how could I not sympathise?

I do sympathise. Wilders on daily basis receives as many death threats as words in this post. Guy has not spend a day without security for over twelve years. The Ottomans sieging Vienna would have retreated in uncontrollable laughter had they known that in 500 years Islamic enclaves would exist in Every West European city. Wilders speaks out against them and in return gets a bullseye painted on his forehead by the unholy alliance of muslims and media.

My main problem with Wilders is that he is not cool. You might think it’s trivial but it’s not. Wilders was not the popular or smart guy in high school: he was the angry kid, the kid who knew stuff better than the others. Often he was right, mostly he was ignored.

This goes for Wilders in politics as well. Wilders is not seducing the voter, he is the angry guy going on stage, saying ‘I hef sed it oftun, Islam is fukking up the Netherlands. You no it, I no it, lets vote PVV’ and then leaving again. Wilders is the grumpy guy raising the middle finger towards the progressive elite. There is no other plan, Wilders is not into completing the system of German idealism. all he knows for sure is that he doesn’t like Islam.

I’d call Wilders a successful if endangered gamma. One gamma to rule them all. Wilders is not the hero we need but the hero we deserve. He is the voice of the righteously angered. Internationally Wilders enjoys popularity for standing up for the West, nationally we have mixed opinions on him because he does not seem like the kind of guy you’d enjoy drinking a beer with, or, as a woman, have sex with.

So I am not jumping on the Wilders bandwagon like I jumped on the Trump bandwagon. My vote will probably still go to him. No doubt it will feel like political masturbation anyway. Democracy is bust.

The left is flexible

Was reading this piece by Ryan Landy/28Sherman. Per usual good stuff. As counterweight  I would like to stress the left’s main source of power, its flexibility.

Ad nauseam, leftism is defection by lies. The left only reveals itself as anti-white when really pressed into a corner, when you unexpectedly shine a flashlight in the darkness and see a shrieking monster. Leftists don’t like the light Trump shines on them so they retreat and plot in the dark. If old lies don’t work, invent new lies. 2 leftists walk into a bar and discuss meme stock: Black Lives Matter was so 2016, let’s go with global warming instead. Yeah global warming is totally the next big thing. Hey what about free speech, we’ve always been in favor of that, right? Yes and we’ve always been at war with Eurasia.

Gnon smiles upon r-selection too much for the left to be completely defeated. The weak want a voice and the elite has enough defectors who can use that voice. If leftism in its current progressive form falls a new leftism will rise. New lies, same results. Which is not to say it is useless to fight leftists, just that if Ryan wants to lead a movement he has to find peace with the cynic’s perspective.

The clown fiesta that is the 2017 Dutch election

Spandrell wrote a post on Dunbar feminism. The idea is applicable to many aspects of life, like politics. Dunbar politics. People are wired to care first and foremost about themselves and their tribal social environment. All politics is identity politics. So in a democracy all votes become identity votes.

This helps us understand the Wacky Dutch Election Cirus, 2017 Edition. Silly Americans with your two-party system blocking smaller voices! Our Great Nation has a record amount of 28 parties participating! No winner-takes-all over here, we divide all votes fair and square.

How to describe the atmosphere? The US election was pretty electric and sent waves through the internet. The Dutch atmosphere is smaller, inside a bubble. Less noticeable. Life here is like America in the 50s or 60s or 80s, I dunno. There is little overt political association: no signs, no hats, no bumper stickers. Yes the SJWs occasionally parade around, but no one likes SJWs. What seems to prevail is that there are rumblings of unrest far outside our kingdom but lets just enjoy these good times inside our kingdom. Still we have a ritualistic civil war head count coming up in three weeks, so what do?

Journalists cover the election in the typical ‘producing-an-unaware-and-compliant-citizenry’  style we’ve come to learn and love. Trump is evil, Wilders is evil. Journalists tell us the Good Parties are participating in an orderly transfer of power. Yes, the journalists admit, there might be the occasional mudslinging, but at least it’s not as bad as in America, wink.

Except there is no orderly transfer of power. If I read between the media headlines it is clear to me that the functionality of the power relations in the Hague is slipping away. A chronic case of democracy does that to a nation. Old politicians have slowly been hammered down by scandals and low voter turnout, new politicians are nothing but slick talking salesmen.

