RSD’s purple pill, one last time.

So I used to be in an inner circle. The kind that RSD, the biggest company in the PUA industry promoted. RSD is still standing, my old inner circle not so much. RSD, for those single men interested, offers neatly packed purple pills for mass consumption. Roosh, Heartiste and Rollo Tomassi offer much better information but in all honesty they just don’t deliver the slicked neatness of RSD. I mean, RSD is scamming you, sure, but it’s a scam they’ve worked very hard on (as they are apt to repeat in every seminar). There were guys in our circle who paid up to €2000,- for a weekend bootcamp by 1 RSD guy with slightly above average game. 2000 euros!

Now I am not saying that these guys didn’t throw away their money because they did. But I am saying that there is no need to feel bad about yourself if you’ve paid thousands of dollars to self-proclaimed success coaches. Quite the contrary: congratulations, you’ve been scammed by the best.

See, most people are too scared to act out their passions. Fear is an activity blocker for people, an inertia mechanism designed to avoid unnecessary risks. You, however, acted beyond your fears even with polite society telling you your masculine urges are toxic and evil. Which tells me I can trust you because you have put skin in the game concerning your own masculinity.

Unfortunately trusting RSD does not translate into banging a bunch of hot chicks, because RSD scams (it turns out society is not the only one socially conditioning you). The problem with a good scam is that you can rarely convince people who are in the process of being scammed that they are being scammed. A scam requires 2 to dance. It is only in hindsight, after people have spent thousands of dollars and find themselves in the exactly the same spot they were in before that they are amenable to your insight. People search for explanations fitting their personal situation, not the other way around.

But if by lucky coincidence you find yourself amenable to my insight, let me offer you the following. Let’s say I know the secret to life. I easily seduce and bang hot girls. I have successful business rolling. I’m in perfect physical shape and I have a social circle that includes playing golf with Trump and wrestling bears with Putin. If all this were true, would I spend all my time cataloging my secrets for the public? For money?? Why would I? Perhaps it would interest me for a year or so as a side-project, but surely it’d bore me in the end. Only insecure men talk hours-on-end about the secrets of success. Secure men simply have more interesting thing to do. Now remind me how long Tyler has been doing what he has been doing. 15 years or so?

No doubt Scott Adams would do a better job de-hypnotising RSD-fanboys, but this will have to do. For those wanting me to simply piss on RSD:
– A man is only content when he owns a girl, e.g. when she belongs to him, bears his children and is not fucked by any other men (h/t Jim). RSD instructors do not own any girl, therefore are unhappy men and unqualified to help other men.
– RSD promotes girls’ promiscuity because they bang a lot of sluts. Chaste girls are high value but RSD claims they are equal in value to sluts in order to preserve crappy self-image.

The answer to a good scam is rarely to deconstruct the scam itself because it takes 2 to dance. Little effect in throwing yourself into the dance as third wheel. Better to let the scammer hang himself by his own noose. I have no doubt that Tyler generally is very sincere about his beliefs, e.g. he believes his own bullshit. Sure. Let him have it. Let him face the consequences of believing his own bullshit. That is all.

2 thoughts on “RSD’s purple pill, one last time.

  1. Agree 100%. I applied RSD teachings starting around 2010 and indeed I banged a lot of sluts and vastly reduced my integrity as a man and slowed my progress towards my true end goal, which was a family.

    People are vulnerable and insecure, and that makes them targets alas…

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