The Dutch right are leftist libertarians

A few weeks ago I had a realisation and I think it is worth to share.

In Holland the mainstream right, the VVD (the Dutch Republicans you might say), call themselves ‘de liberalen’, aka the liberals. This is confusing because in the United States the liberals are left-wing. What gives?

Traditionally I have always been told that the different interpretation of Dutch liberals and American liberals is proof that words truly have different meanings everywhere and that you just can’t compare one system with the other. In other words, I was told typical leftist boilerplate.

What seems closer to the truth is that both types of liberalism descended from the French revolution. Napoleon was defeated, but the meme of rational freedom was still alive and it was the liberals who employed it to end Dutch monarchy (Thorbecke was a liberal). So you’d say the liberals were most definitely leftist but that’s not how things worked out. See, the liberals had competition from the Marxist inspired socialists. Spandrell’s GT module (or may I promote my superorganism post?) tells us that people seek status relative to others, thus Dutch liberals defined themselves in opposition to the even more leftist socialist parties. Which left liberals in the strange spot in which public opinion calls them rightist whereas in truth they were just less left.

The VVD believes in liberal values such as gender equality, the suppression of Christianity and racial equality, but at the same time they are the right-wing alternative to what they call leftist nonsense. This is why they also attract more K-selected people, who still adapt to the GT-module but instead stress individual freedom, freedom of enterprise and freedom of markets — libertarians. This is why the VVD oftentimes has such a schizophrenic policy.

The problem with libertarianism is of course that it is evil. It is right-ish men throwing their hands up saying: ‘it is not me you’re after, you must believe me, I am not worse than Hitler!’ and as a consequence allow horrific things to happen under their watch. But libertarianism has always been slightly more niche. The other, liberal side of the party is more mainstream but also more actively involved with the globalists in flooding the Netherlands with refugees (see Holland’s current VVD prime minister). So the Dutch VVD voter has 2 shades of choice: Rutte’s liberal leftism or Bolkestein’s libertarian leftism. Let us pray voters don’t fall for this nonsense any longer.

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