Jesse Klaver 1.jpg

See young Jesse Klaver of GreenLeft lying about his education, the Catholic church ànd his upbringing to make himself more likeable. Polls show him at 12%.


See the new 50+ party, founded to address the clusterfuck that is the Dutch pension system. The Dutch elderly find themselves in a South Park skit: This is your pension… Aaaaand its gone. The party’s singular objective is to secure those pensions. 50+ Party leader Henk Krol, being your run-of-the-mill snake oil salesman, is simply shocked and is determined to set things right for these poor old folks. So democracy gives old folks the chance to flip the finger to their children and grandchildren. Polls have Krol at 8%.

But even the vintage parties have gone full sell-out. The left doesn’t have any cool products anymore. The millennials are still sorta enthusiastic but hipsters won’t be cool forever. The left has no believable leader and so it is splintered. Every leftist leader scrambles for attention.


Lodewijk Asscher represents the Party for the Blue-Collars, but the blue-collars have lost trust in the party seeing the amount of jobs going down and the cost of life going up. Polls have Asscher at 12%, down from 25% in 2012.


Then there is Alexander Pechtold of Democrats’66, the party for cool education people. Problem with education is that every leftist party WANTS MOAR EDUCATION so Pechtold has nothing special to offer. In his defence: on a good day he is as charming as Hugh Grant. Polls have him at 15%.


Next we have Sybrand Buma of the Christian Democrats. The Christians have lost, lost, lost. God has left Buma’s party a while ago. Buma’s most notorious tv moment is on a lefty talk show where he enthusiastically jumps on the cathedral bandwagon and decries how horrible it is that four women dare say they were raped by Bill Clinton! How evil of Trump to rattle ex-president Bill Clinton and his lovely wife like this, Bill is just an innocent bystander! …But the US is faraway and Trump is just a story, so most Christian Democrats don’t get the joke. Buma sits on 10%.


Final player on the left is Emile Roemer of the Socialist Party, a real OG lefty. Roemer is a disarming socialist leftist. Socialism never took off in the Netherlands like it did in the USSR and the wave has probably passed. Still, 12%.


On the right Mark Rutte of VVD reaches new heights of cuckoldry previously thought unreachable. Clearly we need more cooperation with the EU. Surely we can trust the EU. In Rutte’s defence he is the only party with a memorable campaign slogan: ‘just be normal.’ How do we solve the immigrant crisis? Just be normal. What about this Jihadist? Just be normal. One can imagine the hooks Rutte uses to lift his mouth into a smile prior to any meeting. Nothing is going on here folks, isn’t life just dandy! Aren’t we having a great time? Apparently so, as his message of lets ignore the world resonates with 19% of the poll vote.


Final major player is Geert Wilders, Holland’s most famous politician. Wilders is making few public appearances after it was discovered a member of his police security was leaking information on Wilders’ whereabouts. The fate of Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn looms. Polls give Wilders 17% of the vote.

There are other new parties on the right, most notably Jan Roos and Thierry Baudet. Both are honest on Islam and are a breeze of fresh air compared to Mark Cuckke. Thierry is clearly the most intelligent politician (left pic) in the circus but intelligence is a tough demographic sell. 1 seat, or 0.7%. Jan Roos uses less fancy words but seems more practical. Roos also has the support of alternative media Geenstijl.apparently not, Geenstijl supports even more niche Jan Dijkgraaf.) 1 seat from the poll.


Finally, lest we forget, Tunahan Kuzu from THINK, the Turkish party. Their campaign for now boils down to That’s Racist! We’re Turks! Good for 2% of the vote. 

2 leftists walk into a bar

2 leftists walk into a bar. They order beers and talk about the birds and the bees. Soon the topic of conversation turns serious, philosophical. “You can never know absolute truth.” says the first. “Truth is subjective” replies the second, “we might be living in the matrix.” The first raises an eyebrow. “You can not know that. We know nothing. For all we know I don’t exist.” The second raises his voice: “How do you know you don’t exist? For all we know I don’t exist!” The first shakes his head. “no no that is all wrong. Reality is a narrative constructed by our biased perception. How do we even know this bar is real?”
The second one loudly puts down his beer on the bar. “Well how do we know the universe is even real!”

