‘0% chance we shall work with Wilders’ says leader of Dutch Republicans

After we discussed the bloating bastion of cuck that is the Dutch mainstream right, right on cue the leader of the mainstream right, Mark Rutte, issued a statement that his party will never work together with Wilders’ party. Rutte’s reason? He indignantly stated that Wilders has been too disrespectful towards the independence of Dutch judges. Which is pretty much like Mitt Romney saying his party will not cooperate with Trump because Trump has been too disrespectful towards the independence of the American media. Wilders has been convicted in a sham trial by sham judges who ruled that immigration is not an important public issue and consequently branded Wilders as an evil racist. Wilders has every right to distrust the Dutch judicial system.

The problem of course is that Wilders needs the cuckservatives to rule. As previously discussed the ruling government coalition needs at least 76 out of 150 seats to rule. Wilders’ party right now is the biggest in the polls – a whopping 34 seats according to the Netherlands’ most trusted pollster, Maurice de Hond. Now Maurice has a recent history of explaining away the strange Brexit and Trump polls as ‘statistical variance’ so it is probably good to take his polls with a grain of salt, but even the best case scenario will have Wilders at maybe 45 seats. Still a minority.

It seems the cathedral is uniting against its common enemy, closed-borders-Wilders, by having all parties publicly exclude Wilders as a possible coalition partner even if he ends up the biggest party. Looks to me that the young likeable Jesse Klaver of leftist party Groenlinks is being pushed as the anti-Wilders Schelling point.

But the cathedral parties are very splintered so I can not imagine them forming an effective coalition.

Here’s Maurice’s latest poll, see if you can form a working coalition! Remember, you need at least 76 seats!

PVV (Wilders’ worse than Hitler party) – 34
VVD (Rutte’s cuckservatives) – 24
Groenlinks (literally Green Left) – 16
CDA (leftist cucked Christians) – 16
D66 (leftist student party) – 14
SP (socialist party) – 11
50+ party (literally a party for old people) – 10
PvdA (leftist workers party) – 10
CU (slightly less cucked Christians) – 5
PvdD (the party for the animals, yes this is an actual party) – 4
SGP (hardcore protestants) – 3

Which leaves 3 leftover seats, likely Denk (pro-Turkish party) will claim a few of those or possibly VNL which is a direct rip-off of the American alt-light.

Interesting times ahead, and I mean that in the most Chinese way possible.

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