The men are silent for a moment. Clearly they are at a stalemate. The first breaks the silence: “I am a journalist for a prestigious newspaper. 2 million people read my articles.”
– “I host an influential tv-show” says the second, “also watched by 2 million people.” The men fall silent again.

“I have written about the dangers of global warming destroying our planet many times” says the first. “I have invited global warming experts on my panel” says the second.
“Well I had an African woman write a guest column once.”
– “Yes I had her on my show.”
“I have anonymously donated half a million dollars to Amnesty International. People don’t talk enough about how important freedom of speech is.”
– “I have, also anonymously, donated a similar amount to War Child. The things happening to these children is just too horrible.”
“I was the first to write about Trump’s connections with Russia.”
– “I often talk about the possibility of Trump launching World War 3.”

The first man takes out his phone, shows a picture of his wife. The second man in response shows a picture of his wife. They are equally mediocre. The stalemate continues.

The men sit for a while and stare into their half-empty glasses. The first man sighs, scrolls over to his bank account and shows it to the second man. The second man becomes triumphant and shows his bank account, which is larger. “Hah!” he exclaims, “told you so. We can not possibly know reality.” “Yeah”, says the first, “I guess you are right.”

Stefan Molyneux on the Netherlands

Great analysis by Stefan Molyneux on the Netherlands.

Molyneux uses statistics from the CBS (Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics). The Dutch have a great reputation for registration so the official numbers carry some weight. Then again a lot of political weight is being put into cooking the numbers and immigration statistics only cover legal immigration, so if anything these numbers are low estimates.

Many interesting takeaways, for instance that 2nd generation Turks and Moroccans are not ‘integrating’ at all but are instead more criminal and more often unemployed than their 1st generation parents. Multiculturalism has officially failed.

The Murder of Donald Trump and his Family

The greatest conflict of the 21st century West is the civil war boiling between the right and the left. Leftism is defection through lies and the 20th century is the story of leftism solidifying its stronghold throughout the West. A society structured around lies, like a pyramid scheme, is a society destined for collapse. The left per definition lacks self-insight — the moderate leftist has little to no idea of how far his serious fellow leftist is willing to go, similar to how the moderate Muslim denies how far the serious Muslim is willing to go.

I am reminded of a scene from the movie No Country for Old Men. A middle-aged man drives a car through the desert. He is flagged by a police car behind him. Obediently he stops his car on the side of the road. Behind him a man steps out of the police car with black hair up to his shoulders. The black haired man wears a black jacket and black pants; no police uniform. The civilian turns down the window, asks what is the problem. Black hair man says: please step out of the car. Civilian repeats the question, black hair man repeats the request. Civilian steps out of the car, wonders what is going on. Black hair man is calm as the eye of the storm, oozes authoritarian confidence. He asks the civilian to stand still while he raises his hand to the civilian’s forehead. The civilian sees some kind of hose in that hand, connected to a gas container which the black hair man is carrying with his other arm. Civilian squeezes his eyebrows together, but does not move. Black hair man pulls the trigger and a pulse of high-pressure air is shot into the civilian’s forehead. Instant death.

As the viewer you know the civilian is in danger from the first moment the civilian is signalled. The black hair man is Javier Bardem after all, the sociopathic killer antagonist of the movie. But the civilian does not know this. He knows something is amiss but he cannot place it. Javier knows the civilian knows something is amiss, but gets him to comply with his orders anyway. Inferred authority is powerful.

The dissident right is the civilian slowly figuring out he is being led to his own death. There is no destination to the plans of the left but the final destination. The train of the left has no brakes: its answer to any sort of chaos is always to create more chaos. Lies begat more lies. Javier is the logical final result: the murder of bystanders, the willingness to kill half the world in order to bring about a non-existent utopia, or as Jim likes to call it, immanentising the eschaton. Jim incidentally draws this conclusion the clearest: leftism inevitably leads to the mass murdering of anyone perceived slightly more to the right of the executioner, or in plain language: the execution of anyone that slightly irks the executioner. See Robespierre’s French revolution, see the murder of the Romanovs, see the millions executed by communists in the 20th century. The left has no brakes.

As Ctulhu moves ever further leftwards leftists will see more enemies everyday, will to their shock discover that enemies were in their midst all along! The weak leftists shall be purged and the strong leftists shall demand Justice in the form of Divine Violence. Trump, long may be his reign and fertile may be his descendants, is the singular beacon of hope against this madness, and he is therefore demonised by the left to no end. Once the left regains formal power (besides the deep state power they already wield) the hatred towards Trump will undoubtedly erupt, ostensibly beyond control. Thus, on the current path, the murder of Donald Trump and his family is a very real possibility.

Leftism is the mindkiller

Politics is not really the mindkiller, leftism is the mindkiller.

We define leftism as defection through lying. Naturally this is a definition that ticks off leftists to no end. Watch them rise in indignant anger: ‘what about the environment! What about caring for refugees! What about dictators!’ Well, in order: 1) you don’t really care about the environment, you just care about telling people how much you care about the environment and want to make them pay you money for the fact that you care about the environment. 2) you don’t really care about refugees, you care about telling people that you care about refugees and make them import strangers from faraway lands you can use in your leftist alliance. 3) you don’t care about the actual ramifications of a strong leader, you care about maintaining your own status in leftist conspiracies.

Of course the leftist will read this and in his mind has already come up with 13 counter-arguments. I get it, you’re a good talker. But I’m really not talking to leftists here, I’m addressing rightists, for the observation that leftism is defection through lying will do very little to change the behaviour of a leftist. Gnon has simply made it so that lying is too effective to give up. Truth is hard, lying is easy. You can make up a useful lie on the spot while it takes effort, care and energy to discover truth. Also consumes more energy to disprove a lie than to come up with a lie. So leftists will keep lying.

Social Justice Warriors a.ka. leftists always lie. Vox Day is exactly right on this point. Take Jesse Klaver, Dutch leftist party leader who wants to be like Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau. Klaver flagrantly lied about his education, about catholic hate against him and, quite stupidly, he lied about how rough his neighbourhood was. Lying is the leftist’s evolutionary strategy for attaining power: Jesse Klaver is just being a greedy leftist.

Currently we are drowning in greedy leftists. The media is infested with them. I’ve always been baffled by how many words journalists can pour into articles that convey no useful information whatsoever. On my blog an average post is about 500 words, but these people pump out daily articles of 5000+ words like their life depends on it. Why? The answer is that they enjoy typing bullshit. They have been evolutionary programmed to do so: the more popular your bullshit, the better you feel about yourself.

I am leafing through NRC handelsblad, the Dutch New York Times. Its journalists are without exception lying through their teeth. Some excerpts:

  • ‘Trump has close ties with Russia.’ No he does not. There is more evidence for Pizzagate than there is for the Trump is Putin’s puppet theory. The whole Russia thing is fear mongering. It has about as much credibility as chemtrails. It is a lie.
  • The Republicans are bravely fighting the tyranny of Trump.’ They are not brave, they are puppets of the left as predicted by Moldbug and as proved during the election. The cuckservatives have no credibility left whatsoever. Calling them brave is a lie.
  • ‘James Dean, witness in the Watergate scandal, calls Trump more corrupt than Nixon.’ This is an interesting lie that is carried through history. Nixon wasn’t so bad after all – he actually tried to address mess in Washington and consequentially was taken out by the deep staterepresented by people like James Dean and ‘brave’ journalists. Trump is not corrupt, quite the opposite: he is fighting corruption. Another lie.

And so it continues page on page on page. Lies lies lies. All of these lies take energy to decisively dispel yet they are easy to conjure. Exposed for a lie? Deny, evade and publish more lies the next day. Calling the people exposing you liars is always a good one. Fake media!

Leftism will never go away. Lying is too lucrative. But speaking personally, having to deal with liars all the time becomes repetitive. Leftists think they are edgy and creative, but all they do is regurgitate old lies in new clothes. It becomes boring.

Unfortunately the left is the institutions and the institutions are still in power. So all current-day political discourse will be lefty memes vs fashy countermemes. Some people are good at this and these people are gaining momentum, so let us watch them and enjoy the fact that sometimes liars are exposed for all to see.

You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you

Allow me to preen on the title meme for just a second. Originally a Moldbug Trotsky meme (‘you may not be interested in power war but power war is interested in you’), it has now become a go-to reactionary meme for whatever – you may not be interested in X, but X is interested in you. I love it. Anyway.

Recently I had a conversation with a friend who semi-playfully accused me of turning everything political. It is an important point I feel needs to be addressed.

The first obvious thought that comes to mind, a thought I believe will be backed up by all reactionaries on this side of the internet, is that everything is political. Politics is division of power and power propels life. Analogy: a man wakes up in his house in Rotterdam on the morning of May 14th, 1940. He goes for a walk outside, sees the sun is shining, has a sudden realisation of the beauty of life and thinks to himself: ‘fuck it, life is too short to bother with politics.’ Spoiler alert: it did not work out.

We are the last generation of hopefuls, the children and grandchildren of survivors of two world wars, determined not to make war happen again. It was reasoned that the war was the result of a dictator going ham, so the instinctive solution was to prevent dictators from ever ruling again. Everyone agreed on this proposition and so post-war politics was confined into one tiny meme: ‘prevent dictator, everything will be fine.’ Everyone stuck to this and got on with their life. Problem solved.

But now it seems the problem isn’t solved at all. Politics is rearing its ugly head again. A dictator is already rising in America! How did this happen?

The answer is that our political pearl of wisdom left us with a blind spot. Like an individual, so a society has psychological blind spots. The ‘politics = prevention of dictator’ meme is such a blind spot. It had its pros: it provided us with a simple solution, an easy way of making peace with fellow countrymen. Just keep an eye out on one another. Politics is a naturally sensitive subject so it is nice if you rarely have to risk a defect/defect scenario when you have de facto cooperate/cooperate.

But a one-liner is never enough to fully understand a field of life. Which is not even the worst problem, namely that the one-liner is crappy. ‘The main function of politics is to prevent a dictator from rising to power’. Yes, it sounds nice and like all memes there is a kernel of truth to it (Hitler was quite the suicidal dictator), but generally speaking the statement is more false than true.

Reactionaries are a big fan of what we call natural law. Natural laws are the rules of life as we infer them by looking at nature. We look at biology, animals, evolution and human biodiversity and we reason that since humans are part of nature, laws of human society should follow laws of nature insofar possible. For instance, if nature punishes birds that allow themselves to be cucked by a cuckold, so will nature punish a man that is cucked. Naturally there is an esoteric component with regard to the holiness of natural law, such as reactionary shrines in the honour of Gnon, God of nature and Kek, Gnon’s prophet (Pepe being Kek’s incarnation on earth).

Regarding to society’s hatred of dictators the most relevant observation of natural law was popularised by ReactionaryFuture: someone always rules.

Someone always rules. That’s about it. I could spend 1000 words explaining it, but that is all it boils down to. Someone is always in power, whether you like it or not, and from that one person flow the ripples of power through all of society into your personal life. Whether you call this person a dictator, king, emperor, general, pharao, politician, prime-minister, it does not matter. The result is the same: someone rules, and those rules impact your life.

So collectively deciding not to have a ruler simply does not work. It is like denying the existence of the colour blue. We’ve always had rulers and we still have rulers. Only difference is that our rulers are not really allowed to rule. So our rulers form conspiracies that secretly vie for power. Naturally they can never rule effectively because of their secrecy and so they are mostly interested in fattening their own wallets. The big cities in the Netherlands, like Washington DC, are riddled with conspiracies. Of course we send delegates from all of our conspiracies to Brussels where they have the opportunity to form even more conspiracies! And people are still wondering why the EU is such an irreparable mess.

Natural law says someone always rule. People’s instincts are in line with this. We long for a strong leader because we instinctively know that a strong leader keeps us safe from our enemies. Trump’s enemies hate him for the sole reason that he is a dictator they should prevent from rising to power, but the reactionary perspective is that since we always have a dictator, might as well be a good dictator. We look at Donald Trump, vivat rex, and recognise the character of a good dictator, even a hero, or as we like to call it: a God-Emperor.

So the current political struggle in the West isn’t really a struggle of people preventing evil dictators from ruling. It is more like a bunch of conspiracies struggling with leaders wanting to end those conspiracies. Which beyond the elections is mostly out of our control.

But what’s an individual to do? The reason politics is mostly out of our control is all politics is identity politics and you can’t change one’s identity, as much as mentally ill people would like to. So talking politics is really just a way of affirming who you are. But it is important to affirm who you are. Right now muslims are colonising a large part of West Europe. Muslims believe Allah always rules. The belief that someone always rules is in line with natural law, hence the success of Islam. Our current mainstream society offers no counterweight to Islam — we simply hope that ‘they will see things our way and we will all get along without nasty dictators’. Gnon does not treat such nonsense kindly.

Hence the need to take an interest in politics: one needs to be in tune with the power games being played so that one does not get stomped in the face by Gnon’s boot. Being in tune with all facets of reality, including politics, is simply a good investment. That is all there is to it.

Heartiste, Ultimate Shitlord

I fondly remember this one time I was reading Heartiste, my girl resting her head on my shoulder. She spotted the ‘dating market value test for women’ link and wanted to test herself. I gave her a half-hearted warning that she wouldn’t enjoy it, but we did it anyway. Unsurprisingly, she scored well. Even more unsurprisingly: she hated hated hated the test and was insistent that Heartiste was without a doubt a virgin nerd living in his mom’s basement. Much lulz was had.

Heartiste, who has the reputation of being the minion of Satan, is not really the minion of Satan, for Satan is evil and Heartiste is not really evil. George Soros is more deserving of the label, or if we are sticking to websites, Oglaf is probably most deserving.

Heartiste is not evil, he’s just an asshole. But he is not just any asshole: he is an asshole with purpose. Initially, Heartiste was the popular jock in highschool who enjoyed hitting on women so much that he took his knowledge online in order to teach men. Old Heartiste explained how women worked and specifically what made them wet and spread their legs. He employed no hidden agenda, no sales-man bullshit, just the stonehard facts. Where pretty lies perish. As it turned out Heartiste’s wisdoms were such a breeze of fresh air for so many men that Heartiste, like many in the manosphere, realised something malicious was going on, and through the wonders of the internet stumbled upon the New World Order plot to castrate all high-testosterone men. Thus new Heartiste explains how sexual market dynamics translate to the political arena: how the left that controls the West is in actuality formed by cucks and sexual market rejects (behind every feminist hides a bitter woman) and how the right is in actuality formed by alpha males.

Now you might ask: ‘so the guy is a professional badboy and I should probably keep him away from my daughter, my sister and my girl. Why honour such a man?’ The answer is, quite simply, that Heartiste is the hero the world deserves.

The story of Western civilisation is the story of alpha white males leading beta white males into building lots of nice stuff. The current story of Western civilisation is that alpha white male behaviour is illegalized, which makes white beta males follow the lead of females. This is fucked up for a myriad of reasons, among them that females don’t like taking the lead and long for the open palm of a strong man to slap them off their pedestal. Since alpha white male behaviour is illegal, such a man, as alt-rightists angrily point out, usually has a long beard, a turban and shouts ALLAH AKBAR.

Hence Heartiste: the outlaw alpha white male who does not care what is illegal and what is legal. Fuck hot chicks make fun of losers. A smirk on his face is all that is needed to drive his shiv deeply in the frail egos of cucks, betas, sluts, spinsters, libtards and whatever people Heartiste would make fun of if the world were one big highschool. The guy has a talent for words and insults. Heartiste reminds us why cool people are cool, why bullying works and why game is the one crucial skill needed to survive modernity. In effect he sets the standard for all future internet jocks.

Interestingly, before Heartiste was banned on twitter, he had about 10k followers. Arguably his favourite target to bully, John Scalzi, had about 100k followers. From this I arbitrarily conclude that for every true shitlord there will be 10 libtards, and seeing how nature finds balance in all I stand in awe of the fact that 1 Heartistian shitlord really does equal 10 Scalzi libtards.